Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 109

Volume 1 Chapter 109 Voyage

Haru, Luffy, and Tsunade had changed their clothes to the suit that had been distributed to them.

Haru opened a zipper on his body and kept their belonging inside his body. He hated to admit it but Tsunade was really s.e.xy when she wore this black suit on her body. Her b.r.e.a.s.t was very big and it was amazing.

"Still, your power is very useful in this situation," Tsunade said. She knew that he was looking at her but she didn't really mind it.

Haru was glad that he had gotten this power since he could use his body to become space storage and it was very handy during a long trip

"Yeah, but why don't you bring meat?" Luffy complained.

"There should be a lot of monsters during our voyage, we can keep some of them for our meals later," Haru said and added, "Don't you want to taste the meat of the monster in this world? I heard that it's very delicious."

"YEAH!!!" Luffy was excited.

Tsunade shook her head, "You have gotten used to taking care of him."

"The situation is forcing me," Haru said with a bitter smile.

"Let's go out!!!" Luffy started to run toward the front part of the ship.

Haru let him since he felt that he was tired of taking care of him. He thought it was better to spend time with a beautiful woman rather than him, "Do you want to enjoy the scenery outside with me?"

Tsunade smiled, "Sure, did you bring a whiskey?"

Haru nodded, "I have it here." He opened a zipper on his arms and took out a bottle of whiskey and two glasses.

Tsunade pulled his hand and said, "Let's go!!!"


"THIS IS VERY BIG!!!" Luffy was amazed by the size of this ship. His Thousand Sunny was very big but this ship was on another level. He tapped the ground curiously since the material was different. He was wondering which was more powerful, this material or Adam tree.

"Oh, Luffy, you're here too."

Luffy turned his head, "Toriko! Komatsu!" He waved his hand at them.

"Luffy-san," Komatsu greeted and smiled at him, "This ship is very massive right?"

"Yeah, this ship is bigger than my ship," Luffy said.

"The only one who can buy this ship is the only filthy rich like Colonel Mokoi, this ship has 400 meters long and 200,000 tons," Toriko explained.

"Amazing!!!" His eyes were shining when he heard it.

"This ship is the mother of all ice-breakers, it could even smash right through even the biggest of ice breakers," Toriko said.

"But my Thousand Sunny is more amazing," Luffy couldn't help saying, even though he knew that this ship was amazing but his ship was definitely more amazing than this.

"Ano, Luffy-San, are you really a pirate?" Komatsu asked nervously. He thought that a pirate was very cruel and very scary but the young man in front of him didn't even fit the image of the pirate in his eyes. He thought that he was kind of joking but he remembered when Toriko punched him and could receive his punch without even frown.

"Yes, I'm going to find One Piece!!!" Luffy said.

"One Piece???" Toriko and Komatsu were confused.

"I'm going to become a pirate king!!!" Luffy again and added, "To do that I have to find this One Piece."

Toriko and Komatsu weren't sure but when they saw him they couldn't think it was a joke and they couldn't help but wanted to cheer him.

"I don't know what One Piece is but I hope that you can find it," Toriko said.

"Thank you," Luffy smiled.

"Luffy, Toriko, Komatsu."

Three of them turned their heads and saw both Haru and Tsunade.

"How about vodka?" Tsunade offered.

"Vodka!!!" Toriko was excited.

"Toriko, we don't have that much vodka, don't drink too much, alright?" Haru said. He knew that this person had a bottomless stomach and he also wanted to keep some of the vodkas for the trip in the Ice Hell.

Toriko looked quite disappointed but he still took one bottle. He opened the bottle with a chop of his hand and drank the entire bottle in one gulp.

"You can't enjoy alcohol like that," Tsunade shook her head.

Komatsu was looking at him with a curious expression, "Haru-san, is it my imagination or is there a zipper on your body?" He saw that he took a bottle of vodka out of nowhere but he saw a zipper.

"Yeah, I'm curious too," Toriko said.

"It's a secret," Haru winked.

"Ehhhhh...." Toriko and Komatsu were disappointed when they heard it.

"But this suit is still amazing, I can tell you that this is quite expensive," Haru said.

"Yeah, it keeps me warm," Tsunade said. She felt that the technology in this world was very advanced compared to her world.

"Yeah, this is a heat suit, it's made of countless cold-resistant rubbers, the layers rub against each other at the tiniest of movements, generating pleasant warming heat through the friction, its nature was said to rival the fur of the blizzard bear, which lives in the permafrost region in terms of thermal protection, one of which costs 7 million," Toriko explained.

"Is that expensive?" Luffy asked while scratching his head.

"With that money, you can eat the entire meat in the shop that we came yesterday," Haru said.

"WOW!!!" Luffy was amazed.

"Yeah, I only regret that he wasn't prepared for equestrian use."

"Hmm?" They turned their heads together.

"Takimaru? Where does that horse come from?" Haru asked.

"Haha, I brought it from my home," Takimaru said.

"Can I ride too?" Luffy asked.

"Of course," Takimaru didn't really mind.


The horse also didn't mind.

Luffy wanted to ride the horse but suddenly the ship started to shake.

Kaboom! Splash! Kaboom! Splash!

They were startled until they saw something came out from the sea.

"SHARK!! THERE IS TON OF THEM!!!" Komatsu said with an exaggerated tone.

They saw a lot of sharks jump into their sh.i.p.s.

"Weird, is it only my imagination or do they have legs?" Tsunade was surprised.

"Great Leg Fish, this is a monster with a capture level 6, it seems our journey isn't going to be peaceful," Toriko said.

"Great! Haru! Let's cook this fish!" Luffy was excited.

Haru shook his head but he was excited and couldn't wait to eat this fish.