Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1105

Volume 1 Chapter 1105 Fooled?

Midoriya looked at Haru's car and wasn't sure what to do since he had to admit that this car was very cool, and at the same time, when he saw this car, he remembered that Haru had helped him before when he almost fell on the ground.

Midoriya thought that if he had become a hero in the future, it wouldn't be bad to buy this kind of car.

"Let's go, Midoriya."

"Y, Yes!"

Midoriya entered the passenger seat and looked at the interior of the car before he sat down with quite a nervous expression.

"If you're curious about my car, it is an AC Cobra."

"AC Cobra?"

"Yes, it is a car which was made before the appearance of Quirk in this world."

"..What?!" Midoriya was surprised and asked, "So it is before 1990?"

"Yeah. It's a bit expensive, but I like it."

"...This..." Midoriya wasn't sure what to say since besides hero related matters, he really wasn't sure what kind of conversation that he could have with his teacher.

Haru started his car and drove it to the hospital.

"If you become a popular hero then you'll be rolling in money."

"....." Midoriya blinked his eyes and said, "The... The reason I become a hero is not because of money..."

"I know, but do you detest people who become heroes because of money?" Haru asked.

Midoriya thought for a while and shook his head. "No."

"Oh, why?"

"Each person has their own motive to become a hero and I can't force my thinking upon them."

"That's good, but you need to know that even if you don't want to become a hero because of money, you need to know that money is necessary."


"Yeah, do you know most of the reason why there are a lot of villains in this world is because of money?"

"What?!" Midoriya was surprised and had never thought of such a thing.

"The world is tough, especially for someone who has a strange ability. Sometimes being Quirkless is better than having a Quirk since the discrimination they receive is less than one with a very strange Quirk...."

Someone Quirkless would receive better treatment than someone who had a Quirk that made his/her face ugly and disgusting. Someone Quirkless also received better treatment than someone who had a Quirk to steal or a brainwash.

There had always been prejudice towards someone who had a very strange Quirk so in Haru's mind being Quirkless was better since not everyone wanted to become a hero, right?

Midoriya listened to Haru's story quietly since he had never heard about such a thing before. He also understood that some villains appeared in this world because they were forced and not all of them were bad, but even so, they were criminals and as a hero, he, no, they needed to catch them.

However Midoriya was also surprised when he heard that a lot of people with Quirk also received discrimination and being bullied in society. He might be naive, but he wasn't stupid and knew that there was such a case since in his elementary and middle school, there was also such a case when someone was being bullied because of strange Quirk.

"Even so, I won't stop becoming a hero."

Midoriya's dream to become a hero had become an obsession itself. He wanted to become a hero who could bring everyone's smile and reassured them when they had trouble.

"That's good. You're All Might's successor after all and you can't be discouraged because of some sobs stories which I've told you."


Midoriya nodded, but suddenly remembered something. "B, Bruno-sensei! H, how did you know that I'm All Might's successor?!" He was startled and became a bit panicked at that moment.

"All Might is the one who is telling me. You don't need to worry."


Midoriya was surprised and suddenly remembered something. "S, Sensei, wh... where's All Might?" He hadn't seen All Might for a while and he hadn't heard a word from All Might which made him worried.

"He's in the hospital."


"Calm down, don't be surprised every moment, I've said something.

"B, but..."

"He's alright. He's recuperating to heal the injuries on his body."


Midoriya was surprised again. "Th, then, does that mean A, All Might is going to be healthy again?"

"Yeah." Haru nodded with a smile.


Midoriya was stunned for a moment, before his face turned into a smile. He clenched his hand tightly and the happiness which he felt couldn't be contained.

"S, Sensei..."

"I know." Haru nodded and said, "You'll see him soon."

"Thank you."

"No problem."


When Midoriya and Haru entered the private room within Haru's hospital, they saw a lanky, skinny man smiling cheerfully toward both of them.

"Yo, Midoriya!"

"A, All Might!" Midoriya was excited, especially when he saw All Might's complexion.

In the past, All Might had been very pale and he had always coughed blood, but after the operation which was done by Tsunade and Haru. His complexion had become better and his skin had become healthier and rosy. He stood up and seemed to be doing a radio exercise in his private room.

"A, All Might, y, you alright?"

"Yes! I've never been this healthy before!" All Might was very grateful toward Haru and Tsunade since without both of them, he couldn't return to his peak.

Haru could see that both of them wanted to talk to each other and he decided to leave both of them.

"The security here is very secure. You don't need to worry about talking to each other."

All Might nodded and felt grateful. "Thank you."

"Then, I'll leave both of you here."

Haru wanted to meet Tsunade since he missed her right now.


On the dilipated bar, a man whose face was covered in a bandage stood straight while looking around curiously. He didn't see anyone in this place, but he had been told to come since he knew the one who had invited him was someone who could shake the entire country.

"You've come, Hero Killer."

"Oh, you're that person?"

Hero Killer looked at the television and could hear a voice from it, but he couldn't see the appearance of the person who talked with him.

"I've been hearing about your reputation and it seems that you're doing very well."

"Hmph! What do you want?"

Even if Hero Killer detested a hero, it didn't mean that he was going to join hands with a villain.

"Nothing. I'll help you."


"Yeah, you've been trying to fix this society, right?"


"What can you get from helping me?" Hero Killer asked. He knew that there was no free lunch in this world.

"Nothing. I also detest the hero in this country. They're not the same hero in my mind. They're greedy for money, recognition, and various things... their intention isn't pure!"


Hero Killer didn't say anything, but he agreed with this person.

"Do you know who is the most corrupt hero in this country?"

Hero Killer frowned and asked, "Who?"

"It's Bruno."


Hero Killer frowned while thinking about the rising popular hero in this country. The reason why he frowned was because he also thought the same. Unlike the other heroes who were helping people in various places and did their job earnestly. He could see Bruno sipping an espresso lazily on a trendy restaurant which made his heart boil in rage, however, he knew the power of Bruno since he also knew that Bruno had decimated the entire villains which attacked the U.S.J. and there was a lot more list of the villains which Bruno had caught few months of his career.

"You can see the data which I've gotten about Bruno on that table."

Hero Killer looked at the doc.u.ment which was placed on the table. He picked it up and started to read it. His expression became uglier the more he read.

In this doc.u.ment, there was a connection between Bruno and some businessman.

Hero Killer almost tore the doc.u.ment when he knew Bruno and some businessman were working together to buy a building cheaply when that building was destroyed by villains.

"I can't take this anymore."

Hero Killer wanted to slay down this corrupt hero.

"Calm down, you're not his opponent the way you are."

"I'm not that weak!"

"Even so, it won't hurt to add a helper."


Hero Killer thought for a while and nodded.

".....Don't give me a burden."

Hero Killer didn't want to stay in this place again and left toward Hosu City.

When Hero Killer left, the mysterious man, who talked with the Hero Killer from the television, talked with someone to start their plan.


"Tell Gigantomachia to get ready."

"Yes, sir."

The television was turned off and soon something big was about to happen.