Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1118

Volume 1 Chapter 1118 Psychological Test

IIda and Ojiro thought that the exam area would be a place which was full of traps and hurdles, but they didn't expect that it was just a normal open field.

Even though Nezu had told him that it was alright to splurge a lot of money to create an exam area as his whim, Haru didn't follow Nezu's order and created a normal open field with a ground which was made from soil.

Of course, there was a reason why Haru had decided to use this place.

"This place is...?"

Iida was wearing his hero costume and felt a bit uncomfortable since he couldn't push the frame of his glasses.

"Well, the exam has started. You can try to steal handcuffs from me or escape from this place... and 30 minutes starts now!"

Haru sat down on the folding chair which he had brought and did nothing.


Iida and Ojiro were confused by Haru's actions.

"Sensei, you're not going to do anything?" Ojiro asked.

"You should observe your surroundings better." Haru smiled looking at them.

"Our surroundings?" 2x

Iida and Ojiro didn't know what Haru meant by those words, but both of them looked at each other before they nodded. They had made up their minds to escape since they didn't think that they would be able to steal a handcuff from Haru's hands. They weren't blind and they knew the strength difference between them and Haru.

Haru's achievement was very loud and even though his career was only for half a year, his deeds were even louder than the heroes who had done their career for several years.

Iida and Ojiro had made their signal and started to run toward the exit of this area, but suddenly...

"Uwaaaaaa!!!" 2x

Both of them suddenly fell down on the large hole which was at least several meters away from the surface.


Suddenly they landed on a soft net inside the hole which surprised them.

"I've placed several traps within this place. I won't do anything and as long as one of you can escape from this area then you'll succeed on your exam." Haru looked at them from the surface of the hole and smiled.

"Good luck."


It seemed that they were too young since they had to admit that this teacher was too dirty.


Iida and Ojiro had escaped from the hole in which they had fallen earlier, but they didn't move for a while since they knew that this place was full of traps.

"What should we do now, Iida?" Ojiro asked.

Iida looked at the surrounding area and sweat started to drop from his forehead. If this place was a town or a place that was similar to a maze then he would think that it would be difficult to escape, but this place was an open field. He felt that it was illogical to place a trap in this place and he could tell that the only trap in this place was a hole trap then....

"Let's escape through the air."

Iida made his decision. He stared at Haru who did nothing and only read a book while sitting on a folding chair. He could see that Haru would really do nothing on their exam, but at the same time, he felt weird.


Ojiro looked up toward the sky.

"This is an open field and the trap should only be on the ground. I'll throw you up so you can escape then we can succeed on this exam!"

Iida had made his calculation and he knew that there was nothing wrong with this plan.

"That's true!" Ojiro nodded and said, "Let's do it!"

Iida nodded and when he was about to get ready to throw Ojiro, he heard a chuckle which made him stop.

Ojiro was also startled then turned his attention toward Haru.

"What's wrong, Sensei? Is there something wrong with our plan?" Iida asked in a frown.

"Nothing." Haru chuckled and said, "Nothing is wrong. You can continue with your plan."


Ojiro and Iida stopped since they felt that this exam wouldn't be this simple.

Ojiro suddenly remembered something and said, "Iida, what if there's a trap which is laying in the air?"

"Trap in the air? What do you mean?"

"Did you forget that Bruno-sensei can create his zipper on the size of thread? So isn't it possible for him to create a net or something in the air which is able to trap us?" Ojiro said.

"That's true! What do you think, Sensei?" Iida looked at Haru to see his response.

Haru closed down his book and looked at them with a smile. "Iida, Ojiro, you're very smart. You can guess that I've laid a trap in the air using my ability. I need to praise how smart you are."

*Clap!* *Clap!* *Clap!*

Hearing Haru's praise, of course, Iida and Ojiro were quite proud and felt happy, but suddenly they were poured with cold water.

"If you know that there's a trap in the air and there's a trap on the ground, then what should you do? You only have 30 minutes to escape and there are a lot of traps which I've prepared for the two of you here."


That's right, how can they escape?

Iida and Ojiro believed that Haru had prepared a trap in this place. Even if this place was an open place, they knew that their teacher was full of trickery and the first trap which they had fallen into earlier had made them wary.

"Should we just charge?"

"No, it is too risky! What if there is an even more dangerous trap in front of us?"

Iida and Ojiro stood in place and discussed with each other about their plan to escape from this place. They couldn't escape from the ground since it was full of traps and they also couldn't escape from the air since they believed that there was a net which had been waiting for them in the air. They tried to rack their brains at how they could escape and succeed on this exam.


Looking at both Iida and Ojiro who were discussing with each other, Haru smiled inwardly. His test was quite simple and it was a psychological test. It might seem that he had made a trap in several places, but actually, he had only placed one trap and that was the hole trap which had trapped both Iida and Ojiro earlier. He didn't place any traps on the ground beside the one which they had fallen earlier nor did he use his ability to create a trap in the air.

Everything was a physiological test which he had made for both Iida and Ojiro.

Haru made them believe that there were a lot of traps in this exam area, but in truth, there was only one and that one trap had given them a psychological shadow. If the one he tested was Bakugou then he believed that guy would have succeeded on this exam already, but the one who he tested was Iida and Ojiro who tended to overthink something.


Midoriya, who had succeeded on his test, was watching everyone's test in the monitor room. He could see everyone was facing a pretty difficult situation since each teacher was in the U.A. High School and was a very powerful hero.

However, the one he thought would be the most troublesome among everyone would be Haru's test, especially when he heard the description from Recovery Lady.

"Look, with his mouth alone, he can play on both students in a hopeless situation. If this guy is a real villain then this world has already succ.u.mbed in his hands."


Hearing Recovery Lady's words, Midoriya dripped in cold sweat since if Haru was really a villain then he was sure that the world would succ.u.mb to Haru's hands since Haru's charisma, EQ, trickery, etc; it was different from any hero that he had seen in his life.

Unlike All Might, who used his absolute strength to stop a villain and save the disaster.

Haru could use his mouth to make someone believe that there was a trap in front of them even if there wasn't one in reality. He could change bad things into good things. He was able to alter the fact itself, which gave Midoriya quite a scare.

"You need to learn from him. Sometimes violence alone can't solve anything and what you need to do is to use your wit in that situation. If you want to become a number 1 hero, that is."


Midoriya nodded and looked at the monitor where Haru was testing both Iida and Ojiro.


"There is only 1 minute left! You've wasted your 29 minutes to have a picnic in this place! There is 1 minute left and with that 1 minute, it'll be impossible for you to escape from this place."

Hearing Haru's words, Iida and Ojiro panicked. In the end they were only 15 year old teenagers and they didn't have any experience. They had spent 29 minutes on doing nothing besides trying to escape the trap in front of them.

"How can we succeed?!" Iida had taken off his helmet and scratched his head in frustration since he couldn't see an answer.

Ojiro took a deep breath and said, "Iida, throw me out."

"What?!" Iida was surprised and said, "But there's a trap in the air!"

"It's better than staying in this place! We've been standing up in this place for 29 minutes and I don't want to fail without being able to do anything! Even if I'm trapped, at least, I've tried! Iida, throw me out using all of your strength!"

Iida could see a determined expression from Ojiro and he knew that he couldn't stop him.

"Alright! I'll throw you out as strong as possible!"


Iida took a deep breath and activated his ability. He moved very fast in place before he threw Ojiro as strong as possible.



"Eh?" 2x

Ojiro and Iida were startled when they saw that Ojiro wasn't trapped in the air and landed just 10 meters before the exit.



Ojiro was cautious and tried to move forward trying to see whether there was a trap in front of him. He didn't find anything and after that he decided to move as fast as possible toward the exit gate.



Ojiro had exited from this exam area and Iida could only look at Ojiro blankly since it was too easy.

"Sensei? What is this?!"

Iida was furious since he felt that he had been played by Haru.

*Clap!* *Clap!* *Clap!*

Clapping his hands, Haru smiled.

"Congratulations! You've succeeded on your practical exam."


How do they say it?

They felt that they had won the match, but lost the battle. It was their feeling right now.