Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1135

Volume 1 Chapter 1135 Song 1

Inside the hospital room with an antiseptic smell, there was a cute girl laying on the bed while reading "Venus Weekly" (Haru's Shoujo manga magazine). It wasn't a new magazine, rather it was a magazine which was being released a month ago. There were wrinkles in this magazine which made people couldn't help but think that the one who owned this magazine was quite messy, but in truth, this magazine had been read several times so there were wrinkles on some pages within the magazine.

The girl didn't seem bored and kept reading the manga magazine, but suddenly she heard a voice of someone singing and playing a music instrument from her room which made her curious.

Her room was right on the 1st floor and it was near the location of the park within the hospital. However, she was in the room with six people and her location was right in the middle so she couldn't see who was singing in the park, especially when her bed was covered in curtains.

"Twinkle, twinkle, little star,

I wonder what you are

Up above the world so high...."

She couldn't help but join in singing the song since it was very enjoyable. She wanted to go to the park, but she needed to wait for her brother.

"Hatsune, sorry to make you wait."

The curtain was opened and a young man with long red hair which covered his left eye entered the location where the girl was staying.

"Ah, Nii-san!"

The girl seemed to be very spirited when she saw her older brother.

Her older brother noticed the manga magazine on the girl's lap and sighed inwardly. He knew that his little sister loved to read manga, but he didn't have enough money to buy it.

"Sorry, Hatsune... I'll buy you a manga next time."

The girl seemed surprised, but she shook her head. "No, it's alright. I'm happy with this magazine." She held "Weekly Venus" in her hands with a bright smile.


The young man smiled and thought that he would buy the manga after he had received his salary next time.

"Nii-san, can we visit the park?"

"Park?" The young man seemed surprised.

"Just the park within the hospital, can we go?"

The young man looked at his little sister's hopeful expression and wanted to directly bring her, but he knew that he couldn't agree to her request without a confirmation from the nurse.

"Let me ask the nurse," the young man said.

"Thank you, Nii-san. If it isn't good then can you bring me near the window? I want to see who is singing at the park," the girl said.


The young man only realized it now, but he could hear a joyful song from his spot.

"Like a diamond in the sky

Twinkle, twinkle little star

How I wonder what you are."

The young man also felt slightly curious and said, "Then, I'll ask the nurse now."

"Yes!" The girl nodded with a hopeful expression.

The young man asked the nurse and they received permission to play in the park. He thanked the nurse who then helped his little sister sit in the wheelchair before bringing her to the park within the hospital since he was afraid to miss the group of people who sang in the park.


In another room of this hospital, there was a woman who was absentmindedly making crane origami. After she made one, she made another one without saying anything. She was alive, but her eyes were dead. It was as if she didn't have any intention or hope to live anymore.

This woman was beautiful. She wore pink hospital pajamas with a beautiful hairpin on her silky long black hair.

Unlike the little girl who was staying in the room of six people, this woman stayed in the VIP room without anyone bothering her.

It was in the morning so the window was open so the sun could enter the room.

The sun's rays have a lot of benefits, especially in the early morning which is why the window of this woman's room is opened.

However, it would be dangerous to leave the woman alone so there was a nurse who accompanied this woman, sitting silently on the side while doing her work.

Then suddenly from the outside, the woman and the nurse could hear a song of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" from the room.

The nurse was a bit curious and looked out the window until she saw Haru, Kirari, and a group of children who sang together cheerfully. She couldn't help but smile since she also felt happy when she saw them.

However, the nurse didn't expect that there was a movement from the woman who was laying in the bedroom.

The woman turned her head toward the window and her eyes flashed before she continued to make a crane origami, but somehow, her body moved slightly and seemed to enjoy the song which came from the outside of her room.


In another room of this hospital, there was Haru's acquaintance inside the room.

Sakura Yamauchi.

Sakura was the girl who asked Haru to let her eat his pancreas. She was also the girl whose pancreas failed to work which caused her to have complications within her body. She couldn't live that long, but she was happy when she thought about the day she spent with him.

It was like a dream, but she knew that she would sleep soon so she let it go that way. Even though she was tempted to move further, she knew that she couldn't. Luckily, he had a girlfriend so she didn't need to worry about him when she suddenly left him.

Sakura felt a bit frustrated at her condition, but there was nothing that she could do.

Her complications required her to go to hospital again. She felt a bit depressed, but she quickly cheered up when she thought that she could meet him again after she had left the hospital.

Laying on her bed, Sakura felt a bit bored and thought to have a chat with him, she was afraid to trouble him since it was time for school, and at the same time, she had to admit that Haru was a genius to develop "LINE" since she really had fun with it. She was thinking of playing "Flappy Bird", but then she heard a song from the outside of her room which made her curious.

Sakura stood up from her bed then looked outside the window, but she couldn't help but feel surprised.


Sakura was surprised to see Haru in the park of the hospital. She then noticed his pants, even though he was wearing hoodie to hide it, she knew that he was being hospitalized. She frowned since she didn't know why he was being hospitalized, but she could see that he seemed to be alright when she saw him playing with a group of children.


Sakura stared at him, and wanted to go to the park, but stopped when she saw the girl who sat beside him. This girl was beautiful, and she could see that this girl was waiting for Haru.

"So that's his girlfriend...."

Sakura sighed then smiled. She knew that she needed to give up, but....

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However, she knew that was impossible, but at least, it should be alright for her to be part of his memory, right?


Haru played the melodica and sang along with everyone.

Kirari also had fun staying with him.

The group of children were also having fun together.

When the song was over, the group of children looked at Haru in amazement.

"Big brother, let's play again!"

"Teach me how to play big brother!"

"Big brother, sing for us again!"

Haru thought that he was only popular with women, but it seemed that he was popular with children too.