Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1127

Volume 1 Chapter 1127 Retirement

After Haru had caught All-For-One, it was quite peaceful. However, he needed to do a press conference along with Nezu, Aizawa, Vlad, and All Might.

The five of them did a press conference to tell the result of the incident and how they had successfully caught the legendary criminal while telling the world that the hero was invincible.

Because of Tsunade, All Might's health wasn't deteriorated and he was very healthy at that moment.

For Shiragaki, Haru didn't care much. Even if Shiragaki could grow stronger, it didn't mean that All Might, Midoriya, and his students couldn't become stronger too.

In this press conference, Haru also announced his retirement which shocked the whole country. His battle against All-For-One shocked the entire world, or rather they were surprised at how handsome this guy was.

There were a lot of girls, young mothers, grandma, and some guys who were crying when they heard that Haru was going to retire.

Haru said that his identity had been known and it was better for him to retire since he wanted to protect his family. He knew that some heroes had the guts to continue their job even though their identity had been known, but he wasn't one of them.

Haru's career was very short, but his achievement was very bright. His figure was similar to a firework, he shone brightly in the sky before disappearing into everyone's memories. Though he might become a hero from time to time, he wouldn't focus on it since he wanted to focus on his family. He also told Nezu that he was going to resign as a teacher beforehand.

"I understand, but you're welcome anytime."

Nezu felt quite sad when he had lost such a talent, but he also respected Haru's choice since he knew that Haru wasn't a pure hero. In his mind, Haru was just a man that cared about his family and for such a man, he was full of respect toward him.

In this place, only All Might knew the reason why Haru decided to retire and he still couldn't believe what he had heard few days ago.


"A, another world...!?"

Toshinori was startled when he heard the origin of Haru and Tsunade.

"That's right, we're from another world." Haru nodded.

Toshinori felt that it was unbelievable, but when he saw Haru's ability to create an ocean from nothing, he shut his mouth. Even if All-For-One was powerful, he didn't think that All-For-One was as strong as Haru since this guy was a monster. He also knew that there was a lot of weird ability in this world and it might be possible for someone to have the power to teleport to another world which made him feel a bit curious.

"So what is your purpose here?" Toshinori asked, but he knew that they didn't have a bad intention since they decided to tell him everything. He was also curious what Haru meant by invitation which had been given by Haru after All-For-One had been caught.

"We have a quest."


Then Toshinori received a smartphone from Haru which made him confused.

Haru didn't let Toshinori wait and explained what Group Chat was along with his intention to come to this world. He also invited Toshinori as a member of Group Chat since he felt that Toshinori was suitable.


Toshinori opened his mouth wide and didn't believe what he had heard.

"Group Chat?"

"Yes, a group chat."

"Why me?" Toshinori didn't understand.

Haru then told Toshinori about the quest and how dangerous it was. He told him that Toshinori could receive various rewards and a lot of things. It wasn't his first time to invite someone and he answered Toshinori's question patiently.

Though, Tsunade who was sitting beside Haru was sleeping while hugging a bottle of sake which made Haru and Toshinori speechless.

"So how about it?"

"Why not? It seems very interesting."

Toshinori heard that this group chat wasn't serious and he could visit various worlds easily. He would be lying if he didn't feel curious about another world and group chat. He was also wondering whether he was able to enter the world of comic books or movies in his world which somehow made him excited. Though, the story of magic, mecha, and various abilities also made him beaming in excitement as if he was a child who had received his new toys.

"Toshi, can I have a request?"


"I might leave this world, and I'll stop my job as a hero, so can you take care of my hero's office? Just put your name there."

Haru knew that it would be hard for Kanako, Zookeeper, and beautiful receptionist to handle the hero job after he had gone.

"It's alright, leave it to me."

Toshinori understood Haru's worry and he didn't mind helping Haru since both of them were friends.

"Thank you, I'll invite you in a few days since I don't want to be teleported back so suddenly."


Toshinori nodded and really couldn't wait to enter the group chat. Little did he know that he would be corrupted by a perverted octopus, a lazy bum, a BL lover, and various more people.


During the press conference, Haru didn't wear his mask and almost all of the cameras were focused on him since this guy was really handsome. Even if they hated to admit it, the ratings of this program kept increasing because of Haru's appearance which made the media very excited.

Some of the entertainment companies had repeatedly invited him to become a star, but of course, Haru rejected them. He didn't lack money and he would also teleport back to his original world soon.

However, in truth, his reason for not wearing a mask was to show his appearance in Kendo and Yaoyorozu since he had promised them. He couldn't meet them and they stayed at their houses at this moment after that incident. He didn't have time to visit them and he could only do this.

When the press conference ended, Haru returned to his house and Kanako, Zookeeper, and the beautiful receptionist sat in the living room with serious expression.

"Why did you decide to retire?" Kanako stared at Haru. She had a good life and even thought Haru was a bit lazy at his job, but she had to admit that her life was even happier than when she became a robber.

Haru looked at Tsunade who drank alcohol and he knew that this woman was too lazy to explain to them, leaving everything to him. He twitched his lips and decided to give some punishment to this woman. He sat beside Tsunade which made her glance at him before continuing to sleep wondering what her husband was going to do to solve this matter.

"I know that it is a bit sudden, but I've a reason why I've decided to retire."


Kanako, Zookeeper, and beautiful receptionist were quite surprised and their expression became serious.

"What is it?"

"Before that, if you want to continue to work as a hero, then you don't need to worry since I've asked All Might to take care of that office for me."


Kanako, Zookeeper, and beautiful receptionist were startled when they heard it since the name of All Might was very loud since he was known as the number one hero. They didn't expect that Haru would get All Might to take care of Haru's hero office.

"Kanako, if possible, takes care of our business too since we might leave soon."


Kanako was startled when she heard that Haru would give his business to her.

"Now, I'll tell you the reason why I've decided to retire."

Haru had a solemn expression on his face which made the atmosphere turn serious.

Everyone was quiet and Tsunade was wondering what kind of bullshit Haru was going to tell them.

Haru took a deep breath and showed a very bright smile.

"Tsunade is pregnant."


Tsunade spat out all of the alcohol in her mouth. Her nose was dripping in alcohol, but she didn't care about any of that since she wanted to strangle her husband at that moment.