Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1109

Volume 1 Chapter 1109 Return

Inside this dirty and dilipated bar, Kurogiri and Shiragaki had returned. Even though this place was very dirty, they really missed it. Their days in prison weren't good since there were a lot of villains and criminals in that place. Each day of their days was filled with fights and there were a lot of weird people in that place. They also couldn't use their ability which made them feel very troubled, but their physical strength wasn't weak so it wasn't easy to bully them.

Shiragaki remembered Haru's words at that time and didn't expect that someone really wanted to steal his anal v.i.r.g.i.nity. Though, he killed that person without hesitation and because of that the guard, placed him in a special prison which was very dark and had little ventilation. He didn't have anyone to talk to and was placed in that place for a week which made him a bit crazy. Though he quickly regained his bearing after he had come out while thinking about how immature his plan to attack the U.S.J. was.

In that dark place, Shiragaki didn't have anyone to talk to and could only think about the figure who had put him in that hell which made him shudder. Though, he also wondered why he failed in his attack at that time. Even though his stay in prison wasn't good, he had learned a lot.

Kurogiri's life was better since physical attack was useless on him. Even though he couldn't use his ability, he couldn't be attacked. Though, he also had a hard time since there was a crazy guy who threw feces right onto his face directly. It disgusted him and if possible he didn't want to stay in that place.

"How was your stay in prison?"



Kurogiri and Shiragaki felt very grateful to the person who had saved them from that prison.

"Thank you, Teacher." Shiragaki was almost in tears at that moment.

"Hmm... it's good that you've learned something from this failure."

"Yeah, I was too immature at that time."

The man, who talked from the television, seemed very satisfied with Shiragaki's response.

"Do you know why you've failed?"

"It's Bruno. It's because of him. If he isn't in that place then my plan won't become a failure!"

Shiragaki's voice became agitated when he mentioned Bruno, but at the same time, there was a hint of tremble on his voice since he also feared him. He could feel that Bruno was different from all of the heroes he had seen in his life. He was sure and believed that if there was no one beside them at U.S.J. at that time, Bruno might end his life without hesitation. It was the feeling which he had received after he saw him at that time. He felt that Bruno had only seen him as an ant which he could pinch anytime.

"Yes, Bruno is one of the reasons and I've also realized that I've underestimated him."


The response from the man on the television made both Shiragaki and Kurogiri seem a bit surprised.

"What do you mean, Teacher?"

"Sit down, I'll tell you slowly, how I've saved you from the prison."


Kurogiri and Shiragaki, who had been trapped in prison, didn't know anything about what had happened outside, but they were in shock when they heard the man on the television tell them that he had used Hero Killer and three Nomu to destroy Bruno's office along with Bruno's life, but in the end.....

"....That guy is very strong.."

Kurogiri had a bitter expression since he knew very well how strong Hero Killer and Nomu were. However, Hero Killer and three Nomu were defeated easily by Bruno and each of his attacks was very vicious, causing a lot of damage to those people.

"He's very strong and rather than a hero. He's similar to a mercenary."

The profession of mercenary wasn't something uncommon in this world. Unlike, Hero who would catch the criminal without harming the criminal itself, mercenary was cruel and they had never thought too much about the criminal itself as long as their mission had been completed.

"Yeah, his ability is like cheating."

Shiragaki remembered how Haru had controlled Nomu to attack the group of villains which he had brought before and it also had attacked him which made his arm broken.

"Yeah, his ability is very strong, but it is troublesome if you want to master it. It's better to have a straight forward ability. Our chance to steal his ability is very small and he has a lot of money which makes him become a very troublesome enemy."

"I know, teacher." Shiragaki was like a child and acted very obedient in front of the man inside the television.

"Let's forget about him first and tell me the reason why you've lost in the U.S.J."

"I don't have anyone who I can trust besides Kurogiri." Shiragaki thought that he needed more people, not a group of small fries, but a group of elites that he could order anytime.

"Yeah, you need people! people who you can trust!"

"What should I do to get those people, Teacher?"

"Don't worry, I've invited several people who are good to become part of your group. You can see them there."

Shiragaki and Kurogiri turned and saw a number of people entering the dilipated bar.

The moment they looked at each other, they knew that there weren't any good people inside this bar.


Time passed quickly and with the combination of All Might and Bruno, the people in this country became reassured once again.

All Might's health had become better after the operation and he also received an organ donor before. He had returned to his peak once again, not exactly the peak since he had become older, but at least he had reached 90% of his power in the past, which was enough to catch most of the villains and criminals in this world.

All Might became even more spirited with his work and also caught a number of criminals who had escaped from the jailbreak together with Bruno.

Haru had taken a break from the school since his office had been destroyed and his presence as a hero was needed on his turf. In the Hosu City and the city in the surrounding area, there were a number of villains, criminals, and robbers who had been caught by him and were put into prison or mental hospital. He didn't care either way since he wanted to instill a fear on all of them to not cause trouble for him.

Haru didn't understand why it was his office which was being destroyed since there were a lot of heroes in this country, but he knew it had something to do with "All-For-One".

'Once I've found him...'

Anyway after the end of the Sport Festival, both Haru and Toshinori were pretty busy with their jobs as heroes.

Though, Haru had never worked overtime since he had a wife who was waiting at him at home which made Toshinori feel quite helpless.


After the Sport Festival, there weren't many people who talked about the students of the U.A. High School since the news of the attack on Bruno's office and jailbreak was bigger than a Sport Festival of high school students.

The students of the U.A. High School, especially class 1-A and 1-B felt quite lonely since they hadn't seen their Bruno-sensei for a while, but they knew that their teacher was quite busy with his job as a pro hero.

Before he was a teacher, he was a hero after all.

It happened to be raining and everyone was in the classroom talking to each other about the Sport Festival, but then they stopped when they saw Aizawa enter the classroom together with Bruno.


Everyone was very excited when they saw him had entered the school once again.

"It has been a while everyone." Haru smiled which easily swooned over a number of people in this classroom.


Everyone wanted to run toward Haru and asked about the attack of the villains on his office, but Aizawa's fierce gaze stopped them.

"Be quiet! I understand that you're excited, but there's something important which I need to tell all of you."


"It's about time to pick up your hero aliases!"


Looking at how excited they were, Haru couldn't understand since he chose his name randomly. Sitting on the seat next to the window, he looked at the rain outside while listening to what kind of hero's name they would choose during this class.