Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1093

Volume 1 Chapter 1093 Observation 1

Time moved quickly and it was time for U.A. High Schools to welcome their new students.

Looking at the school in front of him, Midoriya didn't expect that he would become a student in this school. He felt very glad when he knew that he had been accepted and because of that he couldn't sleep for the past few days because of excitement.

"Finally... this is my first step!"

Midoriya took a deep breath and was ready to enter the school, but suddenly he stumbled from nothing and fell down once again. "Eh?" This time there was no girl who would save him, however, his collar was being grabbed by someone. He also heard a car noise on his side which made him a bit nervous until he heard this voice.

"You alright?"

When Midoriya turned, he was stunned. He blinked his eyes several times and it seemed that he didn't believe who he had seen.

"B, B, B, B, B, Bruno!!!!"

Midoriya didn't expect that he would see Bruno right on the first day, he entered this school. Of course, he knew about Bruno since this person was one of the most popular heroes in this country. He knew that Bruno's career was very short compared to most popular heroes, but Bruno's achievement wasn't lost on any popular heroes.

Looking at Bruno from up and down, Midoriya had to admit that Bruno was very cool, especially Bruno's black trench coat and golden wolf mask. Though, he had to admit that Haru's car was very cool. He wasn't sure what car it was, but it gave a vintage feeling.

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Haru put Midoriya down on the ground and continued to drive his car to the school.


Midoriya looked at Haru's back and then he woke up. "I FORGOT TO ASK FOR HIS SIGNATURE !!!" His face was full of regret and he couldn't believe that he was too nervous to ask. He was on all fours and slammed to the ground in a depressed manner. If he could rewind the time then he would ask for Haru's signature and keep it for his heirloom.


Midoriya was in this position for the full five minutes before he stood up weakly to go to the school since he really hoped to be able to get Haru's signature.


Haru might be the richest teacher in the U.A. High School.

The wage of the teacher in this school might be good, but it was simply impossible to use that wage to buy an AC Cobra, which he drove to school. Parking his car, he walked toward the office quietly. It was his first day working as a teacher and he had also made his intention clear to test whether his theory was able to strengthen the power of the students.

Entering the teacher's office, Haru could see that there were already a lot of people inside.

"Good morning."

"Good morning."

Greeting his colleagues, Haru walked to his seat which was located between Eraser Head and Vlad King.

When they worked they needed to wear their hero's costume so it was normal to see someone who wore an exaggerated costume in this school.

Haru's costume might be the most normal since he only wore a trench coat, suit, and a mask.

"Sekijiro, I've heard that you've become a homeroom teacher of 1-B class, is that true?" Haru asked.

"Yeah, I've become their homeroom teacher, do you want to watch my class?" Vlad King (Sekijiro Kan) asked.

"What's your plan for today?" Haru asked.

"I've planned for an introduction and only the test starts in the afternoon." Vlad King told Haru about his plan regarding his class.

Listening to Vlad King, Haru felt that it was a bit boring to watch the introduction of the new students.

"How about you, Aizawa? What are you planning?" Looking at Aizawa, who was sleeping within his sleeping bag, Haru sighed at how workaholic this guy was, but he also understood that it might be because of Aizawa's past that Aizawa had become this workaholic.

"I'll test them directly..." Aizawa was very sleepy since he had been working as a hero every night. His schedule was quite full since during the day, he was working as a teacher and at night, he was working as a hero.

"Then I'll join your class if you don't mind."

Aizawa looked at Haru and nodded. "Yeah, but don't bother me, alright." He was very strict with his education and he didn't really want someone to bother at how he educated his students.

"No problem, I'll just observe them." Haru turned toward Vlad King and said, "I'll visit your class in the afternoon Sekijiro."

"No problem, I'll save you a seat in the afternoon." Vlad King nodded. His personality was easy going and compared to Aizawa, it was easier to talk with this guy.

Looking at the time, Aizawa sighed and said, "Let's go. It's time."

"Alright, I want to see the famous Aizawa who expelled all of his students last year to educate his students."

Hearing Haru's words, Aizawa only rolled his eyes, but he didn't say anything since it was the truth.


While waiting for their class to start, the new students were a bit noisy, but it was considered normal.

Midoriya was a bit depressed since he wasn't able to get Bruno's signature, but then he met the student with glasses who had scolded him before then a girl, who he had saved during the entrance exam.

When everyone was talking to each other suddenly there was a voice which rebuked them.

"If you're here to socialize, then get out."


Everyone turned quiet when they saw someone, who was sleeping on the ground.

"This is a hero course!"

The man came out from the sleeping bag and said, "It took eight seconds for you to quiet down. Time is precious. You lot aren't very rational, are you?"

If Haru was here then he wouldn't be surprised since Aizawa's personality had always been blunt.

"I'm your homeroom teacher, Shota Aizawa. Pleased to meet you." Aizawa looked at them and said, "Quickly change to your gym clothes and head to the grounds."


It was so sudden that no one really knew how to react at this moment.


Everyone was confused and wasn't sure what to say until they walked to the ground. They saw Aizawa's figure standing up beside this man.


Everyone knew this person very well since this person was one of the most popular heroes.

"B, BRUNO!!!"

They were shocked when this popular hero appeared beside Aizawa, but Haru's response was quite flat.

Haru only gave them a nod without saying anything.

They wanted to say something, but Aizawa's voice stunned them.

"Hurry up and prepare for the Quirk tests!"

"Q, Quirk Tests?!"

"Huh? Shouldn't we do a guidance session or something?"

Aizawa smirked and said, "No time to waste on that stuff if you want to become a hero! Now, just do what I've told you."


"Softball throwing, standing long jump, 50-meter dash, endurance test, grip test, side-to-side stepping, upperbody training, and seated toe touch. You did all of that in middle school, right? This time use your Quirk when you do that."

Looking at Aizawa, Haru smiled and thought that this guy's standard was very high, but he didn't say anything.

"Bakugou, you go first."

Bakugou looked at Aizawa then looked at Bruno. He wasn't sure why Bruno was in this place, but he had to admit that this guy was awesome. He walked toward the throwing area and thought to give all of them a surprise in this test.

"Bakugou, how far can you throw during middle school?"

"67 metres."

"Great. Now try to throw using your Quirk. Do whatever you want, just don't leave the circle. Give me all you've got."

Bakugou nodded and started to stretch his arms. He was ready with his stance before he pitched the ball with all of his power and also added his Quirk.



Aizawa showed the distance which was being thrown by Bakugou to everyone which surprised them.

They started to get excited by this test and felt that it was fun, however, Aizawa poured them cold water waking them up to reality.

"Fun? You're hoping to become heroes after three years here... and you think it'll be all fun and games? Right. The one with the lowest score across all eight events will be judged hopeless... and will be expelled."


"Now, do your best or one of you is going to get expelled."

Haru nodded and felt that this education was very good.