Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1114

Volume 1 Chapter 1114 Wild Villains 1

Haru brought Tsunade, Kanako, Kendo, and Yaoyorozu along with him to solve the incident that happened at the zoo. Even though he could do it alone, his quest would complete soon and it meant he along with Tsunade would return to their original world soon

It was surprising that they had stayed a long time in this world and of course, Haru missed his girlfriends and Tsunade also missed Shizune who she had left in her world. Even though Tsunade was too shy to admit it, she cared about Shizune after all.

It didn't take them too long to arrive at the zoo and there was a barricade which was made by the police.


The captain of the police was happy when he saw Bruno had arrived.

Haru nodded and asked directly about the riot within the zoo since he felt that it was unthinkable to happen, but from his location, he could hear a roar of beasts within the zoo which made him a bit perplexed.

The captain of the police explained to Haru about the identity of the villains.

"Wild Villains?"

"Yes, it is one of the famous villain groups of the past and their ambition is very dangerous."

"What is their ambition?" Kendo asked curiously.

"Dominating the world."


Haru didn't expect for a villain to have such a childish ambition, but he also understood that because they were childish they were very dangerous. He was wondering whether this group of villains would use the power of beasts within the zoo to dominate the world. If so, then he had to praise their creativity since he had never thought that it was possible to conquer the world by creating chaos within a zoo.

"We need to stop them, Bruno-sensei!" Kendo had a serious expression on her face.

"Are there any hostages?" Yaoyorozu was also worried about the thing which happened at the zoo.


It was at this moment that Haru clapped his hands gathered everyone's attention on him.

"Battle Fist, Creati, remember that the two of you are interns. Follow my instructions very well in this mission since our opponents are dangerous." Even though it was good to see both Yaoyorozu and Kendo who were excited about this mission, he also knew that it wasn't good when someone was too eager. It also wasn't good manners for them to talk when he was talking with the police.

"Yes, Sensei!" 2x

Kendo and Yaoyorozu nodded, but then they shut their mouths since they knew that they might be a bit too rude earlier.

During the job, Haru called both of them with their aliases since it was necessary. He ended the conversation after he had known everything about the Wild Villains.

After they had made their preparation, they entered the zoo directly, but then they were greeted by a monkey which was about to throw a shit toward them.

Haru glared at the group of monkeys and made it pass out directly using his "Haoshoku Haki". He didn't want to get dirty and he also wouldn't let the two women and two girls beside him get hit by a monkey's shit.


Kendo, Kanako, and Yaoyorozu were startled when they saw that Haru was able to make an animal pass out with only a glare.

"Creati, can you create a gas mask and sleeping gas?" Haru asked.

Yaoyorozu nodded and said, "I can do it."

"Good, if possible create a lot of it."


Yaoyorozu opened her costume and started to create a gas mask for all of them along with a sleeping gas. She was smart and she had learned a lot of things from her childhood time. It was very easy for her to create a sleeping gas and at the same time, she was wondering why she didn't make it during the Sport Festival.

"Battle Fist, can you use your giant hand to fan out the sleeping gas made by Creati?"

"I can do it!"

Kendo nodded and used her ability to make her hands become very huge.

They were right at the entrance of the zoo and didn't enter the zoo directly waiting for Yaoyorozu to create a necessary item for the raid.

When Yaoyorozu had made a gas mask for all of them, she started to throw out a lot of sleeping gas which she made using her ability.

Kendo also started to flap her enlarged hands and generated a wind which spread the sleeping gas which was made by Yaoyorozu to the entire zoo.

The loud roar of the beast slowly weakened.

"Let's enter."

Hearing Haru's instruction, they nodded and started to enter the zoo. Along the way, they could see a number of animals and beasts which had passed out because of Yaoyorozu's sleeping gas.

Looking at the result of her ability, Yaoyorozu thought that she should learn more about chemistry since she could see how useful her ability was.

"It sure is very easy."

Tsunade commented after they had entered the aquarium within the zoo. Before she entered the aquarium, she could see the cages of the zoo were destroyed and there were a number of animals which had escaped from their cages, but it had passed out because of Yaoyorozu's sleeping gas.

Though, that sleeping gas was useless against a marine animal and Yaoyorozu stopped creating a sleeping gas. To create a sleeping gas, she didn't need to use a lot of calories so she wasn't that hungry, but she still ate a calorie bar so she could be prepared for something unexpected.

"Yeah, it is very easy."

Kanako was holding her baton while walking since she didn't need to worry about an attack from the animals within the zoo.


Haru was speechless when he heard the words which came out from Tsunade and Kanako.

"W, what's wrong?" Kanako was startled when she saw Haru looking at her with a speechless expression.

Tsunade frowned and asked, "Did she raise a Flag?"


"Yes, both of you've raised the Flag." Haru sighed and started to explain Flag to the four of them.

Kendo, who used her large hands to generate wind to spread the sleeping gas and Yaoyorozu who kept creating a sleeping gas were speechless.

"Bruno-sensei, don't think too much. There's no way tha---"


The loud roar startled them then Haru grabbed the waist of Tsunade, Kanako, Yaoyorozu, and Kendo to jump back to dodge an attack.


"Hahaha, finally, there's something fun!"

Kendo and Yaoyorozu had sweat dripped from their foreheads because of this villain's attack.

Tsunade and Kanako were calmer since they had a lot of experience in fighting.


"I'm a Bearhead! I'm a member of Wild Villains which will dominate this world!" The bearhead shouted arrogantly while laughing.


Haru was speechless and wasn't sure what to say. If this guy was living in his original world, then without doubt someone would think of him as a patient of delusional disorder.