Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1094

Volume 1 Chapter 1094 Observation 2

Observing the students in front of him, Haru had to admit that each of them had a very interesting power. Thinking about the people in this world, he knew that hero was necessary since it was common for people in this world to use their power for doing something which related to criminal.

In such a country where it was hard to get money and a job unless someone is smart or has a relationship with someone. It is easier to get money by becoming a criminal or villain.

Though, he had to admit that he was a bit jealous of Momo Yaoyorozu's Quirk. From his observation and the data which he had received from the school, he knew that this girl had an ability to create anything using her fat. The thing which she created also wouldn't disappear and which meant this girl could even create a gold, diamond, etc and became the richest woman in the world.

But at the same time, he also knew the danger which Momo Yaoyorozu needed to face. There were a lot of villains in this world and it wasn't surprising if someone wanted to kidnap her for their own use, especially to make her into their gold or diamond mines.

Watching everyone do their test, he has to admit that Quirk is a very interesting thing.

Haru really had fun watching their abilities. He felt that Quirk was better than "Devil Fruit" since Quirk didn't have a weakness.

The weakness of "Devil Fruit" is the sea and water, but "Quirk" doesn't have a weakness.

Quirk does own a weakness, but it is something that can't be called a weakness either.

The weakness of Quirk which he mentioned was the weakness of the ability of the Quirk itself, such as a fire-related Quirk is weak against a water-related Quirk. The people who had an ability in their eyes would have dry eyes if they kept using it since they needed to keep their eyes open. Another example would be Kanako, who owned an ability to generate dust on her body, but she couldn't use that ability too much or else her skin would turn dry.

But such a thing couldn't be called a weakness since each person could train their Quirk so their weakness could be erased or minimized.

Haru remembered that Tsunade had gotten various data regarding Quirk in their hospital and he was wondering whether he could create an artificial Quirk. He knew that to own a Quirk someone needed to have a Quirk factor within their bodies. Though he knew that it would be pretty cruel research since he needed to test it on humans.

However, Haru didn't need to worry about it too much since he knew that the training ground within the Group Chat could help him on that matter.

Though, rather than an artificial Quirk, he was more curious about the source of Quirk itself. He wasn't sure how humans could develop a Quirk since previously all of them were normal and didn't have ability.

"What have you been writing?" Aizawa asked.

"I'm observing their abilities while thinking about what I can do to make them stronger." Haru's voice was quiet so it wouldn't be heard by the students.

Aizawa was a bit surprised and said, "Interesting. Is this the reason why you're teaching biology?" He felt a bit strange for Haru to teach biology, but it seemed that this guy had some plans.

Haru sighed and said, "If you have this big interest toward the opposite gender then you won't be single, Aizawa."

Aizawa snorted and he was sure if he kept him talking then he would be grabbed by Haru for a group date.

Haru ignored Aizawa then he heard a voice beside him.

"Umm... B, Bruno-sensei."

"What's wrong?"

Haru looked at the invisible girl in front of him. He felt a bit pity since he couldn't see her face, but he was sure that if this continued to practice then it was possible for her to erase her invisibility.

"I, I'm your fan! C, can I ask for your signature?" The girl seemed a bit timid or rather nervous, but at the same time, she was very excited when she met her idol.

All Might might be the most popular hero in this country, but Haru is the most popular hero among women since he is very handsome.

It wasn't only this girl since Haru also noticed that most of students in this place also looked at him with anticipation. He sighed and didn't feel that surprise.

"Let's talk about this after you've done your test."

"Y, Yes!" The girl seemed happy since Haru didn't reject her and she also knew that she needed to focus on her test or else she would be expelled. Though, she didn't really need to worry about that when there was someone who did worse than her.

The test continued and everyone did very well except for one student.

Haru had been watching this student since he could see that All Might had been watching this student, but he couldn't see anything special on him. It was as if this student had just gained his ability.

'Just gain his ability?'

Haru felt that it was possible since there was someone who gained their ability during their teens and because of that they couldn't use their ability very well since they had been living as a normal human for a long time.

Then the test was almost over and it was time for the green haired boy to do the softball throwing.

Haru checked the result so everyone could see that this green haired boy was very normal and he could tell that this boy hadn't used his ability from the beginning to the end. It was at this moment that he noticed that this green haired boy was about to do something stupid, but this boy was stopped by Aizawa.

'Hmm... Midoriya, is it?'

Haru could see that Midoriya hadn't given up and he was right. He could see that this boy couldn't use his ability and because of that this boy broke his finger to succeed on his test.


Haru could see that in Midoriya's eyes and he liked such a person, but then he noticed one student who seemed angered by the result of Midoriya.


Bakugou was furious and wanted to punch Midoriya, but he realized that he couldn't control his body and suddenly he started to have a moonwalk.

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Everyone was startled when they saw Bakugou who did a moonwalk so suddenly.

"W, what happened?!" Even Bakogou, who was full of anger, was surprised when he couldn't control his body.

"Calm down. Don't get angry."


Everyone looked at Haru and knew that it was Haru's power.

"Have you calmed down?" Haru asked.

Bakugou gritted his teeth, but nodded and then he could feel that he could move his body freely.

Midoriya was attracted by this scene and became curious about Haru's ability. He knew that Haru's ability was a zipper generation and manipulation, but he didn't know how Haru was able to control Bakugou's body.

"I won't steal the limelight. Aizawa, please."

Aizawa nodded and also noticed Bakugou's action earlier. He was about to stop Bakugou before, but Haru was faster. He looked at everyone and grinned, saying that it was all fake. The expulsion which he had told them before was a lie before he walked away.

Haru was also about to follow them, but he was stopped.

"Bruno-sensei, please give me a sign!"

"Sensei, how can you control Bakugou's body!"



Haru took a deep breath and thought that all of the students which gathered around him reminded him of the little girls who he had met in the world of Black Bullet. He smiled and said, "I'm quite busy right now, but I can give you a sign. And how can I control Bakugou's body?"


Everyone was curious and waited for him to answer.

Even Bakugou stared fiercely at Haru since he knew that this guy was very strong. 'The power to control someone's body?' He felt that if there wasn't All Might then this guy might be the strongest hero in this country.

"It's a secret."


Looking at their dumbfounded expression, Haru smiled and said, "Just kidding, I'll explain it to you tomorrow."

Everyone cheered once again and couldn't wait for tomorrow.


All Might and Aizawa, who had been away, looked at Haru's popularity and suddenly they felt a bit jealous.


Haru didn't stay too long since he also wanted to watch the test of 1-B class since he was curious what kind of ability those students have.