Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1130

Volume 1 Chapter 1130 What Is The The Proof?

Toshinori knew that Haru and Tsunade had returned to their world. Even so, it was still unbelievable when he heard that they were coming from another world. However, he didn't think that they were lying either. He could see the character of someone and he knew that someone as strong as Haru didn't have any reason to lie to him.

[ Ding! Number One Hero has joined a Group Chat! ]

Toshinori looked at the screen of the smartphone which he had received from Haru. Even though he could see the screen right in his mind, it was more comfortable to use it through a smartphone.

Gintoki: "Oh! A new member is coming!"

Yajima: "Is it a man or woman?"

Teppei: "Do we still have a bet?"

Gintoki: "Why not?"

Gintoki: "I bet my one point is that "Number One Hero" is a female!" He believed that it was another woman who was being swooned by Haru.


Though, everyone was speechless at how miser Gintoki was since this guy only dared to bet one point.

Luffy: "I bet two points that he's a male!"

Yajima: "I bet 5 points that the new member is female!"

Then one by one everyone placed their bets which made Toshinori who was looking at the screen frown.

Kuroneko: "Number One Hero, what is your name?"

Number One Hero: "My name is Toshinori Yagi. You can also call me All Might. And I'm a male."

Toshinori didn't want to be mistaken as a female after all and at the same time, he thought that this group was quite fun.

Gintoki: "NO!!!!!!"


They ignored Gintoki and started to talk to each other about Toshinori Yagi's world since there wasn't any information about him.

Toshinori was still skeptical, but he believed in Haru.

Toshinori: "Can you give me proof that all of you are coming from another world."

Shinobu: "You can watch "Yosogu No Sora" or "Naruto" in the folder inside the Group Chat. You can see Haru and Tsunade in their original world in that video."

Haru would puke blood when he read the group chat after this.

Toshinori: "Huh? Video? A movie? What do you mean?" Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #%!d(string=13659672406768405)/what-is-the-the-proof_%!d(string=47746612511959444) for visiting.

Kuroneko: "In another world, there's a chance that we're all a story, manga, anime, game, etc. Haru's story is Yosogu no Sora and Tsunade's story is Naruto. There are a lot more, but Haru is the one with the quickest story."

Toshinori was startled and asked, "So I should be a story or something in another world?"


Everyone answered at the same time since they didn't really know Toshinori's story. They knew that there should be a manga, story, anime, or game which told about Toshinori's life and everyone in his world, but they hadn't found it.

Kuroneko thought for a while and suddenly remembered the "Quirk" ability which Korosensei had received in the past. She remembered that there should be a story with the name of "Boku no Hero Academia" since she often checked the Group Chat. She was about to tell Toshinori about Toshinori's story, but Toshinori was busy since he was watching "Yosogu No Sora" at that moment.


"Hmm.... Yosogu no Sora, huh?"

Toshinori could see various videos inside the folder within the Group Chat. He followed Shinobu's advice and watched "Yosogu no Sora" directly since he was curious about Haru's world. It could be said Haru was his best friend and he was wondering whether Haru was a hero in his world too.

Toshinori sat down on the sofa in his house trying to put himself in the most comfortable position while eating popcorn which he had bought beforehand.

"Brother and sister, huh? It is my first time knowing that he has a sister."

Toshinori seemed to be attracted to the story, however, the story seemed to be different than in his imagination.


Haru didn't know what had happened on the Group Chat since he had a habit of not looking at the Group Chat for a while after he had returned to his original world. It had been half a year since he came back and he really missed everyone.

Coming out from the toilet, Haru could see Utaha, Sora, Megumi, and Kirari who seemed to be waiting for him.

"You alright?" Sora asked.

"I'm alright." Haru returned to his bed and asked, "You're not tired? You should sleep for a bit." He remembered that he was quite wild last night (in his original world) and knew that they were quite tired.

"I wonder what is the secret of your body."

Utaha touched Haru's abs then her hand moved slowly toward his anaconda. She didn't feel ashamed since the five of them had been n.a.k.e.d together last night.


"What are you doing?"

Haru missed them after all and of course, it reacted quickly, but he also knew that they were tired so he didn't do anything.


Utaha looked at Haru and said, "You're hurt, alright? Let us help you when you want to take a leak." She took the piss pot which she had brought and showed it to him. "I even prepared this for you."


Haru was wondering whether this girl had a piss fetish.

"Stop that! Don't do something stupid! If he's well then let him go to the toilet." Sora wanted to stop Utaha's stupidity, wondering whether this girl had such a strange fetish.

Utaha sighed and said, "Sora, listen to me, do you know what Haru's dream is?"

"Haru's dream?" Sora thought that Haru's dream was to become a doctor or marry her, but she didn't have a chance to answer since Utaha answered that question directly.

"A few years ago, he told me that his dream is to let a girl help him to take a leak on a pisspot, right? Haru." Utaha smiled sweetly at Haru.

"I don't have such a maniac dream!"


Kirari and Megumi were silent looking at Haru wondering whether what Utaha said was true.

Haru took a deep breath and said, "If I'm not wounded then I'll wash your mouth with soap."

Utaha didn't feel scared and even provoked him.


"Megumi, can you help me to bring me soap? I need to wash the mouth of this dirty girl."

Haru sometimes needed to shove Utaha's mouth with something thick, hard, and long so she would stop talking.


Utaha could see that Haru was serious and apologized.

"Put down your pisspot first."

"Alright, alright." Utaha pouted and put down the pisspot. "Don't regret it, alright? I won't help you to take a piss on the pisspot later!"


Haru stole her lips and kissed her lips for a long time before parting.

Utaha fell on the bed weakly and had c.u.m several times because of the kiss alone.


Kirari, Megumi, and Sora could only shake their heads at this moment.

Haru decided to ignore Utaha and took a book from his bag that had been brought by his bodyguard before. It was a book about pharmaceuticals since he was quite interested in this topic.

"Do you have an interest in pharmaceuticals?" Kirari asked.

Haru nodded and said, "Hmm.... I might buy a pharmaceutical company soon." He thought that learning some knowledge about pharmaceuticals wouldn't hurt.

Sora, Utaha, and Megumi didn't think too much. Even if this guy wanted to dominate the world, they also didn't think too much since this guy had that ability.

Kirari smiled and nodded. She agreed with her future husband's decision, but she decided to ask about it later since she was a bit tired from the night activity.

When he was learning Utaha, Sora, Megumi, and Kirari became sleepy and decided to take a nap since they were very tired last night. It might be because Haru was so wild that they might do it too much.

However, the door opened suddenly.


The sound of a woman in panic entered Haru's room, but then she looked at Haru who was sitting on his bed lazily with four girls beside him.


Kosaka's legs became weak and sat on the floor while sighing in relief.

Haru was startled and moved toward Kosaka. "What's wrong? Are you alright?"

"I, I'm alright.... how about you? You're hurt, right? You shouldn't get up like this!" Kosaka panicked.

Sora, Kirari, Megumi, and Utaha were awakened by Kosaka's voice which made them feel a bit groggy.

"I'm alright. It is just small wounds."


Hearing Haru's words, Sora, Kirari, Megumi, and Utaha were speechless since they knew how big his wounds were.

Then suddenly the door opened once again.


Seri and Ritsu came so suddenly.

Seri seemed to be panicking, but Ritsu was calm looking at him with a charming smile.

"Y, you alright? W, what are you doing? Quickly return to your bed!" Seri panicked when she saw Haru walking around.


Haru was happy, of course, that they were worried about him, but he needed to explain that he was alright or else, it was very troublesome really.