Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 112

Volume 1 Chapter 112 Arrived



Their journey was full of difficulties but finally, they arrived at their destination.

All of them were very tired but they couldn't stop amaze at the scene in front of them. They were just stunned and that was their only thought when they saw the scene in front of them.




Ice Hell is a massive pillar-like continent made almost entirely out of ice that seems to just rise out of the sea. Its surface area is a barren tundra of ice and snow that goes on for miles with almost no notable sights or landscapes aside from the Ice Mountain at the center of the continent.

"So that is Ice Hell?"

"That is very majestic!"

One of them suddenly realized the shocking truth when they saw this place.

"We have to climb that?!"

"EXACTLY! MAY THE FOOD BE WITH YOU!" Colonel Mokoi said to everyone.

They couldn't help but gulp looking at the height of this mountain.

"Hahaha, it's interesting," Luffy laughed.

"This is amazing," Tsunade thought, her entire life, this would be her first time seeing such a massive place.

Haru took his phone and started to take a picture. He loved to collect a lot of pictures from his adventure.

They were in their own thoughts looking at this Ice Hell until someone suddenly shouted.

"Ah! Everyone, look up there!" Takimaru noticed something.

They looked up and saw a piece of ice falling toward their ship. They had a pale expression to imagine what would happen when that ice hit their ship.



The ship started to attack the ice with its cannon and missiles.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

"It's useless!!"

The canon and missiles of the ship were unable to destroy this gigantic ice.

"Tsunade, do you want to destroy it?" Haru asked.

Tsunade sighed, "Alright, let me do it." She walked in front of everyone.

"W - what is that woman going to do?"

"What are you doing? Hurry up and come back!"


They were worried when they saw her standing up in front of everyone.

"Damn," Toriko wanted to help her but he was stopped.

"Don't worry, she is very strong," Haru said.

Toriko wanted to say something but he was stunned by the scene in front of her.

Luffy was also waiting in anticipation.

Tsunade built up a chakra on her fist and jumped up. She punched the ice with her first, "ORAAA!!!!"


The gigantic ice was destroyed and scattered in pieces by her punch.


The scattered ice fell down to the sea.

Tsunade landed on the ship and walked toward him. She opened her palm asking him something.

Haru shook his head and took a bottle of vodka from his storage.

Tsunade took the bottle and drank the vodka. She wrapped her hand on his shoulder and walked to the nearest chair.

Everyone opened their mouths and eyes really wide looking at this woman.


That was the thought in their minds looking at Tsunade who was punching the gigantic ice like it was nothing. They had never thought the only female in this group was very strong. They were glad that they didn't annoy her. They looked at him who was sitting next to her and thought that he was kind of her pet, manager or something.

"I don't know but they must be thinking something rude," Haru said.

"Don't worry about them," Tsunade said while drinking her vodka.

"TSUNADE!! YOU'RE AMAZING!!!" Luffy looked at her with amazement.

Tsunade only laughed in response.

"She is very strong," Komatsu was amazed.

"I don't think that doctors can be this strong," Takimaru thought.

"This woman isn't normal," Match said.

Toriko frowned and knew that her power was at least the same or stronger than him. He clenched his fist and smiled. He knew that this journey would be exciting.

Colonel Mokoi laughed, "Kuh! Kuh! Kuh! With that settled, we will now have a helicopter transporting you to just below the plateau from there it's happy climbing."

Gourmet Hunter, who heard it, wanted to complain.

"Helicopter and planes can't touch down on the Ice Hell itself you see, you will understand when you reach the top," Colonel Mokoi said and added, "We have just lost a few of you just getting this far, but we only have one helicopter, so you'll be going into the two parties, make your final preparation!"

"Let's go first," Haru said.

"Yeah, I can't wait to get there," Luffy said.

"Good, I also want to eat this Century Soup as soon as possible," Tsunade said.

Three of them went to the helicopter together.

"Oh, Toriko, Komatsu, Takimaru, you are also going first?" Luffy asked.

"Yes, let's go together," Toriko said.

"Sure," Takimaru nodded.

"I don't mind," Haru nodded.

They entered the helicopter and sat next to each other.

"So this is a helicopter?" Tsunade looked around. This will be her first time riding on this vehicle.

"Is this helicopter possible to fly?" Luffy asked with curiosity.

Haru nodded, "Yeah, this thing can be used to transport something or someone from the sky with very fast speed." Even though he explained to them, it was also his first time riding a helicopter. He took out his phone and said, "Let's take a picture together."

"Good," Luffy nodded with a smile.

Tsunade also nodded since it was pretty amazing to experience having a journey in this world.

Three of them took a picture together in this helicopter.

"Oh, Haru, can you take my pictures several times?" Tsunade asked.

"Alright, I will take a perfect picture for you," Haru said.

Everyone who saw this scene was wondering whether they were coming to hunt the Century Soup or a picnic?