Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1101

Volume 1 Chapter 1101 End?

Everyone noticed the large, black humanoid figure which suddenly appeared in front of Haru.


Midoriya felt worried and wanted to help Haru.

Not only Midoriya, but all of the students in this place wanted to help Haru since they were worried about him, especially when a large number of villians started to run toward the center of him at the same time.

It seemed that the quantity of villians which was brought by the black mist which was being apprehended by Aizawa was a lot more than they had thought.

Aizawa, who was holding Kurogiri's neck, shook his head and said, "Believe in him. He isn't too weak for you to worry about him."

If it was All Might, they wouldn't have this worry since the presence of All Might would give them reassurance, but Haru was different since his career was very short and his capability hadn't been fully shown.

However, Haru also didn't have an intention to fully show his capability since he felt that the enemy was too weak.

"Hmph! You should help your friend or else, he's going to die in front of Nomu!" Kurogiri thought that it was his chance to shake their heart and escape. In reality, he was very worried about the safety of Shiragaki and wanted him away as soon as possible since he could feel that Haru was very dangerous.

"Shut up!"

Aizawa pressed Kurogiri harder to the ground, but he couldn't erase the worry within his heart, but it seemed that he was thinking too much when he saw the scene in front of him.....


"HAHAHAHA, HERO, WHAT YOU'RE DOING IS ONLY A VIOLENCE! YOU'LL ONLY BRING MORE VILLAINS!" Shiragaki laughed loudly when a group of villains that had been scattered around the U.S.J. arrived at his side.

"But enough of that since you won't have to continue your career further! Attack him!"

Haru looked at Nomu and a group of villains which also tried to attack him, but then he smirked and moved his fingers.

The group of villains which was about to attack Haru suddenly being slammed by something.


They were confused, but suddenly another person was being attacked.


Nomu screamed loudly and attacked all of the villains coming toward him.



"What the hell! What the hell!?"

"Isn't he an ally!? Why he has attaked us!?"

Everyone was panicked and the situation turned chaotic, but suddenly...

"Attack this monster first! Defeat it or else we won't be able to get out safely from this place!"

The group of villains who were about to attack Haru suddenly started to attack Nomu, rampaging and slamming them without hesitation.

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Nomu received a lot of attacks, but his body quickly regenerated and it continued to rampage around.

"Nomu, stop! Stop! Stop!"

Shiragaki panicked when Nomu lost control and attacked his minions. "Bastard! Stop for me!!!"


Nomu screamed, but then raised his fist toward Shiragaki.


After being punched by Nomu, Shiragaki was blown away and hit a wall in the distance. "Cough!" Coughing blood from his mouth, he felt that his body was very weak and some of his bones were broken, but his eyes stared at the chaotic scene in front of him. He thought that it was the end, but it was only the beginning when the group of villains started to fight with each other.

"Bastard, why did you attack me!"

"Do you want to die?!"

The group of villains suddenly attacked each other and the situation became weirder and more chaotic. It couldn't be controlled anymore and everyone had let loose the break in the head becoming a beast in this fight.

Little did they know that there was someone who had controlled this fight from the beginning to the end. He was also the one who had controlled Nomu to attack the group of villains and Shiragaki.

Haru only shook his head and didn't care about the mob's character, but rather he walked toward the direction of Shiragaki since he wouldn't let this young man go. He believed that this young man had a connection to "Hero Killer" or "All-For-One", or this young man might be the "Hero Killer" or "All-For-One" himself, and it was also the reason why he wouldn't let him go.

Haru walked slowly and seemed very relaxed when everyone in his surroundings started to fight with each other. It was as if the fight which happened in this place didn't have anything to do with him, even though he was the culprit and the one who caused the fight between the villains happened.

Shirgaki stared at Haru's figure, who walked toward him without any hindrance. His eyes were full of hatred, but deep inside, he knew very well the cause of this chaos was him and he didn't even know how Haru had done it which intilled a fear deep into his heart even though he didn't realize it. When he was about to escape, he realized that his body couldn't move and his body tightened unconsciously when Haru was only few meters away from him.

Haru's back faced everyone so no one would be able to see Haru's appearance, but if it was woman then they would be memerized, if it was a man then they would shudder since his smile was very scary at this moment.

Shiragaki's head was patted by Haru.

"Don't worry, I'm a hero so I won't kill you and I'm going to forgive you for the rude things which you've said to me." Haru smiled and said, "I'm very kind, right?"


"But... you need to face the consequences of your actions." Haru pondered for a while and said, "You're still young after all, but of course, and you'll enter a Juvenile Detention Centre."

Shiragaki was about to snort in disdain, but stopped when he heard his next sentence.

"In that place, you might find a good friend and I'll also congratulate you in advance for losing your anal v.i.r.g.i.nity. Don't worry, I'll give you soap so it won't hurt too much later."


Shiragaki shuddered at this moment and really wanted to escape.


Suddenly a black mist appeared between Haru and Shigaki.

"Kurogiri! Take me away!" Shiragaki didn't have the courage to face this man, but....

"Oh, it is good that you've got a friend so you can have a party together in that place later."

When Kurogiri was about to warp Shiragaki, his neck was punched.


Kurogiri coughed blood and blew away several meters away. He couldn't breathe and passed out directly.

"Don't worry, when you wake up, you'll be in a different place."

Shiragaki was about to say something, but he passed out when his solar plexus was hit.

Haru stood up and saw that the fight was almost over soon.

"Well, let's end it soon."


"Don't worry, here I am!"

All Might opened the gate of the U.S.J., but everyone was looking at him with a speechless expression.


They stared at each other for a while and the atmosphere turned awkward.

"Where are the villains?"

All Might remembered about the villains attacks and looked around, but he sucked a deep breath since it seemed that the fight had ended.

"It's over."

"That's good." All Might sighed in relief when he saw Bruno and knew that he was the one who had taken care of everyone. "Thank you, Bruno."

"No problem."

Haru was also happy that one of his quests was over and he only needed to complete two more quests.