Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1124

Volume 1 Chapter 1124 Raid 2

At the press conference, Aizawa and Nezu answered the questions of the reporters one by one. Even though the questions of the reporters were very provocative, they knew that they couldn't get angry and needed to answer their questions calmly. They knew that they were in the wrong since they had let Bakugou be caught by the villains, but in the end, they could solve this matter, or rather they were on their way to solve this matter.

However, during the press conference one of the reporters asked the question about the character of Bakugou who might become a villain.

Hearing that question, Aizawa was furious, but he calmed himself and answered that question with a calm attitude that there was no way that Bakugou would become the villain. He might not be able to prove it, but as his teacher, he believed in Bakugou.


"Hah! You hear that! The U.A. believes in me! Got it now, League of Sc.u.mbags!"

Bakugou glared, but inside his head he was thinking about how to handle the opponents in front of him. Even though he knew that he was powerful, he knew that it was quite difficult to fight all of them at the same time. He knew that they wouldn't attack him since they were trying to attack him through a psychological method, but it was useless since he was Bakugou.

"Just so you know, I've got permission to fight back!"

Bakugou's hands were full of sweat and he could explode those glycerin sweats anytime, but he wasn't hasty and waited for the right time.

"This kid is good. It seems that he understands his position."

"Can I stab him?"

One transvestite and one girl seemed to look at Bakugou with interest.

"You can't do that, he's going to become our member after all," Kurogiri said.

However, Shiragaki, who was being attacked by Bakugou, raised his hand and seemed ready to attack Bakugou.

"You can't do that, Shiragaki!" Kurogori tried to stop Shiragaki since he knew how Shiragaki's temper was.

Shiragaki raised his hand again and grabbed the hand which he usually used to cover his mask.

"Stay back all of you."

Shiragaki glared at Bakugou and said, "He's our pawn."


Bakugou tightened the muscle on his body, but he didn't move since he could feel how dangerous this man was.

"I thought that we could understand each other."


"I see... I've heard about the hero's investigation and I don't have time to convince you." Shiragaki looked toward the old television and said, "Master, lend me your power."

"Very well..... a smart choice, Shiragaki."

But suddenly...



The wall of the building was destroyed then one by one heroes appeared one after another and caught all of the villains in this dilipated bar.

However, there was one figure who attracted everyone's gaze at this moment.

"Because here we are....!!!"

When Bakugou saw this figure, he knew that he had been saved.


On another place, Haru and his group went in the direction where Nomu was by using the tracking device which was created by Yaoyorozu.

When all of them arrived at the location, they could see a large factory which seemed to be very deserted.

If they didn't receive a tracking device from Yaoyorozu then they wouldn't think that this location was the hiding place of the villains.

Haru used his "Kenbunshoku Haki" and he could see a lot of figures who seemed to be sleeping or rather without moving inside. He wasn't sure, but he didn't see any movement from those figures. Even though "Kenbunshoku Haki" might be able to detect the presence or an intent from someone, it didn't mean that detect meant that he was able to visualize it similar to the way he saw someone using his eyes.

If so then this power wouldn't be called "Kenbunshoku Haki", but rather clairvoyance.

However, Haru also detected a familiar figure who was hiding behind the wall.

'These guys...'

Haru was speechless and didn't expect that his students would be in this place. Even though he couldn't visualize them, he was familiar with their presence which made him able to know their identity in an instant.

'I'll spank them later.'

"What's wrong, Bruno?" Mt. Lady asked.

"Nothing. Let's just crack this building over, can you Mt. Lady?" Haru asked.

Mt. Lady patted her chest and said, "Leave it to me!" She didn't hesitate to use her power then made her body into a giant.

Looking at Mt. Lady's power, Haru felt that her ability was indeed powerful, but it was quite difficult to use it in the city, however, she also had a lot of advantages because of this power.

In Haru's mind, he felt that Mt. Lady was quite lucky since she could turn her size into normal since he also had seen a lot of people who couldn't turn their body back to a normal size and stayed in the giant size forever.

Mt. Lady put a police car on her feet to protect her feet. Even though her power increased by using her ability, she could still get hurt after all. She raised her feet high and slammed it toward the factory.


In an instant, the factory crumbled because of Mt. Lady's attack and everyone including Haru entered the factory without hesitation.

Haru could see the number of Nomu who was being kept inside a glass water tank. He could sense the presence of everything and he could feel someone walking in their direction. Using his "Kenbunshoku Haki", he could see the future which was about to happen, though, he didn't feel panic since he had grasped the strength of his opponents.

All Might was powerful and Haru had to admit that All Might might be the strongest people in this world.

His "Kenbunshoku Haki" could grasp the power of his target to see whether they were more powerful or weaker than him and he could tell clearly that he could defeat this last boss.

However, before that, Haru was going to wreck the havoc in this place, destroying everything. He still had his grudge against this group since they had destroyed his office. Fortunately, his office had been rebuilt, but he would return back to his world soon which made him feel a bit helpless.

Haru destroyed everything without hesitation and he might even think to burn this place down. Though, his action didn't seem to cause a commotion among everyone since they were busy on their own.

Tiger retrieved Rag Doll who had been kidnapped by a villain.

"What's wrong, Ragdoll? Talk to me!"

The factory had turned into a ruin, and Haru stopped and said, "Guys, go out quickly."


Everyone seemed to be confused by Haru's words.

"Sorry, Tiger, I've had my eyes on her Quirk for a while. It was so good and I had to have it."

Suddenly someone appeared from the back of the factory which startled everyone.

Haru didn't waste his time and grabbed everyone using his zipper throwing them out.


Everyone was confused by Haru's actions, but suddenly the man also didn't waste his time and raised his palm before.....


This man released a powerful shockwave which destroyed everything in its path. It was so powerful that it had destroyed several buildings which happened to be in its path. However suddenly, he was startled when....


The man's head was kicked and he had fallen on the ground, but when he was about to fight back, his head was stomped very hard.


The ground cracked and that stomp caused a web-like crater on the ground.

"I've destroyed your cool entrance, what are you going to do now?"

Haru was sure that this last boss was going to say something, but he didn't care and destroyed the momentum of the last boss in this world telling him how powerless he was in front of him.