Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1103

Volume 1 Chapter 1103 Something Is About To Happen

After coming to this world, Tsunade also learned a lot of things and her medical ability had gone further ahead. Beside using a jutsu, she also used modern technology which made her work easier than before. For example, when she needed to see whether there was something wrong with the patients or not, she didn't need to check their entire body using her chakra since she could use a radiography to do it. It was faster and more accurate than probing the bodies of patients using her eyes.

Tsunade felt that the function of this device was similar to a Byakugan world which made her want to bring this device back home.

Though, in terms of operation, there wasn't that much difference between her world and this world or rather she, who was known, as the best doctor in her world, could also become the best doctor in this world.

However, compared to the modern world, the medical ninjutsu on Tsunade's world also had its own advantage which was capable of healing the cell and regenerate the cell within the body which fastened the patient to be better faster.

Haru, Tsunade, and Nezu stood side by side staring at the data of All Might's body which they received after radiology and laboratory tests .

They stayed in a private room which was located on the underground of their hospital. This place was made after Haru and Tsunade became the owners of this hospital.

Tsunade's expression was ugly and shook her head. "His body is in a mess. I won't be surprised if he dies next year."


Haru, Nezu, and All Might, who heard Tsunade's words, were speechless. In their minds, a doctor shouldn't say such rude things to their patients.

"You're not thinking of retiring?" Tsunade asked.

All Might shook his head and said, "No, until I fall, I won't stop becoming a hero."

Haru nodded and had to commend All Might's spirit. He thought that it would be good to add All Might as a member of Group Chat. He felt that it was suitable to invite All Might since All Might was very strong compared to the villains and heroes who he had seen in this world and All Might was a very good person.

"Can you save him, Tsunade?" Haru asked.

Tsunade sighed and said, "He has lost his organs and he also has injuries within his body. If it is a normal doctor then it is impossible."

"But you should be able to help him, right?"

"I can help him." Tsunade nodded without hesitation.

"What?!" 2x

Nezu and All Might were surprised, and they didn't expect Tsunade to be able to help All Might without hesitation.

"This... are you serious?" All Might asked. Though his face betrayed his voice, he was full of smiles when he thought that he could continue his life as a hero.

"I can do it, but we need to find a donor for you. You've lost your organs after all," Tsunade said. Even though there were some hospitals who sold organs illegally, she didn't really want to do that, though.

Tsunade had heard that there were artificial organs, but she wasn't sure whether that technology could be used on All Might or not.

"Don't worry, leave that to me." Nezu vowed that he would get organs for All Might.

"That's good." Tsunade nodded and asked, "How long can you maintain that macho transformation?"


All Might was speechless when his hero form was being called a "macho", but he answered Tsunade's question.

"I should be able to maintain it for three hours a day." Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/sis-con-with-dimensional-chat-group_13659672406768405/something-is-about-to-happen!_47515741376801631 for visiting.

"Once I'm done with my operation, then you should be able to do your job in 12 hours."

Tsunade didn't hesitate in her words and she believed that she was able to fix All Might, but then again, 12 hours were just her speculation and it could be more than that.

"Thank you very much!"

All Might was full of tears and felt happy. He took a deep breath and bowed his head. "Thank you, Haru! Thank you, Tsunade! If you need my help then I'll do anything for the two of you!"

"Calm down, the operation hasn't started," Tsunade said.

They nodded and calmed themselves when they heard Tsunade's words.

"When is the operation?" Nezu asked.

"The faster the better, can you start the operation now?" Tsunade asked while looking at All Might.

"Now?!" Nezu and All Might were startled.

"Can you?" Tsunade asked once again.

All Might took a deep breath and nodded. "Yes, we can do the operation right now."

"I won't disclose your information to anyone, you don't need to worry."

"Thank you."

All Might's heart was full of gratitude at the pair of couples in front of him.

"Haru, can you become my assistant for this operation?" Tsunade asked.

"Leave it to me." Haru nodded.

"Huh? Haru, you're also a doctor?" Nezu was startled. He was wondering how many identities Kasugano Haruka had. From what did he know he should be a hero, businessman, hacker, and lastly a doctor?

Haru's knowledge about the human body was quite good, but compared to Tsunade and Sumire, he was still far away. Or rather he might be similar to an infant in front of them, but compared to a normal doctor in this world, his skill should be comparable to the first rate doctor.

"Can I wait here?" Nezu asked.

Haru and Tsunade looked at each other then looked at All Might.

"Let him be here." All Might believed in Nezu.

"Alright, but don't cause any noise or trouble here." Tsunade stared at Nezu.

Nezu nodded and reassured Tsunade that he wouldn't do anything stupid which might affect the operation.

"Then, Haru, let's do it."

"I'm following you."

"Right, don't forget about the organ donor!"

"Leave it to me!" Nezu nodded.

Both of them entered the operation room and started their operation on All Might.


It was a few days after the incident and Class 1-A became famous after they happened to be in the U.S.J. during the League of Villains attack.

In the past few days, security within the school had increased and the police also came to talk about the incident which happened on U.S.J.

They knew about the identity of Tomura Shiragaki, but from their discussion, they could conclude that Tomura Shiragaki might be someone's successor.

Who is this person?

Some people might have an idea and the police only mentioned the possibility, however, everyone in the U.A. High School didn't talk further about it since there was something about to happen at U.A. High School.

Sports Festival.

It was one of the most anticipated events to be held at U.A. High School. The popularity of this event could even be compared to the Olympic games. It was being held once a year and everyone couldn't wait to show their capabilities within the Sport Festival.

However, Midoriya wasn't in the mood to hear any of that since he hadn't heard All Might for the past few days. He had heard that All Might was on a business trip, but he hadn't been told by All Might which made him worried. He was wondering whether something had happened to All Might since he knew that All Might had injuries on his body.


When Midoriya was thinking about All Might, he only realized the voice that had called him for a while.


"Y, Yes!"

Midoriya woke up so suddenly and startled when Haru was standing beside him.

"B, B, B, B, Bruno-sensei, w, what's wrong?!"

Midoriya's eyes were full of worship since Haru was one of the heroes which he admired. Haru's teaching was very good and he felt that he could become stronger by listening to his teaching and at the same time, Haru's power was very strong which made him realize if he wanted to reach the top of hero, then he needed to work harder. He could see that Haru wasn't only proficient in fighting, but also a lot of things from talking, computers, etc. And Haru was a better teacher than All Might, even though he didn't want to admit it.

"Tell your parents that you'll be late later, I'll take you somewhere."


Midoriya was startled and wasn't sure what to say.

"It's related to All Might." Haru whispered.

Midoriya's expression became serious, but he nodded. "Yes, Sensei!"


Haru patted Midoriya before he left 1-A Class to 1-B Class to continue with his teaching.

"Midoriya, what's happened?!"

"Why is Bruno-sensei talking with you?"



Midoriya thought that he needed to cure his nerve wreck at that moment.


Haru was teaching the students in 1-B Class, but suddenly someone raised his hand.

"Bruno-sensei, can I ask you something?"

"What's wrong, Monoma?" Haru looked at the young man whose ability was to copy another person's ability.

"What's the difference between us and 1-A Class?"