Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1102

Volume 1 Chapter 1102 Chance?

10 minutes after All Might had come to the U.S.J., a group of teachers from the U.A. High School, who were also heroes, came along with a group of police, but it seemed that the bad scenario had ended and no one was hurt from this attack.

"Thank you for saving the students, Bruno." Nezu sighed in relief and felt glad that Haru was also a teacher in his school. He had made up his mind and decided to raise Haru's salary at this moment.

"It's alright. It's part of my job."

Haru didn't care much about Nezu's praise since he was more cornered about his quest. It seemed that the humanoid black figure which he had controlled before was Nomu. He wasn't sure what it was before, but he could tell that it was a human or rather it might be a human which had been modified by a group of villains.

With the the heroes from the school along with the help of the police, they quickly caught all the villains that were scattered within the U.S.J.

Kurogiri had been knocked out by Haru and the group of villains in this place was only a rat which had been trapped. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/sis-con-with-dimensional-chat-group_13659672406768405/chance_47515060876132586 for visiting.

The students were being gathered in one place and being asked by the police for what had happened in this place. There was also a psychologist who came with the police to see that there wasn't anything wrong with those students since they were afraid that there might be a trauma which happened to them.

Though, Aizawa ridiculed them, saying that his students weren't that weak.

Haru was talking with the police along with Nezu, but then someone came toward him.

"Hello Bruno, it is good to see you again."

Haru turned and looked at Naomasa Tsukaichi who was a police detective in the Police Force. He often met him since he had solved a number of cases and caught villains which made both become familiar to each other.

"Do you know them, Tsukaichi?" Haru asked.

Tsukaichi nodded and said, "They're a League of Villains?"

"League of Villains?" Haru raised his eyebrow and said, "There are too many villain groups, I can't always remember each of them."

Tsukaichi laughed and said, "Well, you've caught a lot of villains, but this group isn't a weak group." He looked around and whispered, "It should be a remnant from that king of villains in the past."


Haru became interested since he knew what Tsukaichi meant. "If you've got any information about them, please tell me. I'll catch them no matter what."

Tsukaichi nodded and said, "Don't worry, our job is to help you heroes to catch a villain."

"Right, don't let the black mist one and the young man with cracked skin escape. Both of them might be good bait for a bigger fish."

"Bigger fish, huh? Do you know who they're?"

Haru shook his head and said, "I only know the name of the young man with cracked skin is Tomura Shiragaki. If you want to know how I know him, you can ask Mr. Nezu here."

"Hello." Nezu smiled and nodded.

Tsukaichi nodded and said, "We won't let them escape!"

"Be careful of the young man's palm. I've broken his wrist, but if he's agitated, he might start to berserk and kill the police."

"I understand." Tsukaichi's expression became serious.

"And the purple mist, you need to give him more attention since this guy is a bit tricky."

"Yeah, warping ability is indeed very tricky." Tsukaichi nodded and asked, "How about Nomu?"

"I'm not sure." Haru shook his head and asked, "Do you want my hospital to conduct an observation on Nomu?" His hospital had worked with the police several times and the police also knew about his identity since they were part of government.

Tsukaichi thought for a while and said, "Let us do it by ourselves first."

"That's good, you won't make our hospital too crowded if you do that." Haru nodded and didn't care much.

Tsukaichi twitched his lips and knew how high the efficiency of Haru's hospital which made it one of the best hospitals in this country and made the police who were hurt from their job come to his hospital.

"Don't forget to write a report about this."

Tsukaichi thought that it was better to send a Nomu to Haru's hospital later, but before that, he needed to make a report to his superior.

"I know." Haru nodded and said, "So I can go back, right?"

"Yes, I'll call your office when something is in need of your presence."

"Will do, then I'll go back now."

Haru nodded, and wanted to go back, but he was stopped by Nezu. "What's wrong, Mr. Nezu."

"Bruno, I've heard that your wife is a very good doctor, right?" Nezu whispered and did a background check out on Haru. He knew even if Haru didn't become a hero this guy would be very amazing since Haru's net worth was very enormous from his business.

"I don't like it when you mention my private life during my work, but what happened?" Haru asked in a low voice.

"This...." Nezu thought for a while and said, "How about you follow me first?"

Haru nodded and followed Nezu wondering what this guy wanted to show him.


Haru and Nezu entered one of the private rooms within the U.S.J. and when they entered, they saw a tall man with a skeleton-like figure sitting on the sofa and seemed to be very tired.

"B, Bruno!"

This person seemed to be surprised when he saw Haru.

"This...?" Haru raised his eyebrow and asked, "All Might?"

"Mr. Nezu!" All Might looked at Nezu wondering what this mouse wanted to do.

"Calm down, All Might. I want to recommend you to a doctor."


All Might frowned, but since Nezu had tried to recommend him to a doctor then he should try.

"Yeah." Nezu nodded and asked, "Bruno, do you think that your wife can save All Might?"

Haru looked at All Might and it was his first time to know that this guy had some trouble with his health, but when he thought about the working hours of All Might which had been decreasing for the past few years. He understood that it might be because of this trouble.

"I'm not sure, but let me call my wife first."

Haru loosened the tie on his shirt and took off his mask before taking out his smartphone.


All Might and Nezu opened their eyes wide since they didn't expect Haru to show his face. They knew that Haru really loved to keep his real identity a secret and no one at school knew his real face.

Nezu had tried to get Haru's data, but he only knew Haru was very rich and Haru had married. He wasn't sure about his appearance before, but at this moment, he knew that since All Might have told Haru about his secret, then Haru told them about his secret. He let out a sigh of relief and felt glad that he had decided to talk to Haru about All Might's matter.

Haru had decided to show his face which meant...

"Thank you." All Might felt moved by Haru's action.

Waving his hand, Haru didn't think too much about All Might's grateful words and talked with Tsunade about All Might.

"Well, I'll see him first."

"Where are you right now?"

"I'm at a pachinko parlor."


Haru sighed and said, "You should hold back sometimes."

"You should also hold back to put your anaconda into my holes!"


Haru didn't have any words which could refute her. "Then I'll bring him to the hospital soon."

"Alright, I'll win soon! Oh, ah! I lost, dammit!"


Haru hung up his phone and knew that it was the sound of a machine explosion. He was glad that the pachinko parlor was owned by him or else....

Haru shook his head and said, "Let's go."

Nezu and All Might nodded and at the same time, they thought that this guy was very handsome.


"Shiragaki has failed?"


"....I see."