Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1108

Volume 1 Chapter 1108 Aftermath

Usually, after the U.A. High School Sport Festival, the media would announce the matter in a vigorous manner, telling how the future would be secured with a number of powerful hero candidates from the U.A. High School.

However, the day after the end of the Sport Festival, the news which appeared in the media was about the attack of Hero Killer on Bruno's office and the jailbreak by a giant.

Bruno was one of the most popular heroes in this country and his office was destroyed by a villain which made everyone in this country panic since the villains had become even more lawless. Those villains could attack the office of hero then it meant they could even attack the house of civilians without trouble.

Not only that, there was also a video about a Hero Killer's speech on the internet which made everyone seem to be attracted by his charisma, but that charisma was destroyed when Hero Killer was being defeated easily by Bruno easily.

Though, no one would blame Bruno since his office was just being destroyed by Hero Killer.

Hero Killer might be respected by some people, but his action couldn't be praised since his action might also encourage a villain to attack the office of another's heroes or civillians' house.

The underground media kept uploading the video of Hero Killer's speech, and cut down the part where he was being defeated by Bruno easily and because of that there were a lot of people who seemed to want to follow him.

However, the popularity of Hero Killer was very far away compared to Bruno since Bruno's fight video was too awesome. In front of four strong villains which were able to make anyone frozen in fear, Bruno pulverized them with his fists alone which made him gain a lot more popularity, especially among men since his "Ora! Ora! Ora!" made their blood boil in excitement.

Some people even said that Bruno's popularity might overtake Endeavor's popularity soon.

For Hawk, who was ranked 3rd in the Hero Billboard Chat JP, he didn't care much and he thought that it was better when someone could overtake his position.

However the attack on Haru's office wasn't only the big thing which happened yesterday since there was also a jailbreak which was caused by a giant.

Because of that jailbreak, there was a large number of villains which had escaped from the jail and caused a panic, especially when the response of heroes were quite slow since most of them went to the Sport Festival on U.A. High School to watch the performance of future hero which made the staff of the jail and police become troubled.

However, the security of the jail was very advanced and secure so the number of villains which had escaped wasn't much, but the ones who had escaped were all powerful and famous villains.

The media announced all of the villains which had escaped from the jail and told the public to be careful if they saw them by chance.

For the U.A. High School Sport Festival? No one paid that much attention to it besides those people who watched the Sport Festival directly to U.A. High School since the matter of Hero Killer and the jailbreak was even more important.


Haru read the newspaper and sighed when he thought that his office had been destroyed by a villain.

"Kanako, bring me espresso."

"You...! Even if our office is destroyed, it doesn't mean that I'll have to change my job into a waitress!" Kanako was helpless, but in the end, she brought him his espresso.

"Thank you, Kanako." Haru sipped his coffee and smiled looking at Kanako who was wearing a waitress uniform. "You're cute in this uniform."


Kanako blushed, but then snorted. "You should be on patrol now."

"I'm hurt from yesterday's fight, don't you feel sympathy toward me?" Haru acted as pitiful as possible while holding his chest as if in pain.

"Y, you alright?" Kanako became very worried and tried to check his condition.

"Here, check my heart, it is beating very fast when you're very close to me."

Haru grabbed Kanako's hand and put it into his chest. "See? It beats very fast."

Kanako blushed and knew that this guy was teasing him. "You! I need to remind you that you have a wife!"

"I know, but Kanako.... I..."

Kanako was waiting for the words which came out from his mouth, but suddenly she noticed a guy with a burly figure seemed to be shy looking at their interaction. She was startled, but then she realized that the person who suddenly appeared beside them was very famous which stunned her for a moment. "A, All Might!"

Haru turned and asked, "Oh, All Might, you're alright now?"

"Yeah, how about you? I heard that your chest hurts?" All Might looked at Haru with a worried expression.

Haru was speechless and let go of Kanako's hand.

Kanako also hurriedly ran away and hid inside the restaurant.


"It's getting better now." Haru sighed and said, "Sit down."


All Might let out a long a sigh and felt sympathetic when he thought about his friend's office being destroyed by a villain.

"Don't worry, my friend will make your office better."

All Might had asked for the help of his friend to help Haru to build his new office.

"Thank you."

His office was destroyed and he temporarily changed his office to his italian restaurant. Even though he had insurance for his building, his building couldn't be renovated in an instant. He needed to wait at least a month since he also wanted to add a weapon to his building and more security measures to turn it into a fortress.

Because of the accident which happened yesterday, his popularity had increased and he also received a sponsor from various companies to renovate his office.

There were a lot of people who wanted to give him a sponsor, but in the end, he accepted a sponsor from David Shield's company since it seemed this guy was All Might's acquaintance.

"All Might, do you have any idea who is behind the attack on my office along with the jailbreak?" Haru asked.

All Might's expression was a bit ugly, but he nodded. "I know, but he's a very fearsome opponent."

"Do you think I fear him?"

"I know, you're very strong but..."

"Toshinori, you should know that they've tried to provoke the hero and if we let them do what they please then this society itself might crumble because of them. It is better to sweep them down right away when they think that we're cowering in fear because of them. The best defense is an attack!"

Even though no one was hurt, if he didn't bring his employee and Kanako to watch the Sport Festival at U.A. High School, there was a chance they might be hurt because of the attack of Hero Killer and he was angered because of that.

Hearing Haru's words, Toshinori sighed, but he knew how important it was to solve this matter as soon as possible since no one could predict when those group of villains would attack them. It was Haru's office and jail then what about next time? They might even attack the U.A. High School itself or some other important place in the future.

"He's a dangerous opponent and I've faced him in the past."


Toshinori took a deep breath and said, "All-For-One. That's what a lot of people have called him before and he's my enemy."

"Was he the one who caused injuries to your body?" Haru asked.


Toshinori didn't answer Haru, but then, he let out a sigh and nodded.

Haru sipped his espresso and placed it down on the table. "In my opinion, the attack on my office is just a smoke bomb and the real purpose of this All-For-One is the jail itself."

"What?! Why?" Toshinori was surprised by Haru's deduction.

"The reason is pretty simple...." Haru sipped his espresso again and said, "It's Tomura Shiragaki."

"That boy...?" Toshinori frowned.

"He might be the successor of All-For-One. The relationship between Tomura Shiragaki and All-For-One might be similar to the relationship between you and Midoriya."


"Well, there's nothing we can do now since we don't have a clue where they've gone."

Haru was annoyed when he saw the recording video of the jailbreak. He saw the face of the giant, but that giant had hidden himself in the forest after that giant had grabbed both Kurogiri and Tomura.

"Right, Toshinori, do you want to have a patrol together after this?"

Hearing Haru's invitation, Toshinori nodded without hesitation. "Of course!"

The society was in panic then as a hero, both of them would work together to calm down everyone and reassured them that those villains would be caught soon.