Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1120

Volume 1 Chapter 1120 Horse Race

Before the start of the summer holiday, Haru and Tsunade didn't waste their time and went directly on a trip which made Kanako, Zookeeper, and beautiful receptionist speechless. Though, the three of them were happy since they were also invited by Haru and Tsunade on this trip.

"So where are we going?" Kanako asked Haru who was driving the car, however, suddenly she smelled something familiar which made her frown. She quickly looked at the women that sat right next to Haru and said, "Tsunade-san, don't drink in the middle of the day!"

"Yes, yes..." Tsunade answered casually, but she chugged down a bottle of beer.

Kanako was speechless and asked, "Haru, is this alright? Don't you feel afraid that there's trouble with your wife's body?"

"She's a doctor. She knows her body the best."


Kanako was shut down and asked again, "So where are we going?"

The Zookeeper and the beautiful receptionist talked to each other while eating a pocky since they were also excited about this trip.

"We're going to Takarazuka," Tsunade said with a smile.

"Huh? Is there something special about Takarazuka?" Kanako asked curiously.

Even though they had decided to take a trip, they decided to take a trip within a country since if there was a mission or important matter, they could quickly return to Tokyo as soon as possible.

Haru also had prepared Dimensional Formation: Shambhala so he could return to his house anytime.

Haru and Tsunade hadn't finished their quests in this world.

They needed to catch "All-For-One" and invited one person from this world as a member of Group Chat. They had an idea who they would invite, but they decided to invite him after they had caught "All-For-One" so they didn't need to go back immediately.

"If I'm not wrong there should be Takarazuka Revue in that town," the beautiful receptionist said.

"Takarazuka Revue? What is that?"

The Takarazuka Revue is a Japanese all-female musical theater troupe based in Takarazuka, Hygo Prefecture, Japan. Women play all the roles in lavish, Broadway-style productions of Western-style musicals, and sometimes stories adapted from shoujo manga and Japanese folktales.

"Hmm... is it interesting?"

"It should be, we should visit that place." The beautiful receptionist nodded, but suddenly became confused. "If you don't know about Takarazuka Revue, then why are we going to that town?"

Haru sighed and looked at Tsunade who was sleeping. "It's obvious, right?"


Everyone was looking at Tsunade at this moment and wondering why they were coming to Takarazuka.



Everyone was speechless when they arrived at Takarazuka. They looked at Tsunade who seemed to be beaming in excitement when they arrived in this place.

"Tsunade-san... don't you have enough?" Kanako asked with a sigh.

"Of course not! I've never tried this kind of gamble, so I've always wanted to try it once!" Tsunade smiled and said, "Let's go and visit this place!"

Though, unexpectedly, Zookeeper also seemed to be very interested in this place.

"We're going on a trip! Why should we go horse racing?!"

Kanako was frustated since she thought that she could enjoy a beautiful beach or something, but she didn't expect that their trip would go to a gambling place again.

"Calm down, Kanako." The beautiful receptionist patted Kanako's back and said, "I'm sure that there are a lot of good places in this place. This is only our first day on a trip after all."

Kanako calmed herself and nodded. She only remembered that it was their first day on their trip and she saw that there were a lot of things which they could enjoy in this place.

"Yeah, after this place, I'll bring all of you to Izu." Haru interjected.

"Izu!!" 3x

The three women seemed quite excited when they heard about their next trip.

"Let's go! Don't waste more time! I've a feeling that I'm going to win this time!" Tsunade's face was full of confidence and she was sure that she would win this tournament.


Hearing Tsunade's words, everyone was speechless and shook their heads. They had rather believed that meteorite was going to fall down tomorrow rather than believed that Tsunade was going to win on her gamble since she was a "big fat sheep".


Gambling is illegal in Japan, but the government has made exceptions for sports betting including horse, bicycle, motorcycle and motorboat racing, as well as some lotteries.

For Haru's pachinko parlor, it wasn't viewed as an official gamble, but the players who played within his parlor could convert their money to noncash prizes into cash at his shop.

In the past few months staying in this world, Tsunade had only done pachinko and mahjong which made her hands feel a bit giddy. In her previous world, she often gambled using a dice, and played various games within Haru's casino since her husband owned a casino and gambling wasn't illegal in Konoha.

Tsunade entered the racecourse in this city and observed the horse within the game.

Zookeeper was also interested and decided to try this gamble since in the past she was working at the zoo after all.

Looking at the horse which was running on the course, Haru was wondering whether he could make this horse race into an interesting game. He felt that it would be interesting to change the horse into a horse girl. He thought for a while and he felt the prospect of this game was quite good.

'I'll have to make this a game after I have returned.'

Everyone had made their bet, but what had surprised them was Haru copied Zookeeper's bet.

"Is it alright for you to copy me? I might lose." The Zookeeper felt a bit worried when her boss copied her bet.

"It's alright. It's just a game after all."

"That's right! You should copy my bet, Haru!" Tsunade felt a bit jealous when Haru decided to copy Zookeeper rather than her.


Everyone only looked at Tsunade with a speechless expression. They might as well choose their bet on the weakest horse rather than copy Tsunade's bet.

They submitted their bets and watched the race.

Haru had to admit that the horse race in this world was very interesting. In his original world, he hadn't come to a horse race since he didn't have an interest, but in this world, even an animal owned a Quirk. For example, the principal of U.A. High School, Nezu, was also an animal who owned a Quirk.

In this horse race, all of the horses which participated in the race owned an ability.

Haru blinked his eyes and wondered whether he had seen Rapidash in this race which made him unconsciously take his camera and take a shot of it.

The race quickly ended and as expected Tsunade had blown up. She lost her bet without any resistance and the horse which she had chosen even arrived at the last place which made her even more depressed.

Though, unexpectedly, the horse which was chosen by Zookeeper had won which made them surprised and they felt even more surprised at Haru who had also won by copying Zookeeper's bet.


"This is unfair! I'll copy Zookeeper's bets too!" Tsunade thought that she would be able to win.

The Zookeeper nodded and didn't mind, but she was wondering why she might lose after this.

Haru was curious and also wanted to see how unlucky his wife was.



Everyone was looking at Tsunade with speechless expressions and it seemed that she was more unlucky than they had thought since the horse which was chosen by Tsunade slipped at the last moment and made him lose her bet again.

"...I, I will win next time!"

The three women looked at Haru at that moment.

"How about we go to the next place?"

Haru loved his wife, but he was troubled by her gambling habit. If he became a woman and Tsunade became a man, then he was sure that Tsunade would become a good-for-nothing husband who was alcoholic and gambling addict which he often saw on the TV drama.

Fortunately, Tsunade was born a woman and she had very large weapons on her chest.

Tsunade grumbled and pouted since she wanted to continue to gamble, but she was carried by Haru then her mouth was shut by his kiss.


"Let's go."

Looking at Haru's overbearing attitude, Tsunade nodded with a blush.


The three women looked at Tsunade with envious expressions, they knew even if she had very bad luck at gambling, but she had good luck at finding a husband which made them jealous to death.

Then after they went out they continued with their trip since it was just the beginning.