Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1129

Volume 1 Chapter 1129 Return 2

"Thou Shalt Not Die" was an ability which Tsunade had received from the Group Chat.

"What kind of ability, is it?" Haru asked.

"Let me check it."

Tsunade had never heard of this kind of ability before and it shouldn't be an ability from her world. She felt a bit curious about what kind of ability this ability was.


Thou Shalt Not Die.

It is an ability which allows the user to heal external wounds. However, to heal someone they must first be "half-dead"; meaning they must have fatally serious injuries before the user can use her ability. Due to this, this ability is inconvenient for healing minimal wounds since she needs to fatally injure that person first. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #%!d(string=13659672406768405)/return-2_%!d(string=47727761615276566) for visiting.

Upon activating her ability, several butterflies come out from the user's body and land on the surrounding area. When touched by them, the injured will have their injuries healed instantly.


Then Tsunade was looking at Haru.

Haru also looked at Tsunade.


Haru took a deep breath and said, "It's impossible to test this ability on me. I don't want to be beaten up until half-dead after all."

Tsunade twitched her lips and said, "I haven't said anything!"

"Then what were your eyes? It is as if you're looking at me as if it's delicious meat."

Haru sighed and said, "I know that your husband is handsome and you want to do that kind of thing with me, but you don't need to be that impatient, right? The night is still young."


Tsunade twitched her lips at how narcissistic this guy was.

"I was just kidding." Haru smiled and said, "You can test it later on in your world later." However, he suddenly remembered something and asked, "How about your blood phobia have you cured it?" He knew that Tsunade couldn't stand the sight of blood after her previous boyfriend had died in front of her.

"It's alright. I've cured it."

Tsunade nodded and smiled when she saw him worried about her.

"Don't force yourself, but still, your ability is quite awesome since you can heal someone in an instant even though they're half-dead."

Tsunade's medical jutsu was awesome, but she still needed time to heal someone who was in half-dead state, but with the ability which she had just received, she could heal someone in an instant.

"This ability might be useful in the future." Tsunade nodded and agreed with Haru. She looked at him and said, "It is your time, how about you open your reward now?"

"Alright, I'll open it."

Haru was also curious what kind of reward he would receive from this quest. He had received quite a weird ability last time, but he had to admit that his "Booblingual" was a very powerful ability. He took a deep breath and noticed Tsunade who kept staring at the screen of his smartphone. He didn't wait any longer and opened his reward.

The lottery moved very fast until it stopped on one ability.

[ Ding! Congratulations, you've received a "Cookie" (Magical Esthetician or Magical Spa Services) from Biscuit Krueger's Nen ability ]


Haru was surprised since he didn't expect to receive Biscuit Krueger's ability.

"What is that? What is this "Cookie"?"

Tsunade looked at his reward curiously.

Haru smiled and said, "Lay on your stomach, let me test my new ability."


Tsunade looked at Haru and understood that he had some idea what kind of reward he had received. She followed his request and laid on her stomach.

"Don't do something weird, alright?"


Tsunade didn't receive her answer and felt a bit worried. "D, do you want to do an anal?!"


Haru took a deep breath and asked, "Do you want to try it?"


"W, well....."

Haru didn't expect for Tsunade to have an interest in her butt, but it seemed he remembered that she became excited when he slapped her butts most of the them and it seemed that she wanted to try it on her butt.

"Later, alright, let me test my ability first."

Tsunade blushed and nodded slightly.


Suddenly a beautiful girl with long pink hair appeared beside them. She smiled toward both of them and sat on her knees waiting for Haru to say something.

Tsunade was surprised when she saw a beautiful girl suddenly appear next to them. She was wondering who this girl was, but....

"Give her a piano massage," Haru said.

"Yes, sir."

The girl nodded then moved toward Tsunade and started to give Tsunade a massage on her back.


Tsunade let out a light m.o.a.n when the girl started to massage her. She felt the back pain which she received a few days ago had disappeared. Her s.e.x life was quite too much and her husband had too much stamina which made her sometimes overwhelmed. Even though it felt very good, she knew that she couldn't be excessive, however, she also knew her husband's status as a harem protagonist which made that activity became very enjoyable that she didn't want to stop.

A few days ago, Tsunade might have done too much and she had back pain because of that she decided to take a rest. She might have healed it before, she knew that it wasn't perfect and she needed to take a rest, however, she couldn't when she was always tempted by the incubus, who was known as Haru Kasugano.

However, when this beautiful girl started to massage her, she felt that all of the fatigue, arthritis, muscle tension and locked joints all disappeared instantly.

Haru nodded when he saw Tsunade's reaction and it seemed that the effect of Cookie was very powerful.



It is a transmutation type of Nen which is summoned in the shape of a beautiful pink long haired girl. She is a masseuse. it uses different massage techniques and a Nen-transmuted lotion to relieve fatigue and restore vitality to anyone it massages. It can also burn off excess fat and cure arthritis, muscle tension and locked joints. It is particularly useful for training/recovery purposes and to treat aging ailments.


Haru knew that this ability was very useful, especially for his women. He knew that his stamina was very godly and sometimes, they couldn't bear him which made him need to hold back. However, sometimes, he couldn't hold back which made them need to take a break for a long time which made him feel a bit sorry for them. (that is also the reason why he needs to make a harem).

Now, he didn't need to worry about that matter again since with this ability, he could make them restore their stamina and vitality quickly.

Piano Massage is a special type of massage from Cookie. With this message, 30 minutes of sleep will be equivalent to eight hours. It not only relieves physical and mental fatigue, but it also accelerates the restoration of the aura of the person receiving the massage.

Haru could feel that his energy was drained slowly, but his energy was huge and he didn't need to worry about using this ability several times. Though, looking at Tsunade's expression, he was wondering how good Cookie's massage was.


30 minutes later.

Tsunade woke up and felt very refreshed. Her complexion was very healthy and she had never felt better than ever.

"It's a damn good ability."

Tsunade looked at Haru in jealousy since he was able to receive Cookie. She also heard that Cookie could burn off fat which made her even more jealous.

"You've felt better, right?"


Tsunade nodded and fortunately, the one who owned Cookie was her husband.

"Shall we do it?"

Tsunade blushed and knew what was the meaning behind this bad guy's words.


Haru pushed his wife to bed and started their marathon.


Haru returned to the toilet and checked his clothes before nodded when he saw that there was nothing wrong with it. He had to admit that it might be the longest time which he had spent on the toilet (almost half a year). He smiled and went out from the toilet since he really missed his girlfriends.