Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1092

Volume 1 Chapter 1092 Entrance Exam 2

"Yo, All Might!"

Haru's voice was frivolous when he greeted the number one hero.

"Yo, Bruno!"

All Might laughed and hugged Haru.

Their relationship was quite good since they had helped various cases together such as helping a lot of people from accidents, catching a criminal, etc.

Haru's view of All Might was very good since this guy was pure. He could see that this guy only wanted to help people. He couldn't become such a person who could devote himself to helping people, but he could appreciate them.

All Might's view of Haru was very good since he felt that this guy could become the new symbol of peace. He felt that the more symbol of peace the better it was since society would become more peaceful, but the only regretful thing was that this guy's working time was too short. If some hero might work 12 hours a day or more, this guy would only work 3 to 4 hours a day which made him speechless.

However, Haru's efficiency was very high and once Haru was working the number of criminals which he had caught and people he had saved was more than the heroes who overworked themselves.

"Are you sure you are going to become a teacher here?" Haru asked.

"Of course! I've decided to become one." All Might nodded.

Haru looked at All Might and thought that there might be a reason why All Might decided to become a teacher, but he was sure that All Might wouldn't tell him. He didn't intend to ask anything and decided to observe him later.

"Well, let's watch the show."


Haru, All Might, and Aizawa, who had been ignored earlier, entered the monitor room.

Everyone had been familiar with each other, even though Haru hadn't become an official teacher until the new semester, it didn't stop him from familiarizing himself with his working place.

"Bruno, isn't your wife coming?"

Haru looked at the small elderly woman who asked this question. He understood the reason why this elderly woman asked him why his wife didn't come. "She's a bit tired." His face was a bit unnatural when he uttered those words.

"Were there a lot of patients in the hospital?" The elderly woman asked curiously and didn't notice his unnatural expression.

"Yeah...." Haru nodded to keep his reputation.

The one who asked this question was the Recovery Lady, a nurse within U.A. High School. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/sis-con-with-dimensional-chat-group_13659672406768405/entrance-exam-2_47466318902917947 for visiting.

It was something common for a student to get hurt during the training or spar in the school so a nurse was necessary.

If the teachers in this school could be changed with someone else, then Recovery Lady was someone irreplaceable since and this elderly woman might be the the reason why U.A. High School was the number one hero school in this country. Her Quirk was "heal" and it allowed her to amplify and quicken her targets' healing process by extending her lips and kissing them.

Recovery Lady knew that she was old and even if she could treat a lot of students in few years, she knew that she needed to have a successor. She knew about Tsunade and knew that Tsunade was Haru's wife. She knew that Tsunade's ability didn't lose to her and she hoped for Tsunade to be able to help her in this school, but she knew that she couldn't force Tsunade, especially when Haru and Tsunade owned a hospital.

The Hosu General Hospital had changed after Haru and Tsunade came and it might become the number one hospital in this country. There were a lot of people who came to their hospital to treat themselves from riches, heroes, politicians, etc.

It was also the reason why there were a lot of villains which often appeared on Hosu City, but all of them had been caught easily by Haru. The one who dared to mess around had their bodies divided into several parts and he didn't return those villians back to normal.

Tsunade's ability was top-notch, but she was very willful and it was very hard to get her appointment since she would only accept some patients. However, because of Tsunade, the level of doctors within the hospital also increased since she also taught some people.

"Bruno, is it possible to have a coorporation with your hospital?" Nezu asked. He had talked about this matter to the Recovery Lady before and thought that it would be good if they could cooperate between Haru's hospital and their school.

"Let's talk about that later since the entrance exam has almost started."

Hearing Haru's words, they nodded and watched the entrance exam which had just started. They felt that Haru was very mysterious, but one thing for sure, they knew that this guy was rich.

Then the entrance exam started without any problem, there were two kinds of exams: paper and battle.

The paper test was pretty simple since the student candidates only needed to study very well to get a good score on the exam, but the battle exam was quite difficult and dangerous.

Haru read the content of the battle exam which made him sigh. He had to admit that U.A. High School was very rich and it had a lot of resources.

The paper test quickly ended and the student candidates were being told to move to another location.

The one who announced the rules of the battle test was Present Mic.

Watching the group of students through the monitor, Haru remembered that Ingenium's little brother also took the entrance exam and wondered whether that guy could do well in the exam.

The content of the battle test was pretty simple and the student candidates only needed to defeat a robot within the exam arena. The one with the most points would be accepted within the school.

Haru was in the monitor room and looked at the students who had started the battle exam.

There were a lot of student candidates who started to fight the robot, but there were some students who were very noticeable.

Haru noticed that the strongest student candidate should be the student with an explosion or fire-related Quirk since he could see that this student's point kept increasing.

"This Bakugou should be able to enter our school."

They nodded hearing Haru's words since they were also sure that Bakugou would be able to enter this school easily.

Every teacher in the monitor room focused their attention on the strongest students or the students, who could defeat a number of robots easily.

However, Haru noticed that All Might put his attention on a green haired kid who seemed to be panicking. He looked at the point of this green haired boy and noticed that his score was only zero which made him speechless.

"All Might, do you know this boy?"

"Huh?!" All Might was startled and shook his head. "N, no, I don't know this boy at all!"


Haru was speechless, but he didn't say anything. He continued to watch until he saw a large robot appear. He knew the existence of this robot and when he saw a lot of student candidates started to run away, he didn't feel surprised since this robot would be impossible to defeat with their abilities. Then he saw a female student who stumbled and fell. He didn't do anything and only watched the show since he knew the robot wouldn't hurt her, but then he saw the green haired boy jump and slam this giant robot with his punch. He raised his eyebrow and felt a bit surprised since this boy could destroy this giant robot.


Though, at the same time, Haru saw this green haired boy was wounded and his hand was broken. Looking at Recovery Lady, who walked out from the monitor room, he didn't need to guess where she would go. He leaned on his seat and had a feeling that everything would start soon.