Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1125

Volume 1 Chapter 1125 Who Is Villain?

When All Might and the other heroes were about to retrieve Bakugou back suddenly Bakugou was being absorbed into black water.

Not only Bakugou, but Shiragaki along with his companions also disappeared inside black water.


All Might shouted with all of his mouth and felt at loss. He slammed to the ground before making up his decision to catch the villain who had caused this mess.



Best Jeanist, Mt. Lady, Tiger, Gang Orca, Ingenium, along with a group of police couldn't utter a word when they saw the destruction which happened in front of them. They had heard Haru's warning, but before they reacted, they suddenly were thrown out directly. They were wondering what had happened, but when they realized that had happened it was too late.

Ingenium stood up hurriedly and shouted, "BRUNO!!!!"

Hearing Ingenium's words, they hurriedly realized the danger that Haru might be facing and how he had saved them.



"Stay there!"

Haru shouted while stomping All-For-One's head. He had kicked his helmet and could see the face behind that helmet. Or rather this guy didn't have a face and only had a mouth on his face which made his appearance quite bizarre.

Haru knew that besides him or All Might, it was impossible to face this last boss, and rather the rest of heroes would become a burden for him, it was better to evacuate the people in this area since this place would become danger zone soon.


Haru jumped out and escaped from the air blast which was sent by All-For-One.


Building after building was destroyed by that air blast which made everyone shudder and couldn't move.

Midoriya and his group also felt a pressure which they had never felt before and they almost puked out all the things within their stomach.

Haru stood on his zipper which he had stuck on the cloud which made him appear as if he was standing in the air.

"You can't face him. I'll fight him, you can evacuate the people."



Another air blast was sent toward Haru, but Haru's movement was very agile and he escaped from that attack.

However, that airblast was so powerful that it destroyed the thick cloud in the sky which separated the connection between his zipper and cloud and made him lose his footing, landing on the ground.


The words which came out from their mouths stuck since they could see the difference of power between them and All-For-One.

"What are you dawdling for?! There are a lot of people who need your help! Help them to evacuate, hurry!"

Hearing Haru's roar, they woke up and knew that they needed to prioritize the people.

"Don't lose, bastard!" Ingenium moved quickly to save people.

Beast Jeanist, Gang Orca, Tiger, Mt. Lady, and group of police moved very fast to evacuate the people in this area since they knew that the only one who could face All-For-One at this moment was the hero in front of them, Bruno.

Haru looked at All-For-One and All-For-One also looked at Haru.

"Oh-ho... you're sacrificing yourself to save all of the people in this area? How admirable, hero."

Haru could see that All-For-One was annoyed and even furious since he had stomped his head before, and at the same time, this guy was so arrogant thinking that he would lose in this battle.

"If I go to save people, then who is going to beat the shit out of you?"

Then All-For-One saw Haru walking toward him which made him sneer.

"Beat the shit out of me? Hero, are you half-asleep right now? If so then I'll help you to sleep, forever that is!"

All-For-One sent out another air blast but this time his palm was kicked into the air which changed the direction of his aim.


"With your power? You're nothing, but another thug in front of my eyes? Don't get arrogant, villains!"

Haru sent out a right hook right into All-For-One's face which made him lose a few of his teeth.


All-For-One had to admit that Haru's punch was powerful, but he didn't think that this arrogant hero was able to defeat him, especially after this guy had mocked him several times.

"I've heard that you're All Might's rival, but your power is only so-so. Is this the villain kingpin of the century? Don't make me laugh!"

Haru didn't even put All-For-One in his eyes and he even put a disdainful expression on his face. He then smirked then said, "I know, how about I catch you in jail so you'll have a matching spot where your lover boy has lost his anal v.i.r.g.i.nity later? Or should I ask that lover boy, what is his name again.... Oh, right! Shiragashit... I should send him to jail with you too so you won't be bored in jail and become a couple together, playing each other's ass, tending each other wounds, and doing a happy thing, that isn't bad life, right? It's better than hiding in the sewer in fear like a dirty rat."

Trash talk.

It was Haru's best skill and his opponents who heard him would puke blood, losing composure, etc.

Haru was the best at bullshitting and he was also the best at trash talking his opponents.

His voice was so loud that it made some heroes, police, people, along with Midoriya and his people speechless. If the person who was being trash talked by Haru was them then they would lose their composure directly.

Though, at the same time, they also understood Haru's strategy. They knew how powerful All-For-One was and it was part of a strategy to make All-For-One lose his composure during the battle.

However, even though they hid it, they also felt excited when they heard his trash talk since it felt comfortable when someone scolded and mocked the king of villains. They also wanted to do that, but they were too afraid to do it.

That's why they loved Haru at this moment, though, they were also worried about what would happen to Haru after he had provoked this powerful opponent.

"So I'll give you a chance since I'm very kind."

Haru raised his finger and said, "Give up now. Don't worry, I'll prepare a good jail for you and your lover boy."

However, All-For-One raised his palm and only said a single word.



This air blast was different from the one which he had shot before and it was several times stronger which blew everything on the path.


All-For-One didn't need to take a second glance since he knew that bastard had died. He took a deep breath and calmed himself. He understood why Shiragaki and Kurogiri told him that Haru wasn't a hero, but this guy was simply a f.u.c.k.i.n.g bastard. Then he raised his arm and black water appeared in the air before it spit out Bakugou, Shiragaki, and Shiragaki's companion.

"Apologies, Bakugou."

All-For-One then looked at Shiragaki and said, "You've failed again, Tomura. But you mustn't lose your heart. There will be more chances---"

"No, there isn't more chance since all of you are going to end up in jail right now."


Everyone was startled when they suddenly saw Haru appear beside them.

"Don't get caught again, Bakugou."

"B, Bruno-sensei..."

Bakugou almost cried when he saw Haru.

"Midoriya, take care of Bakugou."

Haru threw Bakugou out to Midoriya's hiding place.

"I won't let you!"

All-For-One was about to send out his air blast to Midoriya's hiding place, but suddenly his hand was forced to change its direction and that direction was moving toward....

Shiragaki and his little bands saw that All-For-One was aiming the air blast toward them then...


Shiragaki and his little bands were blown away directly since they received a direct hit.


There was a change in expression on All-For-One's face, even though he only had a mouth.

"I've told you, right? There isn't another time." Haru spread his arms and said, "Your next place isn't in this society, but in jail, criminal."


Being filled with rage, All-For-One was about to kill the hero in front of him, but he had chosen the wrong opponent. He was slapped and blown away, falling into the ground with a full mouth of dirt.