Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 111

Volume 1 Chapter 111 The Glacier Moray

His sword technique was very rough and he was using his wooden sword similar to using a bludgeon to smash each of the monsters with pure strength.

There were two monsters which attacked the ship, the Great Leg Fish and Sharkcrocodile. Both have captured level 6.

The Great Leg is a large shark beast resembling a Great White but with legs instead of fins. Its large body is 8 meters in length and can grow to weight at least 1 ton.

Sharkcrocodile It is a large blue shark or crocodile hybrid, possessing crocodile-like features such as scales, legs, and scaly spines, and shark-like features such as a dorsal fin, gills and multiple rows of teeth. It has a body length of at least 8 meters and can weigh about 1 ton.

Both of them were very fierce and strong monsters.

Most of the Gourmet Hunters in this ship couldn't handle them without fighting in the group, though there was an exception in this ship.

Toriko, Luffy, Tsunade, Haru, Match, and Takimaru were the only people in this ship who could fight with the monster easily.

Match, who had been resting in his room earlier, decided to join the fight because he felt that the other Gourmet Hunters were very incompetent. At the same time, he was also worried about his subordinates and the other young people on this ship. Even though his face was scary, his heart was very soft.

Haru had never used either of his 'Sticky Fingers' or 'Light Magic' since he felt that he didn't need it. He also didn't want to become the center of attention since it was better to be low-key. He moved around silently and took the body of the monster to his body storage really fast. He knew that food would become very important when he had arrived in the Ice Hell.

"Gomu Gomu no Gatling!"

Luffy used his stretching ability to bring his fists forward repeatedly in a blurry, rapid barrage of strong punches that created the illusion of him having multiple arms. He defeated a lot of monsters with this technique and made them fly away from the sh.i.p.s.

Tsunade was training a knocking technique with those monsters, even though she could predict some nerves part of those monsters but she didn't always succeed. She had failed several times but at the same time, she felt that she could grow along with this battle.


In the monitoring room.

"Hmm," Colonel Mokoi was rubbing his chin while thinking about something. He was looking at the Gourmet Hunter who was fighting with those monsters. He smiled and thought it was interesting to see who could get that Century Soup.


Everyone was fighting really hard until something came out of the sea and made everyone startled.

"T - that is?"


"W - what is that????" Komatsu was scared.

"Hoo, Glacier Mora?" Toriko said when he saw this monster.

Glacier Moray is a giant serpent-like moray eel with a very long body. It has a pale-colored underbelly and dark-colored back covered in numerous stripe markings. It has a long crocodile or dragon-like head.


Some brave Gourmet Hunter was using their guns and bazooka to shoot this monster.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The other Gourmet Hunters also attacked it at the same time.

Both Great Leg Fish and Sharkcrocodile who felt threatened by this monster also attacked it together. Both of them knew that the threat from this monster was higher than the human in this ship.


Glacier Moray didn't even have a scratch on its body when it was attacked by gunshots, explosives, and attacks from many Great Legs and Gourmet Hunters. It had become angry and started to attack them.

Takimaru and Match saw a chance to attack this monster.

"Bottle Opener Shot!"


"Iai: Three Piece Filleting!"


"ROAAARRRR!!!" Glacier Moray made both of them become its targets. It was very angry with both of them and wanted to kill them.

"Damn, its skin is tough," Match complained.

"My attack wasn't good when it came to this kind of monster," Takimari said and decided to back down, however, he was still looking for a chance to attack this monster.

Glacier Moray became angrier at the attack on the ship fiercely.

At that moment, everyone knew that it was a very dangerous moment, they knew this monster could destroy the ship and made them stranded in this sea, they couldn't let it happen no matter what.

Glacier Moray kept attacking the people on the ship until it saw a short person that was easy to attack.

Komatsu who was targeted by this monster couldn't move, "TORIKO-SAN!!!!"

"KOMATSU!!!" Toriko was angry when his partner was attacked. He ran toward the monster and started to bulk up his muscle.

Luffy also moved at the same time and started to bite his thumb and blew it, "Gear Third!" His right hand became bigger.

"Five-Hit Nail Punch!!!"

"Gomu Gomu no Giant Pistol!!!"

Toriko and Luffy attacked the monster at the same time.


The monster fainted and was thrown away from the ship when both of their attacks hit it.

"Ha...Ha...Ha..." Toriko was quite tired after consuming quite a lot of calories from this attack.

Luffy was flying down because he let out the air in his body. His body didn't become smaller after he used this technique but he was quite tired.

All the Gourmet Hunters who saw their attack were stunned. They had never imagined both of them would be this strong. They saw there were still a lot of monsters in the ship.





Haru smiled and also joined with his wooden sword.