Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1123

Volume 1 Chapter 1123 Raid 1

Midoriya, Iida, Kirishima, Todoroki, and Yaoyorozu moved out quietly from the hospital to save Bakugou. Even though they knew that it was illegal and they knew that they would be caught in trouble, they couldn't stop themselves, especially Iida, who had been taught by Haru in the test before.

Sometimes logic won't work.

Iida understood why Midoriya, Todoroki, and Kirishima decided to save Bakugou, and even thought as a class representative that he needed to stop them, but he couldn't do that. However, he decided to come with them to see this through and to monitor them so they wouldn't do something stupid.

Yaoyorozu also decided to come with them since she also felt quite responsible about this matter and she knew that she was the only one who could guide them.

The five of them quickly moved to Shinjuku, but they didn't expect to see a live press conference by the U.A. High School. They saw Nezu, Aizawa, and Vlad King appear in their suits right in front of a number of reporters.

The content of this press conference was about the public apology since U.A. High School couldn't protect their students from U.A. High School.

It had been three times that the villains had attacked the students and one attack on the teacher.

Fortunately that teacher was Bruno and if it was someone else then they wouldn't think someone could stay alive from the attack of Hero Killer and three Nomu.

However, it couldn't erase the responsibility of U.A. High School for this problem.

It isn't something strange in this country when a public figure or famous organization does something wrong, the public love to corner that public figure or famous organization to do a public apology on the press conference.

The media is dirty. Capitalism is dirty. As long as there is money, they can even sell a hero to the public making them a scapegoat.

But that didn't mean that the U.A. High School would show weakness and told the public that they would retrieve their students back and catch the villains who had caused this matter.


Inside a dilipated bar, Bakugou was being caught by a group of villains. His body was being tied and his hands were being chained. However, he kept glaring at them and didn't show his weakness.

"Why are they criticizing a hero, huh?"

Shiragaki spread his arms wide while looking at Bakugou. "Their only crime was only doing too little, too late! It's their job to protect people, but anyone can screw up now and then, right? Why are people expecting them to be perfect? Heroes today sure have it rough, I'd say. Am I right, Bakugou?"

The young man with a face similar to reptile had a face that seemed to despise the hero.

"The minute protecting people comes with a paycheck being a hero stopped being a hero. That is what Stain has taught us!"

The name of this young man is Spinner and he's a member of the League of Villains.

There are nine people inside this dilipated bar including Bakugou and the rest of them are members of the League of Villains which is being gathered together because of Hero Killer's video.

Bakugou snorted and said, "And your idol is dead with only one punch from Bruno-sensei!"

"...You..!" Spinner seemed to become agitated when Bakugou mocked his idol.

Shiragaki raised his arm to stop Spinner.


"Calm down." Shiragaki seemed to have matured for some reason and said, "Bruno, the one which you mentioned in your mouth, isn't a hero."

"Whatever." Bakugou didn't think that he had anything to talk about with a villain.

Shiragaki was calm and he started to tell Bakugou what was so wrong with society since he wanted to invite Bakugou to his group. He told him that his war was for justice, society, and heroism in this society. He also told him that everyone in this place was someone with their own stories and they had come with their own purposes to make the world better.

Bakugou didn't listen and the words which came to his right ear came out to his left ear.

If the person who did this speech was Haru then the world would turn into a riot. Unfortunately, the one who did this speech was Shiragaki, a nameless villain whose name was only slightly famous because Haru caught him.

To initiate a revolution, someone needs a big mouth and thick skin. They also need a considerable reputation so someone will follow him without hesitation.

And Shigaraki wasn't that person. In the future, it might be, but not now.

Shiragaki then told Twice to untie Bakugou, to which Twice sighed since he knew he needed to. Shiragaki looked at Bakugou calmly, but when Bakugou had been untied Bakugou sent out an explosion right on Shiragaki's face.


"You and all or all of you are yapping. Can't stand a moron like you who can't get to the damn point! Basically, you want to make an excuse for the trouble that you've and want to cause, right? What a joke!"

Bakugou glared at Shiragaki and said, "I've always admired All Might! No matter what you jerks are going to say, nothing is going to change that!"


In other places a group of heroes and police had gathered together.

The group was being led by two heroes.

One was being led by All Might and one was being led by Haru.

It wasn't that the two of them were being nominated as heroes, but everyone in this place unconsciously listened to their words, especially Haru.

Haru's charisma was very high. He was an Emperor, General, president, and Legion leader. He had gotten used to becoming a leader, especially after he had awoken his "Haoshoku Haki" which made his presence even more prominent.

"I'll go toward the hideout. I'll leave the Nomu to you, Bruno!"

Toshinori, who was in his All Might's form, seemed to be several times more powerful than before. His health had returned after the operation which he had received by Tsunade before.

"Leave it to me."

Haru then looked at Best Jeanist, Ingenium, Gang Orca, and Mt. Lady who would follow him on the raid where Nomu was being kept.

"Ladies and gentleman, I want to say some pleasantries and to know all of you beforehand, but time won't allow us."

Haru clenched his hand and said, "The best time to attack is when the enemy isn't being prepared and that time is now!" He bowed his head slightly and said, "So please give us your help."

Best Jeanist, Ingenium, Gang Orca, Tiger, and Mt. Lady were moved by Haru's words. They also knew that Haru also felt responsible about this matter since he was one of the teachers at U.A. High School.

"It's our first time meeting with each other, but I'll do my best to catch the villains." Best Jeanist seemed to show his gentlemanly personality and he also seemed to be attracted to Haru since their ability was quite similar to each other.

"We're friends, right?" Ingenium smiled under his helmet.

"Let's just teach those villains that they've made the wrong enemies!" Gang Orca was similar to a villain.

"My dear family is being caught and I'll do anything to retrieve her back." Tiger, who seemed to be a transvestite, showed his manly side.

"Yes, let's do our best, Bruno!"

Mt. Lady moved close to Haru and even held his hands. She was in her early 20's, but it wouldn't hurt to marry earlier, right?

"Thank you, then let's start our operation!"

Haru could feel that Endeavor was staring at him, but he ignored him since he didn't have time to manage him. He took a deep breath and knew that it was time to end this quest. He might be able to catch the group of villains alone, but he would leave this world after all and if he caught the villains by himself then the people in this world wouldn't grow up. He was a hero, but before that he was also a teacher in this world, and he didn't mind teaching the group of heroes to become stronger.

"Let's go!"