Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1111

Volume 1 Chapter 1111 Internship 1

Yaoyorozu and Kendo didn't expect that they would be chosen as interns at Haru's office. Of course, they had heard that Haru would choose two random students from both 1-A Class and 1-B Class, but they didn't expect that it would be them. If they weren't invited by Haru then they would go to Uwabami, who was known as both pro hero and celebrity.

Uwabami was quite a popular hero, but her popularity was still far away from Haru and she was more famous for her activity in the entertainment industry than her hero's work.

Yaoyorozu and Kendo wanted to become heroes and their choice was obvious. They rejected the invitation from Uwabami and accepted Haru's invitation directly.

After they accepted Haru's invitation, they waited for the day of the internship with an anticipation of what kind of things they could learn from one of the most popular heroes.


Every student of the 1-A Class and 1-B Class were gathered in the train station and each homeroom teacher of the classes reminded their students to be always polite and to not cause any trouble for the offices where they would have their internship.

"Alright, that's all and we'll see each other after one week in the class."

Everyone nodded after hearing Aizawa's words.

"Momo, are you ready?" Kendo asked.

"Yes." Yaoyorozu nodded after hearing Kendo's question.

Both of them decided to go to Hosu City together where Haru's working place was located.

Iida also happened to go with them since he had an internship at his brother's office.

Haru and Ingenium were in the same city, though Haru's patrol area was smaller than Ingenium since Haru only had one sidekick and Ingenium was a hero with the largest number of sidekicks in this country.

The three of them were going on the train together and Mineta could only look at Iida in jealousy since he didn't expect Iida would be accompanied by two beautiful girls.

"Dammit, Iida!"


Iida didn't know what Mineta was thinking nor did he think too much since he was being asked questions by Yaoyorozu and Kendo about what Haru usually did and what they needed to watch for since Iida had known Haru a long time ago.


Yaoyorozu and Kendo didn't go to Haru's hero office since that office was being renovated after being destroyed by Hero Killer and three Nomu. Luckily, Haru had defeated the four of them easily and no one was hurt because of the attack. They looked at the address which was being given to them and didn't expect that Haru's temporary office would be located in an Italian restaurant.

"Oh, you've come?"

Yaoyorozu and Kendo, of course, noticed Haru, who was drinking an espresso on the terrace of the restaurant reading a newspaper lazily.

"B, Bruno-sensei, is this the right place?" Kendo asked since she was quite unsure.

"Yeah." Haru nodded and pointed at the chairs which were located in front of his table. "Sit there first and order something. I'll ask you a question first before we start the internship."

Yaoyorozu and Kendo nodded and sat down on the seats which were located right in front of Haru.

"Hello girls, are you the two students who are going to have an internship in his office?"

Yaoyorozu and Kendo looked at the beautiful woman in front of them.


"Oh my... you two are very beautiful." The beautiful woman pinched the cheeks of Yaoyorozu and Kendo which made them speechless. She smiled at both of them and asked, "So do you want to eat or drink something? The boss has told you to order anything."


"Oh sorry for the late introduction, I'm working as a receptionist at his hero's office."

Kendo and Yaoyorozu nodded.

Kendo looked at the menu and said, "I'll take Insalata Frittata."

Yaoyorozu hesitated a bit and glanced at Haru, who was reading his newspaper.

"What's wrong?" Haru asked.

"N, nothing?!" Yaoyorozu blushed and shook her head. "Th, then I'll take a crepe tiramisu."

"That's good." The beautiful woman nodded and asked, "What do you want to drink?"

"I'll have tea."

"I'll have an espresso."

Haru looked at Yaoyorozu and asked, "Are you sure? The espresso is very bitter."

"It's alright. I often drink espresso," Yaoyorozu said calmly.

Haru nodded and didn't say anything, but he made a note on his brain that Yaoyorozu often drank something bitter.

"Alright, please wait for a moment, this big sister will bring your order shortly." The beautiful receptionist walked away with a smile and glanced at her boss to see her reaction, but she was a bit disappointed since it seemed that he didn't notice that she had made her skirt shorter.

"Bruno-sensei, is that your wife?" Kendo asked curiously.

"K, Kendo, isn't that question a bit rude?" Yaoyorozu quickly reacted with a nervous expression.

The personalities between Kendo and Yaoyorozu were quite different. Kendo was quite open and spirited so she always felt fit everywhere, but Yaoyorozu was quite prudent so she tried to act as polite as possible, especially when her result at the Sport Festival wasn't good which made her quite depressed and afraid to make Haru feel disappointed at her.

"You don't need to act so formal, Yaoyorozu." Haru sipped his espresso and said, "No, she's not my wife. My wife is working at a nearby hospital."

"Oh, the reason why you're working in Hosu City is because you want to work nearby with your wife?" Kendo asked with a smile.

"Yeah." Haru smiled and said, "Keep this secret since some people might get disappointed at me when they hear my reason for working in this city."

Kendo and Yaoyorozu nodded and promised to keep it a secret. Though at the same time, they thought that Haru was quite sweet.

"Bruno-sensei, can I ask you a question again?" Kendo asked.

"Ask away."

"Is this restaurant yours?"


Then Kendo started to ask a lot of questions and Yaoyorozu also asked him a question since she could see that Haru would answer their questions as long as it wasn't something too private.

"Here's your order, work hard with your internship." The beautiful receptionist brought the food and beverage which was ordered by Kendo and Yaoyorozu.

When Haru noticed that two girls were looking at him. "You don't need to be hesitant, just eat."

Both girls were happy and nodded since the food was more delicious than they had thought.

"Har, Bruno, are those two interns?"

Haru looked at Kanako who came toward them. He nodded and said, "Take care of both of them, you can handle them, right?"

Kanako twitched her lips and asked, "You're going to leave everything to me?"

"No, but for now, you can tell them about your work since they can help you during this weekend."


Kanako thought for a while then looked at Yaoyozoru and Kendo. Her work wasn't that busy, but when it was busy, she was overwhelmed, she thought that the two girls would become a great help for her.

"You two, after eating, follow me to your room and after you've changed to your hero costume, you need to follow on a patrol, alright?"


Looking at Kanako, Yaoyozoru and Kendo was wondering about the identity of this woman.

Yaoyorozu didn't think much and thought that Kanako was Haru's sidekick, however, Kendo noticed something strange.

'Why are there only beautiful women in this place?'