Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1134

Volume 1 Chapter 1134 Gamble Again?

"The sun feels good."


Kirari looked at him and said, "Though, I don't expect that you want to spend your day in the park." She thought that this lewd beast was going to ask something perverted.

"I'm not always thinking about using my anaconda, alright?"

After Kirari asked a previous question, Haru proposed to go to the park within the hospital. It might be because he had heard the laughter of the children that it made him nostalgic since during his childhood time, he also often played in this place waiting for his parents to return back from their job as a doctor in this hospital.

"But this isn't bad, right?"

"That's true."

Kirari rested her head on Haru's shoulder. It had been a while since she had been relaxed since she was very busy with the matter within the school and her family. She had a lot of enemies after all and she was tense all the time, but when she was with him, she felt relaxed and felt secure.

The warm sun's rays bathed her entire body which made her mood very good.

Haru was wearing his hospital pajamas which he covered in hoodie so it didn't attract the attention of too many people or make them think that he was sick. In this park, rather than a patient, people would think of him as a guest who was going to visit his acquaintance or friends.

For Kirari, it was quite rare for her to wear anything besides her school uniform or kimono. However, in this hospital, she wore a white shirt that she tucked inside her light blue knee length skirt.

"Is it alright to leave the school? You know... you've got a lot of enemies after all."

At Hyakkou Academy, even though Kirari was the student council president, there were a lot of people who targeted her position since the position of student council president was very tasty in the eyes of a lot of people.

"It's alright. I left Ririka there," Kirari said.

"Ririka, huh? Her face is similar to yours, but it is impossible for her to impersonate you," Haru said.

"Oh? Why is that?" Kirari asked and looked at Haru curiously. In the past, she had told Haru that in her childhood, she along with Ririka, who was her twin sisters, often pretended to be the same people to confuse a lot of people and it had always been successful since Ririka didn't have her own will and followed her all the time.

Or rather Ririka had always been Kirari's shadow all the time.

"I'm not sure about other people since they might have mistaken both of you, but for me, it is impossible to mistake both of you," Haru said.

"Hmm... how can you be so sure?" Kirari asked with interest.

"Because you two are different."

"Is it different? How so?"

Haru moved his head closer and whispered, "Because you've become my woman."


Kirari was speechless, but when she pondered for a while, she could agree with Haru's point. After she had lost her v.i.r.g.i.nity to Haru, she knew that she had become even more beautiful and her temperament was quite different from before. However, she still believed in her twin sister's acting ability.

Kirari and Ririka had trained their acting ability to the point that both of them would think that they were the same people.

Kirari believed that Ririka could become her during school when she accompanied Haru to the hospital. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #%!d(string=13659672406768405)/gamble-again_%!d(string=47794678279489427) for visiting.

"Even so, I still believe in Ririka."

"So you think that I can't distinguish between both of you?" Haru raised his eyebrow since he felt that he was being challenged.

Kirari also smiled amusingly and said, "Yes, I think so."


"How about a bet?" 2x

"What's the bet?" Haru asked.

"If you can distinguish us apart then I'll become yours," Kirari said.


'You're mine already, alright?' Haru was speechless, but he didn't think too much.

"If you fail to distinguish between us then you'll become mine," Kirari said.


"Before we make an agreement, can I ask what is the difference?" Haru asked.

"Of course, it is different. If you become mine, then I won't let you marry another girl beside me in the future, but if I become yours, then I'll let you marry another girl beside me," Kirari said. She was greedy and even if she had accepted the relationship between them, it didn't mean that she had given up trying to make him become hers alone.

Kirari knew that Haru was different from other men, however, she was dubious when he could distinguish her from her twin sister. Though, if he failed, she would be disappointed in him.

Haru could see several messages in Kirari's words which made him sigh. He held her hand and said, "You're mine." He stared at her and continued. "But it doesn't mean that I'll treat you as a thing that I can gamble away with ease. That includes other girls too. You're a girl that I've chosen to stay with and I love you. However, I can't leave them behind because I love them too. So I'll accept this gamble. And it's not because of the reward of the gamble, but because it is to make you know that even if there are millions of you in front of me. I can find you. I can distinguish the woman that I love even if there are a million of people with similar appearance."


Kirari was a girl who acted by her emotion and when she heard those words that came from his mouth, she kissed him without hesitation.

This time, Haru learned his lesson and there were a lot of bodyguards who hid in his surroundings so no one would capture or take a picture of them.

However, it seemed that there were people who watched their affectioned action in this park.

"B, big brother and big sister are kissing!"

"U, uwaa...."

"H, how shameless.!"

Haru forgot that there were child patients who were playing in this park, but stopped when they saw him and Kirari kissing each other.

Kirari didn't care too much, but Haru knew that he shouldn't give a bad example to the children. He parted his lips and said, "Kirari, let's stop. There are a lot of children who are looking at us."

"What? Are you embarrassed?" Kirari smiled when she saw Haru's reaction.

Haru coughed several times then looked at the children. "Alright, don't gather here, and continue to play there."


The group of naughty children seemed to complain when they heard Haru's words.

Haru knew that he needed to change the topic of conversation and suddenly found a way. "Hey, what's your name?" He looked at a little girl who was holding a melodica.

"Huh?" The little girl seemed surprised, but said innocently, "My name is Rina, big brother."

"Well, Rina-chan, can you lend big brother your melodica? I'll teach you how to play," Haru said.

"Eh? Really?" Rina seemed very happy.

"Sit here."

Haru patted the space between Kirari and himself. He looked at Kirari's reaction and could see that she was quite disappointed when they stopped their kiss, but then she became interested when she heard that he was going to play melodica.

Rina didn't feel afraid of Haru since this big brother was very handsome. She cheerfully sat between Kirari and Haru then gave the melodica to Haru looking at him with anticipation.

"You can blow the melodica then I'll be the one who is playing, is that alright with you, Rina-chan?"

"Yes, big brother." Rina nodded eagerly.

"Then I'll play 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'." Haru looked at the two children in front of him and Rina who sat in the middle of him and Kirari before asking, "So do any of them know the song?"

"Me! Me! Me!"

"I know the song!"

"I can sing it!"

Haru nodded and said, "Then, let's sing together, alright?"

"Yes!" 3x

"Kirari, how about you?"

"I want to see whether you can play it or not."

Kirari knew that this guy loved bullshit and wondered whether this was a trick or if her husband-to-be could really play melodica. However, she didn't care much whether he could play it or not since the time that she spent with him was very fun for her.

Haru then told Rina to blow the melodica and started to play while singing the song together with everyone.

"Twinkle, twinkle, little star,

I wonder what you are

Up above the world so high...."