Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1117

Volume 1 Chapter 1117 First Term Final Exam

After Kendo and Yaoyorozu ended their internship, the time quickly moved toward the First Term Final Exam.

As a biology teacher, Haru also needed to prepare the exam for two classes in the hero department. He had to admit that his time staying in this world was quite good and Tsunade was quite docile when she was in bed. He also realized that he wouldn't be tired no matter how many times he had done it with his wife.

Being a hero and a teacher was a very good experience for him and Haru thought that it could become one of his resumes later when he did the next quest. Though, he wouldn't want to do the quest for a while since he had gone almost for half a year from his original world in this quest.

Tsunade also felt good since she had learned a lot of things and her ability as a doctor had advanced once again, but the most special thing in this world would her stay in this world with her husband, especially on her night life. She felt that she could stay in this world for few years more, but she knew that she was being selfish at this moment since she wasn't the only one who owned him.

Tsunade also had a feeling if they decided to stay in this world too long then she wouldn't be surprised if she saw him making Kanako, Zookeeper, his fellow teacher, female heroes, or his students pregnant. Though, she didn't feel that surprise since his charm was very high and his ability in bed was very good. It was surprising that he could devote all of his life in this world to her and didn't make a harem member in this world which moved her so much.

Which might be the reason why Tsunade's life in this world was so good that she didn't want to go back for a while.

"Tsunade-san, is there something good?" Kanako asked.

Tsunade smiled and said, "Let's hit the pachinko parlor! I've a feeling that I'm going to win big this time!"


Kanako looked at Tsunade with a speechless expression wondering how much money that Tsunade would lose this time.

What is the chance that Tsunade is going to win?

Kanako would answer that it was 0% without hesitation.


It was the day of the First Term Final Exam, Haru needed to oversee the exam and at the same time, he couldn't wait for the summer holiday to come. He had made a promise with Tsunade to have a vacation during the summer holiday.

Looking at the students who were answering their paper exam with serious expression, Haru smiled and wondered what their expression would be when they knew their teacher was a high school student the same as them.


After the paper exam, the students of the 1-A Class gathered together to start the next exam.

"Let's begin your practical exam."

Haru stood up next to his fellow teachers looking at the innocent expression of his students thinking what kind of exam they would have next. He was sure that their expression would be startled when they heard the content of the exam.

"Knowing you guys, you must have some idea what kind of exam this is?" Aizawa asked.

"It's a fight against a robot similar to an entrance exam!"

Everyone had known the content of the exam since they had been by Kendo who asked this problem to the upperclassman.

Yaoyozoru was pumped up looking at Haru who was wearing his hero costume. 'Soon, I'll see the face behind that mask!'

"Not quite! Various circ.u.mstances have demanded a revision to the exam format!!" Nezu suddenly said after he came out from Aizawa's scarf.


"W, what?!"


The group of students were startled when they heard that there would be a revision on the practical exam.

"Yes, from now on, we'll focus on battles against flesh-and-blood opponents. As such... you students will be paired up to fight one of the teachers you see here!"

"A, against a teacher.....?!"

"Your pairings and assigned teacher.... has already been decided. Your battle moves, your grades, your friendship with one another... all of those factors and more were considered, so without further ado...."

Nezu started to announce the pair of students and the teachers who they would fight on the practical exam.

No one expected that they would be fighting against a teacher, but even if they were surprised, it didn't mean that they weren't ready for the exam. They had been practicing and grew stronger in the past few months after they came to this school. The only problem was the teacher who would be fighting against them.

Todoroki and Yaoyorozu nodded when they knew that they would be fighting against Aizawa.

However, the thing which startled them was the fight between Midoriya and Bakugou against All Might which made everyone look at both of them in pity.

Everyone knew the relationship between Midoriya and Bakugou wasn't good then they also needed to fight the strongest hero in this school which made them unable but thought that it would be a difficult exam.

One by one, Nezu announced the pairing and the teachers who would be their opponents until the end.

"And lastly, it will be a pair of Iida and Ojiro against Bruno!"


Iida and Ojira were speechless then looked at Bruno who was smiling toward them. They didn't know, but they could feel that they would be played by Bruno for some reason.

"Iida, Ojiro, follow me."

"Y, yes, Sensei!" 2x

Everyone looked at Iida and Ojiro in pity, even though All Might might be the strongest hero, but the opponents which they didn't want to fight the most would be Bruno since Bruno had a lot of tricks. Unlike All Might who was known for his straight forward and simple ability, Bruno's ability was full of tricks and it was very difficult to fight him.

Iida and Ojiro who followed Haru were thinking about what kind of place or trick Haru would prepare for them.

"Don't be nervous, the exam isn't that difficult."

"Is that true, Bruno-sensei?" Ojiro asked.

"Of course, believe in me," Haru said with a smile.

"Yes, Sensei!" 2x

Ojiro and Iida believed in Haru, especially when they could see his sincere expression.

If Haru knew what they were thinking, he would think that they were very naive.

Haru entered the bus along with Ojiro and Iida to the exam location. A week before the exam, Nezu had asked him about the area of the exam which he wanted to use for the practical battle. He knew the budget of U.A. High School was very big, which made him speechless sometimes, and Nezu also told him not to hold back.

Hearing that order, Haru really didn't hold back in this exam creating the area of the exam as his whim.


Haru, Ojiro, and Iida had arrived in front of the exam area and before they entered, he started to explain the rules of the exam.

"The time limit is 30 minutes. Your objective is to either get the handcuffs out of my hands or have one of you escape from the the exam area."


Iida and Ojiro felt a bit surprised.

"So we don't need to defeat you?"

"Of course, do you think the two of you can defeat me?" Haru asked.


Even if they knew that they couldn't defeat Haru, it still pissed them when they heard it directly from Haru's mouth.

"This test is meant to stimulate true battle as closely as possible so please think of me as an actual villain."

"Sensei, so we need to treat you as a villain?" Iida asked while raising his hand.

"Yes, treat me as a villain. If you meet me then you can have a fight directly, but if you feel threatened by my power then you can escape from me." Haru raised two fingers on his hands and said, "There are two options in front of you, whichever you choose as long as you can succeed on this exam then it is all well. Now, do you have another question?"

Ojiro and Iida shook their heads since they had decided to succeed on their exam!

Haru smiled and said, "You're not asking whether it is fair or not?"


Ojiro and Iida were stunned since they remembered that even though they wanted to defeat Haru, it was quite impossible since this guy was someone that could save all of them during the U.S.J. incident and also fought four ultra powerful villains alone.

"Do you have some handicapped Sensei?" Ojiro quickly asked.

"Yes, I won't bully you so I'll wear this ultra compressed weight." Haru showed a device with a bracelet shape and explained, "This handicap weighs me down to fifty percent of my body weight." Though it didn't really affect him.

Ojiro and Iida nodded then the gate of the exam area was opened, but at the same time, they sighed in relief and knew that their chance to succeed on the exam had increased.

"Then let us start the exam, shall we?"