Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1126

Volume 1 Chapter 1126 Over?

Midoriya, Bakugou, Todoroki, Kirishima, Iida, and Yaoyorozu had escaped from the battlefield as soon as possible when Bakugou was thrown toward them. They believed that Haru would be able to win, and that was why they decided to run since they didn't want to become a burden for him.

However, at the same time, they realized that Haru had realized that they had been in that place for a while which made them stunned.

Does Bruno-sensei have another ability?

It was what was in their minds at that moment since it felt as if Haru was able to detect their presence, however, they decided to bury that question inside their hearts since they knew that his battle wasn't over.


Shiragaki and his little bands were attacked by an All-For-One air blast. Even though Shiragaki's resilience was quite good, it didn't mean that he could come out unscathed from it.

The worst was Shiragaki's little bands since they didn't Shiragaki's resilience after all and most of them passed out while some of them were m.o.a.ning in pain.

"Shiragaki, you're alright?"


"This will be my last battle and the next one is you."

All-For-One stood up once again after he had been punched by Haru. He owned a super regeneration ability which made him able to heal his wounds in an instant. He didn't expect Haru to be a stronger opponent than he had thought and as a teacher, it was his job to protect his student. His fingers turned into black tendrils that had prominent red cracked, jagged, far-reaching spikes that pierced into Kurogiri's body.

Kurogiri, who was unconscious, suddenly moved and activated his ability creating a warp which was ready to let them escape.

Forced Quirk Activation.

It was an ability which All-For-One had stolen in the past.

"Now, hurry up and go since he's going to come."

Shiragaki and his little bands who weren't passed out knew that they needed to run, especially from this person.

"Oh? Going home quickly? The party isn't over yet, right?"

"...This bastad..? Is this guy a hero?" Dabi cursed.

"Of course, I'm a hero." Haru smiled and said, "Hey, you, you, you...." He pointed his finger at Dabi, Twice, Toga, Spinner, Mr. Compress, and Magne. He pointed at everyone beside Kurogori, Shiragaki, and All-For-One.

"I can hire all of you. I can give you a place to live. I can give you as much money as you want."


Dabi, Toga, Spinner, Twiche, Mr. Compress, and Magne were stunned.

"You're here because you don't belong anywhere, right? Then I can give you a place where no one needs to worry about the difference." Haru smiled and said, "But in exchange, I want you to catch that lover boy of this ugly bastard." He pointed his finger at Shiragaki, and he could see fear on Shiragaki's face.


They really didn't know what to say since it was their first time hearing such a thing.

"Do you really want to entrust your life to him? The person who has been hiding in the sewer like a dirty rat? Do you want to live like that forever? Don't you want some happiness too like other people?"


"Sh, shut up! You... You've caught Hero Killer! I, it is all because of you!" Spinner pointed his finger at Haru.

Shaking his head, Haru looked at Spinner in pity.

"W, what's that expression?!" Spinner was furious when he was being looked down on by Haru.

"Your name is Spinner, right? Open your eyes! You've been deluded by him." Haru pointed his finger at All-For-One.

Spinner was stunned and asked, "W, what do you mean?"

Haru looked at Spinner and could see that this guy was very pure, but he loved such a guy since this kind of guy was simple.

"Can you tell? This person has been using Hero Killer to attack me so he can save his lover boy, over there."


Haru could see the expression of Magne, Toga, and Spinner became stunned. He smiled inwardly and his expression turned soft.

"There's a chance. If you don't have a place, then I'll provide it for all of you. It's alright if you don't return your ho---"

Haru moved sideways and dodged All-For-One's attack, but his mask was blown away by All-For-One's air blast. He didn't have any wounds and his expression was very calm, however, that was so scary for all of them.

But when his face was shown, everyone was stunned since this guy was very handsome.

Even Toga and Magne blushed when they saw Haru's real face.

The cameraman who was broadcasting this battle to the entire television in the entire country also zoomed on Haru's face since his identity had always been secretive.


Everyone was stunned at this moment, especially the woman who watched the battle between Bruno and All-For-One were swooned instantly by Haru.

"Tomura. Go!"

All-For-One felt even more irritable since the world was really unfair. Such a bastard, had a handsome face? He wanted to beat up heaven at this moment, telling them to treat everyone fairly.

Shiragaki gritted his teeth and ran along with Kurogiri.

Shiragaki's little bands also decided to follow Shiragaki since All-For-One was too scary and they didn't dare to escape toward Haru since they weren't sure whether Haru was going to save them after they were attacked by All-For-One for betraying Shiragaki.



Haru suddenly released his "Hashoku Haki" which made Shiragaki and his little bands pass out directly, but they had successfully escaped. However, he didn't target them or rather he targeted the man in front of him.

"I've been trying hard to hide my identity, but since you've blown everything then I won't show you mercy."

All-For-One couldn't stand up and he held his chest since it was in pain. His head was on vertigo and he almost passed out directly. He didn't understand what had happened, but he kept trying to force himself to stay awake.

"Hoo? As expected of the stronger villain, you're quite strong."

All-For-One saw Haru start to move toward him and sweat kept dripping from his forehead.

"What are you?! Why did you destroy my ambition! What do you want to do? What have I done to you! Why you've appeared here!...."

All-For-One didn't receive his answer, but his head was grabbed by Haru.


All-For-One tried to blow him up, but his hands were separated from his body, then his legs, then his body, and lastly, it was only his head.

"Listen well... and don't forget."

All-for-one couldn't understand how someone could be this powerful.

"I don't care about your ambition nor do I care about what you're doing, but you've touched my students. And the price of hurting my students is very heavy.....

All-For-One wanted to say something, but the pressure which was released by Haru was so strong.

"Unfortunately, I'm a hero. If I'm a police officer or army then I'll have permission to kill you here."


"If you're worried about your lover's boy then don't worry, I won't chase after them."

"...Why?" All-For-One was stunned when he heard these words.

"Because your lover boy is a perfect stepping stone for my student. To become a strong hero, they need a rival and your lover's boy is a perfect target for that."

All-For-One wanted to laugh at this moment. In the eyes of Haru, his best creation was only a stepping stone to educate a stronger hero.

"But for you, don't ever think that you'll have a good day after what you've done to this place."

All-For-One didn't understand what these words meant, but he regretted it when he realized what it meant.


All Might came and saw the destruction which happened in this area.

"Ha-- Bruno!"

All Might saw a familiar figure standing there alone with something in his hand.

"Th, that...!"

"All-For-One." Haru threw All-For-One's head toward All Might and said, "A gift for you."


All Might was speechless when his nemesis was destroyed very easily. "Is it over?"

"Yeah, it is over for us."

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"I mean, it is time for the next generation."

"Next generation, huh?"

All Might nodded then looked at All-For-One's head. He knew that this guy didn't die since he could see All-For-One's body twitching on the ground.

"Right, All Might, no, Toshinori."

"Shhh! You can't say my real name here!"

All Might became nervous and hurriedly closed Haru's mouth.

"Calm down, no one is able to hear our conversation."


"Well, Toshi, do you want to join our group?"