Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1098

Volume 1 Chapter 1098 Soon

After his lesson, Haru continued to teach the students in the 1-B class. He didn't observe the hero education which was being taught by All Might on the students of 1-A class since he felt that it was too boring to watch a fight between children.

In the afternoon, when he didn't have anything to do, he went to his hero's office. His teaching contract was quite lax since he was a popular hero. If it was only a normal hero, it was impossible to do the same thing as he did. His lesson was also very good since it could also strengthen the power of the students which was a bonus.

When he arrived at his hero's office, he flirted with the beautiful receptionist for a while, before walking to the 3rd floor of his office which he had changed into a game room. There were various things within this room such as game consoles, a billiard table, mangas, a large screen, etc and when he entered he saw both Tsunade and Kanako who were playing a game together.

"Oh, you've arrived?" Tsunade said, but she didn't turn her head, focusing all of her attention on the screen.

Haru knew that after coming to this world this woman was so lazy. Her life was pretty simple and that was eating, gambling, playing games, working in the hospital when she wasn't lazy, and mating.

Tsunade felt that it was a good retirement life.

Haru sat behind Tsunade while hugging her waist and placing his head on her shoulder looking at the racing game which was being played by Tsunade and Kanako. He could see that Tsunade was the winner of this game since he knew that Tsunade was cheating.

Tsunade had a Riding (A+) ability from her previous quest which made it easier for her to win this game. She leaned her back on Haru's chest and won the race.

"I won," Tsunade said with a proud expression.


Kanako twitched her lips and sighed. She felt that Tsunade's life was simply the winner of life. Doing work on her whim, playing games, and being pampered by her husband, she also wanted such a life.

"How is it? Have you found the clue?" Tsunade asked.

Haru shook his head and said, "Not yet, but tomorrow something might happen."

"Tomorrow? What's wrong with tomorrow?" Tsunade asked.

"Tomorrow, the students need to go to the Unforeseen Simulation Joint (U.S.J.) for a lesson and I feel that something might happen at that time."

"What kind of things?" Kanako asked.

"I'm not sure, but mostly villains attack."

"What?! So what are you here for? Don't you need to remind the school?" Kanako was wondering whether Haru was really a hero. She had been living with them for the past few months and she might have unconsciously become a hero since she had been working as Haru's sidekick.

"Calm down, do you think mere villains can defeat me?" Haru was quite arrogant at that moment, but he didn't think that there was a villain that could defeat him in this world. If he couldn't defeat them, then he would simply trap them to "Ocean" then he would wait whether his enemy would die from water or starvation.


"Just kidding." Haru smiled lightly and said, "There's no concrete evidence for it to happen and it is just my hypothesis. I don't want to give a false alarm after all." Though, in his mind, being careful was better than being sorry, and he was sure that the villains would attack U.S.J. since it was a perfect chance for an ambush. But this time, he would give the chance for the villains to attack since he had been waiting for few months in this world. He wanted to complete his quest as soon as possible and didn't want to stay too long.

Haru had been trying to find a trace of "Nomu", "Hero Killer" and "All-For-One", but the result was simply null. He was wondering whether the author or the plot was trying to block him since it was simply impossible to search them.

Hearing Haru's explanation, Kanako nodded.

"So Kanako, have you heard any news about Hero Killer?" Haru asked.

Kanako shook her head and said, "No, I've asked several informants, but Hero Killer is too tricky and he has never used an electric device which makes it even harder to search his location."

Haru sighed and realized that he still had a lot of weaknesses. If the opponent was using technology, he was confident that he would be able to find their location easily, but if they didn't use it then it was simply impossible for him to search for them since he was very clueless at this quest.

"Calm down."

Tsunade made Haru's arms hug her waist tightly.

"Is it only me or have you become even more beautiful?" Haru asked.

Tsunade's skin was simply very smooth and it was different than before.

"Isn't it you who forces me to eat your protein?" Tsunade snorted.


"It seems that your protein has some benefit for women..." Tsunade sighed and said, "It seems that your protein is an elixir."


Haru was in a complex mood when this woman told him that his white liquid had that kind of benefit. He was wondering whether there would be a lot of women who would try to get his white liquid. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/sis-con-with-dimensional-chat-group_13659672406768405/soon_47494280767399880 for visiting.


Haru shook his head and thought that it was simply a ridiculous thought.

"What is this protein? Is it really good? Can it make my skin smooth?" Kanako was curious and also wanted to test Haru's protein.

"So Haru, what should you do? Your sidekick wants your protein, do you want to give it to her?" Tsunade chuckled.



Inside the dilipated bar, there was a young man with a model hand on his face and a man with a purple dark mist body.

"Sensei, I'll start the attack tomorrow."

The young man was looking at the television which did not even show anything, but a voice could be heard from it.

"Be careful."

"I know." The young man nodded and asked, "Can I bring Nomu? I'll definitely take the life of All Might." His expression turned fierce and obsessed when he mentioned this name.

"Yes, you can. You can make as many mistakes as you want."

"Thank you."

"Right, Kurogiri."

"Yes, sir." The purple mist guy bowed his head slightly when his name was being called.

"Please protect him."

"Don't worry, I'll protect him."

"Right, I've heard "Bruno" has become the new teacher in U.A. High School, is it true, Kurogiri?"

Kurogiri shook his head and said, "I'm not sure. Data security within the U.A. High School has become stronger lately and it is impossible to get any information from that school."

"Hmm.... I see..."

The voice from the television didn't have any fluctation when he/she heard the news from Kurogiri.


"What's wrong, Sensei?"

"You need to be careful if you happen to meet "Bruno"."

"Bruno? Who is that?" The young man with the name Tomura was confused.

"Oh my... you should read the newspaper more, Tomura. Information is power. Those heroes are stupid enough to let us know about their abilities through the newspaper and you should read more."

"I know, Sensei." The young man nodded.

"Anyway, this person is very mysterious and you should be careful when you meet him."

"Don't worry, I'll kill every person in that place tomorrow!"

Tomura stood up from his chair and couldn't wait for tomorrow.

But the person from the television couldn't erase the worry within his heart and he hoped that it was only his imagination.