Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1121

Volume 1 Chapter 1121 Special Trip

Their trip was quite interesting and they visited various places from town to town, tasting various good food, and watching beautiful scenery.

Zookeeper, Kanako, and beautiful receptionist thought that this trip was very wonderful. Even though sometimes, they needed to go to a gambling den in various cities which made them speechless.

After owning a pachinko and mahjong parlor in this world, he thought that he should open a casino in his original world. He remembered that the prospect of Jeju Island in South Korea was quite good and it was just the beginning of its popularity. He thought to buy some land on that island to build a casino since one of his fiancee had gambling as a hobby. He also felt that it would be good business since he knew the popularity of Jeju Island in the future.

After their trip to Takarazuka, they went to various places before they arrived at Izu.

Haru had heard that the students from 1-A Class and 1-B Class in the hero departement would go to the summer camp. He wasn't sure, but he had a feeling that something would happen this summer camp or else the story in this world wouldn't be interesting, but he was sure that it was just a prelude. He wanted to wait for the climax to catch the "All-For-One" and ended the quest quickly.

Haru looked at Zookeeper, Kanako, and beautiful receptionist; and felt a bit worried to leave them, but he needed to go back after all.

When they arrived at Izu, Haru had booked a hot spring hotel beforehand. What he loved the most was to enjoy a hot spring pool, especially with a beautiful girl, but before that he decided to visit Cape Irozaki since he had heard the scenery in this place was beautiful.

"Is it beautiful?" Tsunade asked while looking at the scenery around her surroundings since she couldn't appreciate it. Though, she could see that the three women seemed to be awed when they looked at this place.

"You're more beautiful," Haru said without hesitation.

Tsunade snorted, but snuggled into his arms.


Kanako, Zookeeper, and the beautiful receptionist were wondering whether Haru's intention to bring them to this holiday was to torture them with this lovey-dovey act.


During the night, Tsunade didn't expect Haru to be so brazen as to ask her to change into a wedding dress. Even though she rejected it at first, telling him that she wouldn't wear the wedding dress no matter what.

However, her mouth might not be dishonest, but her body was honest.

Haru escaped from the hotel with Tsunade leaving Kanako, Zookeeper, and the beautiful receptionist behind on the hotel somewhere.

"Where are we going?" Tsunade asked curiously.

Haru had to admit that he was attracted to Tsunade who was in a wedding dress.

"It's a surprise. Just wait."


It took them 20 minutes before they arrived at the location.


Tsunade was quite surprised at the thing in front of her. She looked at him and asked, "Yacth?"

"Yes, I've borrowed it."

Haru felt that it was too wasteful to buy a yacht in this world since he would return soon. He held Tsunade's hand and said, "I'm sorry that I can only prepare this kind of party for our wedding." During his wedding with Esdeath, it was so grand since he was an Emperor and Esdeath was the general of the Empire. It was normal for their wedding to be so grand, but it was different for his wedding with Tsunade in this world since they didn't know many people and he couldn't make a grand wedding for her. He wanted to have a reception for his wedding, but he didn't know anyone before which made him a bit helpless.

"You can sail it right?" Haru asked. He didn't have any experience sailing a yacht after all.

"Of course, leave it to me."

Tsunade could ride on anything as long as she touched it. Of course, she could also ride on the top of her husband, though, she couldn't do it for a long time since it drained her stamina.


Haru and Tsunade enjoyed their time on the yacht before she stopped on the quiet dock in the city. Both of them laid on the bed while staring at the starry night sky since the rooftop of the yacht was transparent which made them able to see the sky. They flirted with each other talking about a lot of things which was very fun.

"Sorry," Haru suddenly said.

Tsunade raised her eyebrow and asked, "What's wrong?"

Haru turned his head to stare at Tsunade who was laying using his arm as a pillow. "I've met you first, but I've decided to marry Esdeath first. Even if you say that you're alright with it, I've always felt that it is unfair to you."

Tsunade sighed and said, "And here, I've thought about what you're going to say." She stared at him and flicked her finger at Haru's forehead.


Haru caressed his forehead and looked at Tsunade in confusion.

"I've reminded you before that I'm old and I'm different from the rest of the girls. I love to gamble, I love to drink alcohol, and I've made a lot of debt for you. I'm a very bad woman and I've always wondered whether you've regretted marrying me."

"No! Of course not! I've never thought so, believe me."

Tsunade smiled and gave a soft kiss on Haru's lips. "Thank you. I'm happy."

"Me too."

Tsunade shook her head and said, "You don't understand."

"What do you mean?"

"You know that my world is very cruel, right? There are a lot of wars and because of that war, I've lost a lot of my loved ones. My little brother, ex-boyfriend, family, etc...."

Haru knew that Tsunade had a boyfriend in the past and he had always wondered what she was thinking about that boyfriend.

"What do you think of that boyfriend? Do you miss him?"

Tsunade looked at him and said, "In the past, I've always dreamed of him. Dream about how he died in front of me, but that dream has started to change when I'm with you. Right now, I've always dreamed of a dream where you've always asked me for a mating everyday."


Haru was speechless, but he had a blush on his face.

"Th... that is inevitable. You have such a s.e.xy body after all."

Tsunade pulled his arms to hug her waist then snuggled into his chest.

"Thank you... thank you for appearing in my life... thank you for bringing me to this peaceful world where I can feel what it feels like to have a normal family..."

Haru took a deep breath and whispered. "If you want, we can make one now."

Tsunade blushed and shook her head. "I'm not ready.... I, I mean... I'm not a good woman nor a good wife. I'm afraid to make a bad example for my child..."

"Well, we can make it in the future. As long as you're ready..."

Haru kissed Tsunade's forehead.

Tsunade snuggled further since she loved it when she was being kissed on the forehead. She looked at him and said, "I like this world. When everything in my world is over, can we stay in this world?"

"As long as you want."

Tsunade loved this world since in this world anyone only knew her as a skilled doctor, and not as someone from Senju Clan, the 5th Hokage, or the best medical ninja. She thought that in the future, if she really had a child then she might decide to let them live in this world. Even though there was a villain in this world, she felt that they were cute compared to the enemy which she had faced in her world.

"By the way, you should do something about other girls beside me since I'm sure that all of them are waiting for you." Tsunade looked at Haru with a stern expression.


Haru was speechless and asked, "Do we have to talk about that matter now?"

"Embrace me, Haru...." Tsunade stared at Haru and waited for him to eat her.

"Don't think about sleeping tonight."

Haru had decided to make this night into a special night for both of them and let loose all the limits on his body by becoming a beast that was ready to enjoy the beautiful woman in front of him.

Tsunade looked at him with a provocation expression and said, "Do it."

What is Tsunade's favorite thing in this world? Of course, it is her time to mate with Haru.