Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1100

Volume 1 Chapter 1100 U.s.j.


One villain was punched and he was blown away toward a group of villains, some of them falling to the ground because they hit each other.

"Attack! Attack! Attack!"

"The one with long range ability, attack him from a distance!"

There were a lot of villains which appeared in the U.S.J. and each of them had various abilities. There were also a number of villains who owned a long range ability. One of them had fingers similar to a barrel which was able to shoot down a bullet, one of them had an ability to shoot out a thorn from his body, and various other things.

They knew that this hero was very strong at close combat so they decided to attack him from a long range, however....

Haru moved very fluidly and dodged all of their attacks running toward the direction of the long range villians. Just one kick and punch from him, all of those villians were defeated and passed out directly. Some of them had a bleeding nose, broken hand, broken leg, etc which made him similar to a God of War in the battlefield.

Unlike a normal hero, who still had a conscience and only caught a villain, but didn't hurt them that much which was why they didn't fear a hero.

However, Haru was different. Even though he didn't kill them, he was going to instill fear in their bones, blood, and soul so they wouldn't think of revenge in the future.

"Can you dance?"

Another villain came and this time, this villain had a mutant ability which made his body as hard as a rock. He raised his fist to slam it toward Haru, but Haru moved sideways to dodge his attack easily before poking the eyes of the villains.

"My eyes!"

Haru didn't stop and punched the face of the villains. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/sis-con-with-dimensional-chat-group_13659672406768405/u.s.j._47513617247034556 for visiting.


The head of the villain was as hard as a rock, but Haru's fist was covered in his zipper which made his fist as hard as metal. With one punch alone from him, he cracked the defense of these villains.



The group of villians weren't sure, but they felt that their feet were shaking and they couldn't move forward at this moment.

"What are you doing?! Hurry up and attack him!! He's only one person!!"

The guy with a hand as a mask shouted which awoke every villain in the vicinity. Thinking how useless they were, but at the same time, he also dashed toward Haru with an intention to kill him.



The students in the 1-A were stunned and amazed when they saw Haru's fight. It was one versus army, but they didn't think that he would lose in this battle.


Midoriya knew that Haru didn't have the ability to increase his strength, but Haru's punch was able to knock out the villain who owned a defensive ability easily.

With Haru as their protector, they didn't feel that nervous anymore since they could see how easy it was for him to defeat all of the villains.

"This is the power of heroes who have reached the top." Aizawa was also amazed at Haru's fighting ability. However, the one which amazed him the most was Haru's dodging ability. He could see that all of the attacks from the villains hit nothing and it couldn't even touch Haru's body.

'Does he have eyes behind his back?'

"This... He hasn't even used his ability..." Bakugou was shocked.


Hearing Bakugou's words, they were in shock. They realized that their teacher hadn't used his abilities from the beginning to the end. They knew very well from the news that Haru's ability was very strong since Haru was capable of dividing the villain into several parts using his ability and controlled the body of someone, but when they watched this fight, they hadn't seen him using that ability from the beginning to the end.

"No, he has been using his ability." Aizawa interjected.

"Really? Where?"

"Can you see his fist? There's something similar to a metal to it. I guess he transforms the zipper into a brash knuckle."


"Even so, his strength is amazing." Thirteen had seen a lot of heroes with a strength enhancement ability and Haru's punch was able to match the power of those heroes, even though Haru didn't have such an ability.

Aizawa shook his head and said, "Hurry up and call for help!"

"Sensei, I've been doing that, but it seems that we have been jammed by something." Yaoyorozu had been trying to ask for help, but she couldn't connect with the school.

Aizawa's expression became gloomy and thought that one of the villains which had attacked them had an ability to jam the network and alarm. He was thinking about what to do until he heard Haru's voice.

"Don't worry, I've sent a signal for help earlier. They should be coming soon."

Haru, who was fighting against a lot of villains, still had time to send a help signal to school while fighting against a group of villains.


Everyone became even more dumbfounded at Haru.


Everyone in the U.A. High School, who received a signal from Haru, didn't waste their time and hurriedly moved toward the U.S.J. to save their students.

"All Might, you sure want to help?" Nezu looked at All Might in worry.

"Don't worry, I can manage this transformation in another 10 minutes."

All Might, who was in skinny form, suddenly coughed blood before he transformed into his muscular form. His limit was three hours and in the morning, he almost used up his limit. If he decided to help then...

"I'll go first! They need help!"

Even so, All Might wouldn't let his students be hurt by a group of villains. Without waiting for anyone, he dashed toward the U.S.J. as soon as possible.

Nezu only hoped that All Might didn't do something stupid in this situation, though, he wasn't that worried since there was another hero who was capable of protecting everyone in the U.S.J. right now.


Back in the U.S.J. everyone was amazed by Haru's capability, and Aizawa knew that his job was to protect everyone until the support came at their location.

"Stay together! Don't get separated!"

Hearing Aizawa's order, everyone nodded, but at this moment a large black mist suddenly appeared.


Kurogiri thought to teleport everyone, but he forgot that there was one person who was capable of making his ability useless.

"My ability!"

Kurogiri was suddenly punched, but that punch had passed through his head.

"This...?!" Aizawa stared at Kurogiri and thought that this guy was a formidable opponent.

"How unlucky..." Kurogiri didn't expect Aizawa to be this troublesome and when he thought about what he should do at this moment. He suddenly heard a loud scream from someone which made him panic.



Kurogiri was about to teleport, but he was caught by Aizawa.

"You don't need to be in hurry."

Aizawa held Kurogiri's neck and held him in place. He turned his attention toward Haru and wondered why he felt something bad was about to happen.


When Haru was fighting against a group of villains, he saw the young man with the mask which had destroyed the school gate, coming toward him.


Haru shook his head and wondered why this guy suddenly screamed when this guy was about to attack him.

"You're too noisy."

Haru didn't touch the palm of the guy and used his elbow to smash his head.


The young man was blown away, but his head was caught before his head was slammed into the ground by Haru.


"Don't talk too much, I'm too lazy to hear you talk, Tomura Shiragaki."


Shiragaki hadn't lost consciousness, but it was very hard to breathe when his nose was broken by Haru. He was about to touch Haru to rot Haru, but his wrist was broken by Haru.


"Give up, alright?"

"I, I won't...." Shiragaki bit his lips and shouted, "I'LL KILL YOU...!"

"Is that so?" Haru smirked as if looking at an idiot and he even thought that this guy was quite cute rather than scary, considering he had seen a number of cruel people in the world of Akame Ga Kill.

'Since this guy was an enemy then....'

Shiragaki could see Haru's eyes and he was sure that his eyes weren't the eyes of heroes, or rather..... His body shuddered and he screamed loudly.


Haru jumped back to avoid an attack which was about to hit him.


Haru escaped and looked at the spot where he had been standing earlier.


Haru didn't expect that his standing spot before had been destroyed into a crumble. Then he saw a strange humanoid figure with black color and an appearance similar to a bird.


"N, Nomu! K, Kill him!" The young man said in a hurry.

Haru stared at Nomu, but it wasn't a fear rather an excitement since he had been waiting for this moment. Looking at Shiragaki, he knew that he could end his quest sooner or later by catching this young man.