Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1096

Volume 1 Chapter 1096 Lesson 2

Every guy in the classroom was speechless at Ashido's question. They had only five questions yet this girl wasted it on such a useless question.

"What the hell, Ashido! You should ask more useful questions!" Bakugou complained.

"Shut up! This is a very important question for us girls, right?!"


Beside Ashido, every girl in the classroom nodded since they were curious about Haru's relationship status. Haru was very popular among women since he was very handsome. There was even a request from the public for him to create his own photo album books, but he rejected it without hesitation since he didn't have an intention to become a material for woman to masturbate.

Haru chuckled and said, "Your question is very interesting."

"So Sensei, are you single?"

Everyone became very spirited when they thought him was a single. They knew that Haru was only 24 years old and it meant that they had a chance.

"Usually, I would refrain from answering such a question about my privacy."

They became disappointed when they heard his words.

"But I'll give you an exception and please don't tell anyone about this." Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/sis-con-with-dimensional-chat-group_13659672406768405/lesson-2_47492150195190799 for visiting.

They nodded when they heard it.

"I'm married."

Haru took off his gloves and showed the ring on his left hand.


The girls were very disappointed at this moment and they weren't sure what to say.

"Then the next question...." Haru looked at Midoriya and said, "How about you Midoriya?"

"Y, Yes!" Midoriya was very excited and wasn't sure what to ask since he had a lot of questions. "Umm... Um...."

"Calm down, take a breath and tell me your question slowly." Haru was wondering whether Midoriya was All Might's successor since their ability was quite similar and he didn't think that it was strange for All Might to get a successor since All Might wasn't young anymore.

Most heroes would retire in their 40's since their stamina and energy wasn't as vigorous when they were young. It was also a dangerous job where they could lose their lives anytime. When someone got old, their mindset started to change since they had to think about a lot of things such as family, loans, etc. It was better to choose a more stable job such as teacher.

"Um... Um... S, Sensei, can I ask you what you've been doing before you've become a hero? Your career is quite short compared to most popular heroes such as All Might, Endeavor....."

Todoroki flinched when Midoriya mentioned Endeavor's name.

"Hawk, etc." Midoriya held his paper and suddenly realized something. "Ah, I'm sorry! I, I shouldn't ask for something related to privacy." He wanted to change his question, but he was too nervous and dropped his papers.


"It's alright. I can answer that question for you." Haru was wondering why they were curious about his private life, but well, he could understand it since usually fans would be very interested in the private life of their idol or superhero.

"To answer your question, I've been a businessman before."


They were startled when they heard it.

"Yeah, I was very impoverished and an orphanage. I've never had a chance to get into a school like you...."

Everyone became attracted to his story and they became quiet since they didn't expect Haru to have such a background. Little did they know that Haru was simply bullshitting at this moment.

"Like you before, I've a dream to become a hero, helping people, etc, but I don't have a chance." Haru looked at the distance as if reminiscing about his past, thought, in his mind, he was thinking what kind of cosplay Tsunade would wear tonight.

"So I've worked very hard during my youth as a businessman. Fortunately, I've a talent as a businessman and I'm quite well-off now, but I still have a single regret in my life. However, I didn't think too much since I was about to get married. However, when I married my wife, she told me to chase after my dream. I was a bit hesitant at first, but she gave me a push on my back and supported me so here I am....." Haru smiled and added, "I've become a hero and become your teacher at the same time. Oh, for my business, it is a secret. I don't want to mix my private life and my hero life."


They blinked their eyes and felt their eyes bit wet after hearing his story.

Haru also noticed that there was Aizawa, Nezu, and All Might who listened to his story outside, but he didn't care much.

"You guys too. You want to become a hero, right? Being a hero is a job full of risk and you can lose your life anytime so I want to tell you to not have regrets. When you love a girl then don't hesitate to confess to her." Haru smirked and said, "There are a lot of attractive ladies in this class....."

When the girls heard Haru's words, they blushed at this moment.

"Some of you might end up together, when you're about to get married, don't forget to give me an invitation."

Everyone laughed and some of the students gave Haru a thumbs up, especially Mineta and Kaminari.



"Is this alright?" Aizawa asked.

"Why not? Being a hero is a dangerous job and it is full of risk, like what he has said before, you might lose your life anytime and it is better to not have any regrets in your life." Nezu agreed with Haru.

"But our students are prohibited from having a relationship in our school." Aizawa stared at Nezu with a helpless expression.



"Oh, I've almost forgotten that it is prohibited to have a relationship in this school so you should start to have a relationship when you've graduated later, alright?" Haru reminded all the students on the class which made some guys become depressed.

"Alright, there are two more questions, who is going to ask next?"

"Me! Me! Me! Me!"

"Todoroki, what is your question?" Haru asked.

"Sensei, what's your goal?" Todoroki looked at Haru and asked, "Do you want to become the number one hero?"

Everyone knew if someone had a chance to challenge All Might's position as the number one hero, it should be the man in front of them.

Haru shook his head and said, "No, I don't have an interest in being the number one hero."


Everyone was surprised when they heard it.

"Or rather I might be a failure as a hero."

"Sensei, you're not a failure! You've saved a lot of people and you've also caught a lot of villains! There are a lot of people who are thankful for you and my brother has always thought of you as his rival!" Iida stood up and refuted Haru's words. Beside his brother he also admired Haru since Haru was his brother's rival.

"Calm down, Iida."

Haru didn't expect this guy to be so aggressive to help him. "But it is the truth, I can't devote my life as a hero. If I've been asked to choose between a hero or family then I'll choose my family without hesitation. So while you're still in the 1st year, you need to think more deeply. Can you sacrifice yourself to save someone? Can you sacrifice yourself to defeat a villain? Think about that question and when you feel that it is impossible for you to do that then it is better for you to change your department in this school as soon as possible."


Looking at Haru, Todoroki wasn't sure, but he hoped to have Haru as his father.

"However, I have to remind you that when you've decided to change your department it doesn't mean that you're a coward. You're brave since you're willing to admit." Haru looked at everyone and asked, "So the last question, who is it?"


Everyone became quiet after they heard Haru's last answer which made them need to think more deeply.

Aizawa, All Might and Nezu nodded when they heard Haru's words since being a hero was a very hard job. If they couldn't sacrifice themselves then it was better to change their department right away.

"Then, the last is Hagakure, what's your question?" Haru asked.

"Sensei, can you show what is under your mask?" Hagakure asked.


Everyone stopped thinking and looked at Haru. They knew that it was one of the mysteries in this world. Everyone was curious about Haru's face since no one had ever seen his face.

"Do you want to see what is under my mask?" Haru asked.

Everyone nodded at the same time with an eager expression.

"I don't mind...." Haru smiled and said, "What is under my mask is...." He took off his mask then showed another mask.


Everyone was speechless.

"Alright, let's start the lesson since our biology lesson might be different from normal biology lessons."

Haru clapped his hands to attract everyone's attention.