Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1122

Volume 1 Chapter 1122 About To End

When Tsunade had won a gamble, everyone knew that there was something wrong and they were right. They hurriedly returned to Tokyo after Haru received news that a group of villains had attacked the training camp.

Haru didn't drive his car, rather the one who drove the car was Tsunade since she was more proficient than him at riding something, though, he decided to leave first since he knew that there was something important happening.

"I'll return as soon as possible. You should go first."


Haru left directly driving the Sleipnir which he had gotten from the previous quest directly back to Tokyo. It only took them an hour before he arrived at the U.A. High School and could see a number of reporters right in front of the school. He hooked up his zipper to the cloud and entered the school from the air.


Nezu was startled when Haru suddenly appeared on the window of his office.

"I've returned quickly from my trip when I've heard that there is something wrong with the summer camp, so what's wrong?"

Haru didn't know the details and only heard the general information about the attack.

Nezu sighed in relief when he saw Haru and said, "Follow me, we'll start the strategy meeting to save our student as soon as possible!"


Haru knew that they needed to act as soon as possible to end this matter quickly. He would be lying if he wasn't angry since as their teacher he had made some connections with some students, especially since it was his first time as a teacher. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_47659356476458103 for visiting.


"We established a training camp to prepare for the battle against the villains, and then they attacked it. The irony of it is embarrassing."

Inside the meeting room, all of the teachers of the U.A. in the hero department gathered together thinking about how to solve this matter.

"This whole "Villain Revival".... we took it too lightly. They've already begun their war... The war to destroy our hero society."

"It isn't easy to destroy it." Haru didn't think too much about the villains who would hide in the dark.

"I'm just mad at how useless I was.... I was relaxing in the bath while they were out there fighting for their lives," Toshinori said of depression.

Everyone continued to talk about how this attack could happen and why Bakugou would be the one who was being kidnapped.

Haru was also surprised since he didn't expect for the villains to kidnap Bakugou since in his mind, he knew that the one who would least likely become a villain was Bakugou since he knew outer of that rough appearance, that guy's heart was softie. He could even say that Bakugou was tsundere, but with more "tsun-tsun" on his personality.

"We have a mole."

Present Mic thought that the reason why the villains could attack the training camp was because there was a mole who would sniff out the information in the school to the villains.

Haru shook his head and said, "I don't think so. I don't think that there are moles among us."

Haru's words surprised everyone.

"What makes you think so?" Present Mic asked.

"I feel that it is a coincidence."


"If I'm not wrong then these "villains" have something to do with "All-For-One", right?"

Hearing the name of "All-For-One" directly from Haru's mouth, they were startled.

"If I'm not wrong, then this villain has the ability to steal an ability from someone and I feel that this group of villains have been staring at the training camp for a while and by chance they met our students before they decided to attack them."

"Stealing ability? What ability?"

Haru took out his hologram screen and showed a picture of "Wild, Wild P.u.s.s.ycats" who were helping the training camp for the students.

"I've heard that one of the members of "Wild, Wild P.u.s.s.ycats" has also disappeared and from what I know the ability of that disappeared member is "Search". That ability is very useful in my opinion."


Haru's deduction surprised everyone and thought that it was logical. They also tended to believe in Haru's words rather than believe that there was a mole within them.

"However we can't erase the possibility of a mole in our school and rather than trying to find who is the mole, is it better to retrieve Bakugou back as soon as possible and catch them...."

Haru knew that his quest would also end soon and he really couldn't wait to catch "All-For-One".

"Bruno, do you have some history with "All-For-One"?" Toshinori asked since he could feel that Haru seemed to be very eager for this mission.

"Nothing." Haru shook his head and said, "My parents have been killed by "All-For-One" so I want to catch him as soon as possible." He was bullshitting at that moment since he wanted to catch "All-For-One" as soon as possible.


They were in shock when they heard Haru's words.

"Let's not talk about my matter and talk about how we solve this matter? Do any of us know their location o---"

Suddenly there was a sound of ringing on the smartphone of Toshinori and Haru.

"You should turn off your ringtone during an important mission!" Present Mic said.

Haru checked his smartphone and said, "It's from the police. They might have found a clue about these villains."


Everyone became serious and told him to connect to his phone. Though, Toshinori decided to go out since he could ask what they were talking about after he had done with his phone.

Haru spoke with the police and they told him that they knew about the location of the hideout of the villains which made everyone sigh in relief and excited since they knew that they would be able to save Bakugou as soon as possible.

Toshinari returned and said, "I know the location of the hideout of the villains!"


Everyone nodded regardless.

Though, they also heard that Yaoyorozu also seemed to have some clue with villains too which brought them another piece of good news.

However, Haru frowned when he heard that Yaoyorozu had gotten hurt which made him clenched his smartphone tightly. He calmed himself and decided to go to his hospital since all of the students who were wounded by this incident were recuperating in his hospital (his hospital has a coorporation with the school).


Inside Yaoyorozu's room at the Hosu General Hospital, she told Haru, Toshinori and the captain of the police about what had happened at the training camp. She had told them that she had stuck the transceiver on one of the Nomu.

"The device is receiving a tracking signal. Please use it in your investigation."

"Thank you, well done, Yaoyorozu," Haru said and praised Yaoyorozu.

Being patted and praised, Yaoyorozu couldn't help but cry since she felt very incompetent at that moment. She was so weak that she couldn't save her friends and let them be kidnapped.

Haru stayed to console her for a bit, but he didn't expect that he was being hugged. He could see that the expression of Toshinori and the police became dubious at him thinking that he had laid his hands on the students, but he reminded everyone that it wasn't the time for such a thing and they needed to strike the villains as soon as possible when they weren't being prepared.

Toshinori and the police also agreed and decided to prepare as soon as possible.

"Take a rest. You're not weak. You've become a great help for us."

"Yes, Sensei..."

When Yaoyorozu was with Haru, she wanted to be spoiled and showed her weak side at that moment.

"I've got to go now. You can wait for tomorrow's headline to be about a hero who is winning against the villains."

"Yes, Sensei!"

Yaoyozoru believed that Haru could really solve everything.

"Let's go, Bruno."

"Alright, All Might."

Both of them decided to end this farce as soon as possible.