Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1107

Volume 1 Chapter 1107 Decimated

When Haru had arrived, everyone who was trying to run away from the location of the fight became very excited since they knew that the situation would be alright. For everyone who was living in Hosu City, the existence of Haru was similar to the existence of All Might since this town had become very peaceful and there was a lot of investment which was being done in this place since the number of villains in this place had decreased because of Haru.

It could be said that Haru had become the guardian of this city, though, it didn't mean that he could erase all the crime in this city since this city had become rich and there were a lot of villains which targeted this place.

"Bruno, take down those guys!"

"Bring those villains a judgement!"

"Bruno, I love you!"

They shouted loudly at him, especially when they saw him knock down Hero Killer who was about to slash down Ingenium since Haru's time was too perfect and his action was too handsome which swooned a number of housewives along the vicinity.

Looking at the three figures who had destroyed his office, Haru could tell that they were Nomu, whom he had fought in the U.S.J. He knew that they were humans that had been modified by someone. He had a feeling that the three of them were connected to "All-For-One" that he needed to catch as a part of his quest. He thought for a while and felt that Shiragaki might be really related to "All-For-One" and at the same time, he had an idea why "Hero Killer" and three Nomu had decided to attack his office at this moment.

'My office and Sport Festival, huh?'

Haru felt that it was a perfect time to catch someone, but he could think about that later since he was furious against the three Nomu and he needed to deal with them.

The three Nomu seemed to stop their movements when they saw Haru before they started to attack him.

Haru could see that the three Nomu in front of him had different features and abilities from the one which he had fought on U.S.J. The one that he fought in the U.S.J. had an ability to shock absorption and regeneration, however that ability was useless against his "Sticky Fingers" since he could divide the body of that Nomu instantly.

In his observation, it seemed that the ability of the three Nomu in front of him was different from the one that he had fought before.

The three Nomus in front of him seemed to have a different kind of abilities since one of them had wings, another one had four eyes, and the last one was eyeless.

When the three of them attacked at the same time, it put a lot of pressure on the people in the surrounding area, especially toward Ingenium who couldn't move his body. He looked at Haru with a worried expression and hoped for him to be able to hold on until he could move his body again.


The Nomu with a wing clawed down Haru with its sharp feet, but its neck was being grabbed by Haru's hand before it was detached by zipper. After grabbing Nomu's head, he slammed it into the ground then stomped it with his feet, pulvirized without hesitation with his punches.

*Baam!* *Baam!* *Baam!*

Haru was holding Nomu's neck and kept hitting its face.

"Ora! Ora! Ora!"

His punch was so powerful that the sound of impact between fist and head was quite loud that everyone who happened to be in this place could hear it, even thought Haru was roaring "Ora! Ora! Ora!" loudly.

The process of an attack was very fast and in a moment of second, the head of Nomu had become disfigured and its head was bloody.

Haru quickly touched the wings of this Nomu and detached it from this Nomu so it wouldn't be able to escape. Even though he knew it had passed out, he needed to be careful, right?

Then the rest of Nomu also started to attack Haru.

The one with four eyes stuck out its tongue before creating a web-like formation to trap Haru, and the eyeless Nomu raised its fist toward Haru.


Nomu didn't have mercy and punched Haru in the face, but it was caught by Haru's hand.

*Crack!* *Crack!* *Crack!*

Haru's strength was powerful and it was easy to grip someone's fist until it was broken.


The eyeless Nomu screamed before it raised its other hand to punch Haru, but the punch was being held by Haru again.

*Crack!* *Crack!* *Crack!*

Haru didn't have mercy and cracked Nomu's hands. He stared at the four-eyed Nomu in front of him before sending out a kick several times right into its head.

"Useless! Useless! Useless!"

The head of the four eyes Nomu became disfigured, but Haru saw it start to regenerate. He was too lazy to attack it again and separated its body into several pieces, incapating it. Lastly, he looked at the last Nomu before he grabbed that Nomu's neck after he extended his hand using his zipper power. He pulled that Nomu right in front of him, used his other hand to start his "Ora! Ora! Ora!" rush!

Nomu was blown away easily and defeated directly.


Everyone opened their mouths wide. They knew that Haru was strong, but it was their first time to see his "Ora! Ora! Ora!" punches which made their adrenaline very high.

"Ingenium, can you stand up now?" '

"Y, yeah... I'm alright..."

Ingenium stood up and felt better. He smiled bitterly and it seemed that Haru's power was stronger than he had thought.

"YOU FAKE....!!!!"

It was at this moment a powerful roar could be heard from the Hero Killer, who was walking toward Haru and Ingenium.

Ingenium stopped moving since he could feel pressure from the Hero Killer. His body was quivering and his mouth was shut. He felt fear from the Hero Killer and stunned since he had never met this kind of villain in the past.

'Killing intent, huh?'

Haru wanted to yawn at that moment.

Everyone who happened to be in this area was shaking in fear when they saw Hero Killer.

"You fake... If I don't fix it... If someone isn't.. stained with blood...!"

Their bodies shuddered since they could feel Hero Killer's obsession and will at this moment.

Hero Killer moved forward toward Haru with his ugly face.

"If I don't reclaim my hero status...!!"

Each of Hero Killer's steps caused Ingenium to move back in fear.

"Come! Just try me.. You fa--"


Haru was too lazy to listen to this guy's rant and punched him directly to the ground.


"See? I've tried you."

Hero Killer passed out directly on the ground without hearing Haru's words.

Haru took his handkerchief and wiped his dirty hand.

"Do you want to change society? Then try other means, don't destroy my office, bastard!" He didn't care about Hero Killer's obsession nor the people who seemed to be attracted by Hero Killer's charm, but since this person had become his enemy, then he wouldn't show mercy and put him into jail directly to show how frail and weak they were in front of him.

Looking at how ugly Hero Killer was, Haru thought that this guy should be safe from those anal v.i.r.g.i.nity stealers in jail, though at the same time, he was grateful for this guy to show himself since he didn't need to search for him around the country. He took out his phone to call the police and sighed in relief since his quest would be over soon.

'All-For-One, huh?'

Haru really couldn't wait to meet this person and then...