Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1136

Volume 1 Chapter 1136 Song 2

Hearing their request, Haru thought for a bit and nodded.

"Then big brother is going to play a new song."

"Eh? A new song?" 3x

The group of children seemed very surprised.

"You're going to make a song?" Kirari asked. She knew that Haru could play a musical instrument from guitar, bass, and melodica. She was wondering whether he could play piano, but more importantly, she was wondering whether he could make a song.

"It's not exactly a new song, but it is an old song which I've been thinking about during my youth."

During his middle school time, Haru was quite often courting a girl with a romantic song. He didn't feel embarrassed and directly plagiarized it from the previous world since there was no song from his previous world in this world.

"I'll play it first then I'll teach you so we can play together, alright?" Haru said.

"Yes!" 3x

Haru could see that everyone was holding a musical instrument from castanet, recorder, and melodica which he was holding. He told his bodyguard to come and told him to buy him a melodica quickly.

Haru's bodyguard, a GT Robot, nodded before going to the music store to get a melodica.

The one which was controlling GT Robot was a program which was being developed by Haru and Ritsu.

GT Robot could do various actions because of this program which made it possible for him to ask it to get him a melodica.

After asking for that request, Haru showed the group of children and Kirari about the song that was quite popular in his previous life.

(SFX: A Morning of the Slag Ravine).

The moment he played this song, the doves suddenly flew around nearby and seemed to be playing together happily.

The group of children also looked at Haru with amazement.

Kirari was surprised at first and then she remembered that her husband-to-be seemed to have won a music award during his childhood time. She had investigated Haru's history before and she knew about his life, including how he lost his v.i.r.g.i.nity.

Looking at Haru, Kirari smiled and really enjoyed their time together.

Haru didn't know what Kirari was thinking and continued to play. He noticed that there were two people who were walking in his direction. Even though he had his bodyguard guarded around him, he didn't stop someone who wanted to play in the park.

'It's like a brother and sister?'

Haru wasn't sure, but he communicated with his bodyguard through the signal telling them to not stop both sister and brother who moved toward his location.

Kirari seemed to notice a young man who pushed a girl in a wheelchair. She glanced at them for a second before looking at Haru again.

When the song stopped, Haru could hear clapping sounds from a group of children, Kirari, and the cute girl who was in the wheelchair. He looked at the cute girl then noticed the young man. It seemed that he had seen this young man somewhere, but he wasn't sure.

The young man also looked at Haru and remembered that he had seen him. However, he wasn't sure whether Haru would remember him.

"Big brother, your song is very good." The cute girl praised Haru.

"Thank you. Do you want to learn it together?" Haru asked.

"Eh? Can I?" The cute girl asked.

"Why not? It is more fun to do it together, right?" Haru looked at a group of children.

"YES!!!" 3x

"How about you, Kirari?" Haru asked.

"I don't mind."

Kirari didn't care too much. In her eyes, the group of children, the cute girl, and the young man who pushed the wheelchair of the cute girl would only be a passerby in her life. She felt that as long as it was fun, she was alright with it and she knew that if something happened, Haru's bodyguards could respond quickly.

Kirari's family also owned a bodyguard, but in terms of strength, she could see that Haru's bodyguards were stronger. She wouldn't be surprised if he told him that his bodyguards were cyborgs or robots from the future who would say "I'll be back" since they were so powerful.

Then both the cute girl and the young man also joined Haru's group to learn Haru's song which he had played earlier.


Haru started to teach the group of children along with the cute girl who was in the wheelchair. He learned the name of this girl was Hatsune Otonashi. From his observation, this girl should be in her middle school. Even though her body was slightly petite, he could see that she could grow into a big beauty in the future.

Both of them talked to each other and joked.

Haru felt quite good since his identity wasn't being noticed.

For the young man who pushed the wheelchair, Haru learned his name was Yuzuru Otonashi. He remembered that he had seen Yuzuru previously at the convenience store last year.

When his bodyguard returned with three melodica, Haru shared with Hatsune and Kirari.

Kirari also wanted to learn since she was quite free and it wouldn't hurt to learn a new skill.

Haru was teaching them skilfully about the song which he had played previously.

"A Morning of the Slag Ravine".

It was the name of a song which he had played before.

Yuzuru didn't join their conversation, but he smiled when he saw his little sister smiling and laughing with everyone. He felt that his hard work was worth it when he could see her smile everyday.

Of course, it didn't go unnoticed by Haru which made him nodded and somehow he could understand Yuzuru's feelings.

When Kirari, Hatsune, and a group of children were training together, Haru started to talk with Yuzuru.

"Otonashi, is Hatsune your little sister?" Haru asked.

"Yes, she's my little sister." Yuzuru didn't feel awkward when he talked with Haru. He wasn't sure the reason though, it might be because he had seen him previously.

"She's cute. Protect her, when she's out of the hospital, there might be a lot of boys who are going to confess to her." Haru joked.


Yuzuru suddenly became gloomy when he thought about that possibility, but then his smile turned into depression when he thought about his little sister's condition.

"What's wrong, Otonashi?" Haru asked.

"N, nothing." Yuzuru shook his head and said, "K, Kasugano-san."


"Thank you." Yuzuru bowed his head.


Haru felt weird and asked, "Why did you thank me so suddenly?"

"You might not remember it, but you've shared a side dish previously when we met each other at the convenience store," Otonashi said. He was very hungry at that time and a cup noodle wasn't enough to fill his stomach, but that side dish made him slightly energized during his work. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #%!d(string=13659672406768405)/song-2_%!d(string=47797956144853112) for visiting.

Haru blinked his eyes and said, "You don't need to think too much."

"Even so..."

"Well, do you want to treat something?"


Otonashi nodded without hesitation when he heard Haru's words, he nodded without hesitation. Even though he didn't have that much money and all of his money, he spent it on his little sister's treatment, but he was really grateful to Haru because Haru had shared his side dish at that time and Haru could also bring a smile to his little sister.


Haru didn't expect Otonashi to answer him without hesitation, but he didn't mind since he could see that Otonashi was also a sis-con. It was pretty hard to know a sis-con in his original world so he didn't mind befriending Otonashi.

"That's good. Let's go out later when I've left the hospital."

Otonashi was a bit surprised and asked, "Kasugano-san, are you also being hospitalized?"

"Yes, I'm wounded because I was fighting a bear before."


Otonashi thought that Haru was really good at joking around. Little did he know what Haru had said to him was true.

Then both of them started to talk to each other and unconsciously they had made a bond, even though they didn't realize it.

The bond was known as sis-con.