Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1110

Volume 1 Chapter 1110 Internship?

"But first, cornering up the internsh.i.p.s I mentioned the other day. Nominations will truly start mattering only after you've gained some experience and your adaptable fighting ability is judged during your sophomore year. In other words, the nominations you're getting this year are more akin to expressions of "interest" in your future potential," Aizawa said lazily.


Everyone was speechless.

"And it's not rare that interest dries up by graduation or is simply unilaterally dropped."


"So I guess the nominations we receive are like personal hurdles, then?"

"Yes. Now, the tally of nominations is as follows."

The board showed the number of heroes who took an interest in each student in this class.

The ones with the most nominations were Midoriya, Todoroki, and Bakugou.

During the Sport Festival, Midoriya had become the champion of the Sport Festival. He could control his ability and besides Todoroki and Bakugou, no one was able to become his opponents.

Everyone sighed since they could see that most heroes took their interest in Midoriya, Todoroki, and Bakugou which made them helpless.

Haru, who yawned while looking at this window, was suddenly mentioned.

"Bruno-sensei, did you also send out an invitation?"


Haru looked at everyone and it seemed that they were looking at him with anticipation.

It was obvious that everyone wanted to go to Haru's office since he was one of the most popular heroes in this country besides All Might. They couldn't ask this question to All Might, but they could ask this question to Haru. They wanted to become a hero and thought that it was best to have an internship at the best hero.

Haru hadn't thought about the internship since his mind was on something else. His quest was almost over soon and he only needed to catch "All-For-One", but he hadn't found this guy. He was wondering when that guy was to appear.

"Bruno, are you going to open an internship?" Aizawa asked.

Unlike Aizawa and other teachers in this school who worked full time, Haru was a special case and his situation was similar to All Might and this guy was too irresponsible which made Aizawa helpless.

Aizawa thought that if Haru had an intern in his office, this guy might be more motivated for his job.

"Well, since you've asked then I'll choose one random student from this class and 1-B class."


"Bruno-sensei, random? What do you mean?" Iida asked while raising his hand high. If someone wanted to have an internship in Haru's office then it should be Iida since his older brother had always told him that Haru was amazing, especially when Haru had taken out four villains at the same time. He also knew that if it wasn't because of Haru, then his older brother's career as a hero might end because of the attack of villains and he was very grateful of him.

At the same time, Iida knew that Haru was his older brother's rival and as Ingenium's little brother, he wanted to surparass his brother. The best way to learn that was to have an intern under Haru.

"You don't need to think too much. I'll send an invitation tomorrow to one random student in this class and if you've decided where you want to have your internship then you're free to reject my invitation."

Reject Haru's invitation? Don't be kidding!

Everyone in this class wanted to become an intern in Haru's office and wanted to learn how he could become one of the most popular heroes with only a few months of work. They also wanted to see the destroyed office along with what he usually did during his work.

"With that settled, let's continue with the next thing."

"It's time to choose our hero's name!"

"The name you choose may be what the world ends up calling you in the future."

Suddenly Midnight entered the classroom with a s.e.xy pose.

Haru looked at Midnight and had to admit that the body of this woman was very tempting, but well, he was going to be docile in this world and was on his training to control his anaconda after all, but even so, he knew that it was impossible for Tsunade to take him alone since her stamina wasn't limitless and she couldn't able to handle him alone.

Haru sighed and knew that he wouldn't be satisfied with only one woman unless that woman could match his ability in that area too.

His body was similar to a volcano, usually it was docile and didn't cause any trouble, but when it erupted then everything would be destroyed.

Haru suddenly missed his girlfriends at his original worlds along with Esdeath, the girls in IS, Hundred, etc.

Midnight glanced at Haru and sighed. She was wondering why the good man had always been picked up by someone. She shook her head and continued with her lesson to help everyone to choose their names.


The next day, everyone knew that Haru would send out two random invitations to one student in 1-A Class and 1-B class. They were anticipating who would have an internship at Haru's place.

Though Midoriya knew that he couldn't join Haru's office since All Might had told him to have an internship at the office of All Might's previous teacher. He didn't mind and at the same time, he was curious about All Might's teacher.

It was at this moment that the invitation was sent out.



At the same time, in the class of 1-B, they were also anticipating who would be invited to Haru's office.

Monoma was full of confidence that he would be chosen since he felt that Haru treated him more special than everyone, but at this moment, he was disappointed since he wasn't the one who was being chosen.


In Haru's house, Tsunade was laying on Haru's arm inside their bedroom. She felt that her stay in this world was wonderful since she had learned a lot of knowledge in this world and every night, it was very blissful. She had to admit that their married life was perfect, but she knew that this guy's libido was very high which made her quite troubled sometimes. She was tired yet she wanted to keep doing it since it felt really good.

"I've heard that there is going to be an intern at your hero's office?" Tsunade asked.

"Yeah, two students."

"Male and female?"

"Of course, it is a female."

Haru didn't really like to teach male students and that was the reason why he chose female students.

"Are you going to add them to your harem?" Tsunade asked.


"We're not going to stay in this world too long. Our quest is going to be over soon." Haru shook his head since he didn't intend to add another girl in this world, but well, if there was an incident in the future....

Tsunade nodded and said, "That's true." She suddenly remembered something and asked, "So who are we going to invite to group chat in this world?"

"Isn't it obvious who we're going to invite?"

Tsunade smiled and nodded. "That's true." She then noticed something hard touching her leg which made her blush. She had to admit that no matter how many times both of them had done the deeds, she couldn't erase the blush on her face that easily when she felt this hard thing.

"W, wait..."

Tsunade wanted to say something, but her lips were kissed and slowly she felt her consciousness was hazy since this kiss was so good and before long, he pressed her on the bed and made her unable to stop her urge.

"I love you."

Tsunade hugged him tightly without letting him go.

"I love you too, Tsunade."

Haru whispered while pouncing her.

In this world, they had a happy marriage life.