Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1133

Volume 1 Chapter 1133 Hospital Meeting

There were a lot of people who gathered in his room, but in the end, Hiratsuka chased all of them away since she knew that Haru was alright. Though, she also decided to sleep in his room since it was big enough.

However, the next day, Hiratsuka brought everyone back including Sora, Utaha, and Megumi since she wouldn't allow them to skip school again.

They wanted to complain, but Hiratsuka was powerful enough to force them.

Shiina wanted to accompany him and wanted to guard him, but she was also pulled by Hiratsuka to go to the school.

Akane also came to visit him and there was a trace of worry on her face.

Haru also talked with Akane and somehow he could see she had become a bit thinner than before which made him confused wondering whether her relationship with her boyfriend wasn't good.

In the end, the one who stayed to accompany him was Kirari since she was coming from a different school and Hiratsuka couldn't force her to go to the school.

"Then, I'll go first. I'll go back when school is over," Hiratsuka said.

Sora, Utaha, and Yuri seemed to be reluctant and looked at Haru with a pitiful expression hoping that he could ask Hiratsuka to let them stay, but he really felt that there were too many people in his room which made him speechless.

Megumi was as calm as a lake, but Haru could see that she wanted to stay.

Haru agreed with Hiratsuka's decision to bring all of them to the school since he was alright.

"Let me send you out, Shizuka-san," Kirari said.

Hiratsuka looked at Kirari and sighed. "Then please Kirari."

Kirari and Hiratsuka looked at each other and thought that it would be good to talk to each other for a while.

"I will go with them for a while, Haru," Kirari said.

Haru nodded and didn't think too much. He sat on his bed inside his room while reading a book. However, he could hear the voices of children who were playing at the park within the hospital. He opened the window of his room and let the morning sun enter his room.

Haru was reading his book calmly until the door of his room opened. He was wondering why Kirari was returning so fast, but it seemed that it wasn't Kirari.

"Haru, it has been a while."

"Uncle, it has been a while."

Haru looked at the middle aged man who was wearing glasses and a white coat. Then he noticed Maki, who was also coming with this man.

"You really have grown up."

This man is Maki's father. He walked toward him and asked, "I'm sorry that I can only visit you now. How are you doing?"

"It's alright, Uncle. It is just a small scratch."

Maki's father twitched his lips and said, "You might be the only one who can say that after being wounded by a bear." He sighed and looked at Haru again. The more he looked at Haru, the more that Haru was pleasing to his eyes. However, he couldn't help but wanted to remind him since he also treated Haru as his child.

"Haru, I've known you since I was a child. I know that you're a bright child and you can even become a billionaire at a young age."

"Thank you, Uncle. I'm just lucky."

Haru needed to be humble in this situation. Maki's father was his father's friend and Maki's father often gave him pocket money in the past. His parents were quite strict about money so he was grateful to Maki's father in the past.

"I know that there are a lot of temptations on your side, but you should consider your future seriously." Maki's father pushed the frame of his glasses.

"This... what do you mean, uncle?" Haru asked.

"I mean, what do you think of our Maki? You've known each other since you were a child, right? If I remember that you promised to marry each other during your childhood time?" Maki's father felt that it would be good if his daughter married Haru.

"Papa! What are you saying?!"

Maki, who had been silent, suddenly burst out and felt embarrassed when her father suddenly uttered those words.


Haru blinked his eyes and felt speechless at Maki's father.

"What's wrong? You like him, right?"

Maki's face was as red as her hair. She blushed and said, "D, don't say such a stupid thing! I, I don't like him!"

"Yes, yes, you love him, right?"



Haru was a bystander at that moment. He was looking at the interaction between Maki and her father with an interest as if their conversation didn't have anything to do with him.

"I'll continue to check the other patients. I'll let Maki accompany you, alright?"


"Yes, father, no, I mean uncle."

Haru joked which somehow made Maki's father nodded in satisfaction, though, Maki was blushing and couldn't look at Haru.

Maki's father smiled and patted Maki's head. "Don't forget to go to school later."

"I, I know..."

Maki blushed while looking at her father who came out from Haru's room. She suddenly wasn't sure what to say since there were only both of them inside the room.

"Y, you alright?" Maki asked.

"I'm fine, thanks to your mother."

Maki nodded and said, "Yes, mother is a skilled doctor." She was proud of her parents and there was no doubt about it.

"How is everyone?" Haru asked. He had told everyone on Muse that he was going to go on a trip before and he didn't tell any of them about his accident.

"They're training hard even if their producer isn't coming."

Maki hummed while twirling the tip of her hair.

"My bad. You know the wounds on my body, right?"

Maki turned worried and asked, "Y, you, why do you have to fight against a bear? Can you let someone else take care of it?" She didn't know the details of the accident since there were a lot of people who came to his room which didn't give her a chance to enter Haru's room.

"It was inevitable. There wasn't anyone at that time who could protect my girlfriends."

Maki was gloomy when she heard about his girlfriends. She bit her lips and knew that he couldn't change his habit. However, at the same time, she was moved when she found out that he fought a bear to protect his girlfriend.

'If that girlfriend is me....'

Maki suddenly blushed.

"What's wrong, Maki?"

"N, nothing!" Maki thought for a while and asked, "Should I tell everyone about this?"

Haru shook his head and said, "You don't need to tell them. I don't want to make them worry about me." He didn't tell Eli, Nozomi, nor the members of Muse about his hospitalization since he didn't want to make them worried.

"Hmmm....." Maki thought for a while and wanted to say something, but the door was opened.

"Hmm? Haru, who is this?" Kirari asked while looking at Maki.

"My name is Nishikino Maki. I'm Haru's childhood friend." Maki didn't seem to shy away from Kirari and smiled politely. She knew that this girl should be her rival. She looked at Haru and said, "Haru, I'll go back first. I have to go to school."

"Be careful." Haru nodded.

Kirari smiled looking at Maki and Maki nodded politely at her. When the door was closed, Kirari said, "Is she also your girlfriend?"

"No, she's only my childhood friend."

"You don't want to make her your future wife like me? She's the daughter of the owner of this hospital, right?" Kirari said with a smile. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #%!d(string=13659672406768405)/hospital-meeting_%!d(string=47769990824259494) for visiting.


"You're not jealous?" Haru asked.

"Why should I?" Kirari sat on Haru's lap and asked, "If you date her, are you going to leave me?"

"Of course not."

"That's good."

Kirari smiled and asked, "There are only two of us here, what do you want to do?"