Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1106

Volume 1 Chapter 1106 Sudden Attack

It was the day of the Sport Festival.

Midoriya took a deep breath and got ready to show that he was worthy as All Might's successor. After hearing Haru's lesson, he could control his ability better and he wouldn't break his bones when he used it anymore. He was very grateful to Haru and wanted to talk with him more, but he knew that Haru was quite busy, especially when he had heard that Haru wouldn't come to the Sport Festival.

Not only Haru, but All Might also didn't come since All Might had just done his operation and he was recupitating.

However, Midoriya knew once All Might had become better then All Might wouldn't get sick again and he could perform his job as a hero without trouble.

'I'll be the champion!'


Haru, Tsunade, Kanako, and the receptionist of his office were inside Trattoria Trussardi eating pizza, pasta, and garlic bread while being accompanied by a good red wine watching the Sport Festival of U.A. High School which was broadcasted on the television.

"Is it alright for you to not come to the school?" Kanako asked.

"It's too crowded."

Haru didn't really like crowded places and it was better to watch the Sport Festival from his restaurant.

This time, he brought his wife, sidekicks, and his employee to have a break at his restaurant to watch a Sport Festival. They didn't wear their costume or uniform and they wore their casual clothes in this restaurant.

Haru also didn't wear his mask which made the eyes of Kanako and his employees shone and felt that their boss was really an eye candy in their eyes.

Haru didn't care much about them and watched the Sport Festival on the large screen in his restaurant but it seemed his wife didn't have too much interest in watching the Sport Festival since she had been drinking red wine as if it were water.

*Gulp!* *Gulp!* *Gulp!*


"T, Tsunade-san, p, please hold back a little..." The receptionists knew that the price of each red wine was outrageous, but she didn't feel worried about the red winds since she knew her boss was very rich. However, she was worried about Tsunade's health since she knew that it wasn't healthy to drink a lot of alcohol.

"Hic... you don't need to worry. I'm sober..."

Tsunade's face was flushed in red and she laid lazily on Haru's lap. She moved her head around teasing Haru's anaconda.


Haru twitched his lips before holding Tsunade's head in place so she didn't provoke him. He was curious about the Sport Festival, but if this woman tried to provoke him then he didn't mind having a private Sport Festival on the lavatory of this restaurant.


Hero Killer stared at the trendy building which was located in the downtown area of Hosu City. He felt even more hateful when he saw how cool this building was. He could feel that Bruno, who was the popular hero in the eyes of people, was only a corrupt person who would use his identity to get a lot of benefit.

His intention had always been clear and that was to erase a corrupt hero in this world. He wanted to make those heroes remember that their first purpose was to become a hero.

After he had made up his decision, he then turned his attention toward the three figures beside him.

Hero Killer received help from that person and that help was the three figures beside him. He didn't know what the three figures beside him were, but he could control them.

The appearance of the three figures were quite unique; there was one with a wing, another one with four eyes, and the last one without eyes.

Hero Killer didn't know what it was and he didn't care much either. His only intention was only one and that was to make the hero in this world became pure.

"Let's go!"

Right at the start of the Sport Festival, Hero Killer decided to wreck down the office of the most corrupt hero, Bruno!


All Might was in his private room watching the Sport Festival full of interest. He was very happy when he saw Midoriya was able to control his ability and even won against most of the contestants in the Sport Festival.

"Go Midoriya!"

All Might was very excited watching the Sport Festival and didn't know that something had happened in Hosu City.


"Has he moved?"


"That's good. Tell Gigantomachia to start right away."


Haru, who was watching the sport festival, suddenly received an alarm which startled everyone.

"What's wrong?" Tsunade was a bit dizzy when she heard such a loud noise.

"Someone seems to be attacking my office." Haru twitched his lips since he didn't expect that someone was brave enough to do something stupid.



Kanako and his employee were startled when they heard it.

"W, what should we do?!" His employee started to panic at that moment.

"Calm down."

Haru's voice seemed to have magic which calmed everyone.

"Wait here, I'll handle this."

Haru stretched his body and took his spare mask from his zipper storage. He was wondering who had attacked his office since he was sure that he would give them a lesson which they wouldn't forget in their entire life.



In the downtown area, right on the place where one of the most popular heroes was working, there was a sudden explosion which happened and destroyed part of Bruno's office.

The people, who happened to be walking around the area, were startled before they started to panic.

"W, what's wrong?!"

"V, villains?!"

"W, why are they attacking Bruno's office?!"

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The group of people quickly ran away since they didn't want to be caught in the chaos.


A loud roar was heard by the people in this street and knew that a big trouble was coming toward Bruno.

"I won't let you go, Villains!"

The Hero Killer then turned his attention to the hero in a costume similar to a knight.

"Who are you?"


Ingenium happened on his way to meet Haru at Haru's restaurant. Haru had told him that he would introduce him to some girls which made him quite anticipating. He was in his 30s after all and he thought that it might be time to get married, but he didn't expect that Haru's office was being attacked by someone.

As a hero, it was something which he couldn't ignore, especially when the office of his rival was being attacked!

"Stop what you're doing now!"

"Oh, a hero, huh?" Hero Killer grinned, turned to the three figures, and said, "You keep destroying the building, I'll take care of it." After saying that, he looked at the hero, who wanted to stop him, and thought of having an appetizer before the main course.

Hearing Hero Killer's command, the three Nomus didn't give an answer or nod and kept what they were doing. Destroying a building, that is.

Ingenium was looking at Hero Killer warily, but he didn't hesitate to start an attack on Hero Killer. He ran very fast and sent out a powerful roundhouse kick, but it was dodged by Hero Killer and his leg was being slashed by a knife. He frowned and wanted to continue his attack, but suddenly he saw Hero Killer licking blood on the knife which had slashed him.


Ingenium suddenly couldn't move and it was as if his entire body was being paralyzed.

"Now, let me show you what a true hero is."

Hero Killer took out his katana and slashed down his katana right into Ingenium's spine.


Ingenium wanted to move and dodged this attack but...

When the katana was about to slash Ingenium, suddenly it bounced back.


Hero Killer was startled before he felt that his face was being kicked down by someone.


Hero Killer was blown away and hit the wall of the building. No one knew how his situation was, but even if this guy had broken chin, no one really cared since this guy was a villain.

"You alright?"

Ingenium sighed in relief when he saw Haru, but he couldn't move his body and could only look at him in appreciation.

Looking at Ingenium, Haru was wondering whether this guy was being paralyzed by something.

'Was it poison?'

Haru didn't think too much, but he had a lot of complaints to the four villains in front of him since those four had destroyed his office which was quite expensive to build. Fortunately, he had bought insurance beforehand, but his heart was full of anger since if there was someone inside his building then....

"You guys... don't ever think to see the blue sky after this, especially the three of you."

Haru looked at Nomu and wondered what kind of torture he should give to the three of them.