Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 110

Volume 1 Chapter 110 Monsters

"Gomu Gomu no..."

Luffy stretched his arm back then throws a devastating punch


His punch hit the monster and made it thrown back to the sea,

"H - hi - his hand is stretched far away!!!!" Komatsu was very surprised.

"He is really a rubber man," Takimaru thought when he saw the scene in front of him. He couldn't believe that there was a human that could stretch their body really far.

"Luffy! Amazing! This time it is me!" Toriko said and raised his index finger. He punched the monster right into its guts.


The monster fell down on the ground knocked out.

"Toriko, knocking," Toriko said with a cool expression.

'Is this a knocking technique?' Haru thought. He knew that the people in this world were mostly using a knocking to beat the monster since they didn't intend to kill it. He was wondering whether it was similar to acupuncture since he saw him using his index finger.

"What is this technique?" Tsunade asked. She felt that his technique somehow had a connection with medical knowledge.

"This should be knocking," Haru said.

"Knocking?" Tsunade looked at him.

Haru nodded, "Yeah, he struck the monster with the right amount of force in the nerves or pressure points of it and made it faint."

"Hmm," Tsunade felt that this technique was quite suitable for her. She also knew the nerves and pressure points of humans but she had never tried it on the monster.

"Do you want to try it?" Haru asked.

Tsunade shook her head, "I want to try it though." She walked toward one of the monsters and imagined the image from his attack earlier. She used her index finger to hit the pressure point of the monster. She was a doctor and her eyes were very sharp. She predicted the place of nerves of this monster.


The monster fell down on the ground when it was hit by her.

"Hmm, it's interesting," Tsunade thought.

Toriko who saw this thought both Luffy and Tsunade were very strong. He knew that both of them could become his competitors on this journey. He turned his attention toward Haru and wondered how strong was this young man.

The other Gourmet Hunter who heard the commotion started to get out from the deck of the ship and started to fight against the monster.

The monster kept coming out and there was a ton of this Great Leg Fish.

Everyone was fighting with their weapons from a gun, ax, hammer, sword, etc.

Haru looked around and observed the battle from a safe location. He was looking for one person in this crowd but he couldn't find him. He knew that this person could become the candidate to enter the group chat. He decided to look after him later and looked at another candidate. He knew that the name of this person was Match. He only knew that he was part of the underworld in this gourmet world.

Match is a tall pale-skinned man with blonde hair, but his most notable traits are that his body is completely covered in scars. He is wearing a full white suit with white shoes and a purple dress shirt. He also always carries his sword with him.

"Tsk, what a fuss," Match said while looking at the monster. He saw the monster was right in front of him but he was still calm. He put one of his hands on the handle on the sword and ready his stance.



Match moved very fast and didn't even show that he took out his sword. He moved past the monster and his expression was dignified, "Triple Slice!"


The monster was cut into the fillet and fell down on the ground.


"Take care of that for me, I will rest in my quarters," Match said to his subordinates.

"YES SIR!!!"

Haru took his video and it was quite amazing.

"Hmm? Kid? Are you recording me?" Match looked at him.

"Yes, I'm sorry, your sword technique is very good," Haru answered.

"Hmph, don't share it with the public," Match said and walked away.

"Yes," Haru thought that this man was really nice. He continued to look around and saw Takimaru was crowded by a lot of monsters while riding his sword. He remembered that the Gourmet Knight had their own special technique. He had only seen it in the manga and wanted to see it right in front of his eyes.

Takimaru closed his eyes and started to fully concentrate while imagining the image on his head. He was doing a 'Pre-Shot Routine', a technique used by the Gourmet Knight to increase his accuracy and damage in their martial arts. He did it for a few seconds and he was ready to attack the monsters with his technique.

"Fuuuhhh...." Takimaru breathed out and struck them, "Bottle Opener!" He grabbed and twisted the body of the monster with very fast movement and high accuracy.

Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!

The five monsters in front of him suddenly stopped moving and fell down on the ground.

Takimaru had dislocated bones and joints, causing paralysis on every monster in front of him.

Haru was observing his technique and felt that it needed a long time to do it. He shook his head and took the wooden sword from his body.


Haru smashed his wooden sword right in the nose of the monster. His power had increased after he had gotten 'Sticky Fingers' and becoming the reincarnation of Asura Ōtsutsuki, though, he wasn't at the level of a monster but it was enough to beat them.

"Heh? You attack them with a wooden sword?" Toriko looked at him with interest. He was more interested in how he kept his wooden sword in his body.

Haru only nodded in response. He thought that he should keep one or two of them for their food later in the Ice Hell.