Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1090

Volume 1 Chapter 1090 New Teacher 2

Haru ignored the gaze and said, "Mr. Nezu might have introduced me before, but let me introduce myself again." He put on a gentle expression on his mouth and eyes and introduced himself.

"My name is Bruno, for my real name... let's keep it a secret for now."

Everyone nodded and didn't feel surprised when Haru decided to keep his real name a secret since most of them also kept their identity a secret.

Being a hero is a dangerous job and they need to keep their identity very well or else the villains which they have caught in the past might have their revenge on them.

"I'll be working as a biology teacher, but I won't officially work until the new semester of the school in April. However, please take care of me from now on." Haru bowed his head lightly since it was part of tradition.

*Clap!* *Clap!* *Clap!*

Everyone clapped their hands after they heard Haru's introduction, but they didn't expect their new colleague would be the rising hero who had been very popular in the past months.

"He might not start working until the new semester, but it might be good to let him know about our school earlier." Nezu looked at everyone and asked, "So is there someone who can introduce him to our school while also giving him a guide around?" He was about to point at someone, but he stopped when he heard this voice.

"Me! Me! Me! I'll introduce him to this school and give him a tour!" Midnight stood up and raised her hand very high.


Everyone was speechless when they saw Midnight's action.

Present Mic and Aizawa looked at Midnight with a speechless expression since they didn't expect that this woman would be so desperate.

"Then, I'll leave this to you, Midnight."

Nezu nodded and didn't care too much about who would help Haru and there weren't any rules that it was prohibited for teachers to have a romantic relationship, but he knew that it was impossible for both of them to have such a relationship since one of them had married. However, he wasn't cruel enough to tell Midnight about that matter and thought that it was more fun to see Midnight's expression when she knew that Haru had married from Haru's mouth. He laughed secretly and returned to his office to peek at both of them through the security camera within the school.

"Leave it to me." Midnight smiled brightly and didn't expect that the person who she had seen in her dream would suddenly come in front of her. She thought that fate might bring the two of them together. Her smile was very sweet and introduced herself. "Hello, Bruno. My name is Midnight. I'll introduce you to our school and also give you a tour."

"Thank you very much, Midnight." Haru shook her head and thought that this woman would be very aggressive, but he didn't expect that this woman would act as if a girl who had her first love.


Midnight wasn't sure, but she couldn't talk freely as usual and she felt very shy when she looked at him. However, she quickly regained her calm, especially when it was very fun when she talked with him.

Well, it might be because of her personality since her personality was very free and it was also the reason why she always wore very skimpy clothes.

"This place is a Support Faculty at our school. If anyone needs to fix their costume or gear, then they can come to this place." Midnight introduced this faculty, but suddenly....


Suddenly the facility exploded, Midnight didn't expect it, but a strong arm hugged her waist saving her from this explosion.

"Cough! Cough!"

Then suddenly someone came out from that explosion, this man had an excavator claw as his mask and his body was a bit dirty from that explosion earlier.

"Oh, Midnight. I'm sorry for the explosion."

Midnight didn't care much about this man since her waist was being hugged by Haru. "It's alright, but you should be careful next time." She wanted to praise this man, but she kept quiet and stayed on Haru's arms for a while since it felt very good.

The man felt a bit surprised since Midnight's reaction made him a bit surprised since usually this woman would roar in anger when this usually happened. He then noticed the man beside Midnight and asked, "This is...?"

"Hello, my name is Bruno. I'm a new biology teacher at this school."

"My name is Power Loader." Power Loader nodded and then returned to his faculty to start his research again.


"....This guy... I hope that one of his inventions explodes again..." Midnight gritted her teeth since Power Loader didn't even apologize. Even though because of that explosion, she could touch Haru's body, but her mood became bad again when Power Loader was so rude.

"It's alright. Genius always has one or two traits, let's continue with the tour."

"Yes." Midnight nodded and thought that it was better to think of a way at how she could invite this guy for dinner.

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Haru and Midnight didn't spend that much time touring around the school and when the tour was over, Haru was about to excuse himself since his only intention to come to this school was to introduce himself. He also felt bad for making Kanako wait at his car for a long time.

"Thank you very much, Midnight. Then I'll go back now."



Haru looked at Midnight curiously.

"Are you free tonight? We should have a welcome party for you."

Midnight thought that they could spend their night at bar then went to the government office to register their marriage. She believed once he was drunk, this guy would sign the marriage registration without hesitation.

If Haru knew what this woman was thinking then he would be speechless.

"I'm sorry, Midnight, but my wife is waiting for me at home."


Midnight was stunned as if thunder had struck her body when she heard those sentences and her healthy colored skin suddenly turned into ashes.


Kanako, who was inside Haru's car, saw Haru and Midnight talking to each other when she saw Midnight suddenly turn into ashes. She felt a bit confused as to whether she was using her Quirk unconsciously.


"Midnight, Midnight, what's wrong?" Haru was startled by Midnight's reaction.

"Y, y, y, you...." Midnight couldn't believe what she had heard and asked, "W, what did you say earlier?"

"Hmm? Well, I'm sorry, Midnight, but my wife is waiting for me at home?" Haru wasn't sure why this woman told him to repeat this sentence again.

Midnight was crying inwardly and asked, "Y, you're married?"


Hearing that answer, Midnight knew that it was game over. Though, when she looked at him, she felt very unwilling at this moment.

Haru didn't think too much and said, "Well, Midnight, see you again and let's have a drink in the future." He left her and returned to Kanako, who had been waiting for her.


Midnight looked toward the horizon wondering whether it was possible to attack a married man.


"So what are you going to do with me?" Kanako asked. Earlier, she didn't even dare to escape or do anything weird since she was in U.A. High School. If she did something stupid then it was only a time for her to be attacked by various heroes within the school. After holding her curiosity for a long time, she couldn't hold it anymore and asked him directly what he wanted to do with her.

"What do you want to do with me?"

Haru then looked at Kanako and said, "Your job is very simple."


"Take care of my wife."