Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1137

Volume 1 Chapter 1137 Days

Sora, Megumi, Yuri, and Utaha were sent to the school by Hiratsuka. They could only sigh at the power of Hiratsuka since they knew that Hiratsuka was Haru's aunt which meant that she was his closest family.

In other words, Hiratsuka could also act as Haru's mother.

Yuri and Utaha, of course, didn't want to have a bad impression of their mother-in-law (Hiratsuka in their impression).

However, Hiratsuka would be furious if she knew that she was being treated like a mother since she was in her late 20's.


Sora and Megumi were in their classes and when both of them entered Chika they immediately came to them asking whether they were alright.

"We're alright," Megumi said.

Sora wasn't in the mood to answer Chika and sat down on her desk quickly. She looked at the time and felt that time was moving very slowly. She was wondering whether she could go back as soon as possible.

Chika came from the politician's family and she had a very high EQ (in her mind). Even though she always did something stupid most of the time, during an important moment she was a friend that could be leaned on. She wasn't sure why both Sora and Megumi decided to go back early before and why they didn't go to school yesterday. She was curious, but she didn't ask them a question since she knew that it was troublesome being asked such a question.

Megumi seemed to be grateful for Chika's consideration and talked normally with her asking what had happened during the class and wondering whether there was homework that she needed to do.

"Right, I had sent paperwork to your home, but it seemed that you weren't at home yesterday."

Chika sighed. She was really curious about what had happened, but she knew that it would be rude to ask them this question.

"Where did you go yesterday?" Yumeko asked directly. She was curious and she decided to ask anyway.

"Oh, we're going to the hospital," Megumi said.

Sora glanced at Megumi, but she said nothing since she knew that she could believe in Megumi.


Yumeko and Chika seemed to achieve some understanding and didn't talk that loud.

"What are you going to do there?" Chika asked.

"My boyfriend is wounded, but he's alright now," Megumi said. She felt that the more she hid the more that it would turn into troublesome and it was better to talk about it now.

"Huh? Haru was? Why?" Yumeko asked and there was a trace of worry on her face.


Chika looked at Yumeko in surprise since she was wondering why Yumeko called Megumi's boyfriend by his first name and why Yumeko seemed to be very worried. She rubbed her chin and wondered whether Megumi's boyfriend was Yumeko's ex.

"It's alright. It was just a scratch. If you want, you can check him out," Megumi said.

"Eh? Can I?" Yumeko was surprised.

"What do you think, Sora?" Megumi asked.

Sora looked at Yumeko for a while and nodded. "Why not?"

"I'll visit the hospital with you later." Yumeko became very spirited when she heard that she could visit Haru.


Chika was looking at the interaction between three people and became even more curious what the relationship was between the three of them and Megumi's boyfriend.

'Don't tell me...?!'

Suddenly in Chika's head, Megumi's boyfriend was the famous harem king?


On the Hyakkou Academy, Sayaka thought that Kirari would be absent, but she didn't expect that Kirari would appear at the student council. She blinked her eyes and looked at Kirari in disbelief since she thought that Kirari would stay with Haru all the time.

"What's wrong, Sayaka?" Ririka asked.

"N, nothing." Sayaka shook her head.

"Kirari, are you not going to be with Haru?" Runa asked.

The meeting hadn't started and the only ones who were inside the student council room were Sayaka, Kirari, Runa, and Yuriko.

"It's alright. I'll go to the hospital after the meeting," Kirari said.

"Hmm...." Runa nodded and suddenly asked, "By the way, where's Ririka? I don't see her anywhere."

"She has some business at home," Kirari said simply. She sighed and said, "If you have time to ask some questions why don't we prepare for our meeting right away since I don't want to waste my time here."

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Runa, Sayaka, and Yuriko could see that Kirari was in a bad mood. They thought that it might be because Haru wasn't here which made them sigh. They also felt worried about Haru, but when they saw a number of girls that came to his room last time, it made them unsure what to do. Though, in truth, they wanted to see him since it was amazing to learn that Haru was wounded because he was fighting a bear. They also wanted to learn how such an incident could happen.

"Kirari, I'll visit Haru later," Runa said.

Kirari nodded and said, "Sure. Just come."

However, in truth, Kirari was Ririka who pretended to be Kirari.

Even though Ririka seemed to be very calm, in reality, she sighed. When her sister asked her to pretend to be her, she nodded and agreed. However, when she tried to pretend to be one, it was harder than she had thought since their feelings weren't the same.

Kirari was falling in love with Haru, but Ririka wasn't.

Even though Ririka was curious about Haru and wondering what both Haru and Kirari had been doing in Kirari's room, it definitely wasn't love or rather it was impossible for her to fall in love with her sister's fiance.

Ririka was Kirari's twin sister and she wasn't Kirari. Unlike Kirari, she would marry someone that she didn't know in the future and she also wasn't sure whether she would love that fiance that had been decided by her family in the future.

Even though Ririka didn't really mind it, at least, she wanted to know how it felt to fall in love since she could see that her twin sister was always very happy. She was wondering whether love was really that wonderful.

Then the door of the student council was opened and a member of the student council entered the room one by one.

"Let's start the meeting then."

Ririka didn't waste her time and decided to start the meeting right away so no one would know that she was pretending to be Kirari.


Haru and Kirari decided to return after they had enough to play with everyone. They said goodbye to everyone, though, he didn't promise them that they would play with them again tomorrow since he might go home tomorrow.

Even though Maki's mother had told him to stay for a week, he felt that it was too boring to stay at the hospital for a week.

Haru didn't want to stay that long.

Kirari didn't think too much and as long as she could stay with him then it was all good.

When Haru and Kirari returned, the Otonashi siblings also returned to their room.

"Nii-san, can we play with them tomorrow?" Hatsune asked while holding a melodica which had been given by Haru.

"Let's just wait for tomorrow, alright?" Yuzuru said. Even though he knew that his little sister wanted to play with Haru, he knew that he couldn't force Haru.

Hatsune, who looked at Yuzurus's expression, then nodded and didn't ask for the impossible. Even though it was fun to stay with Haru, she couldn't be selfish.

"I'm having fun playing with Nii-san," Hatsune said with a smile.

Yuzuru nodded with a smile. He patted Hatsune's head and said, "Then, I'll play with Yuzuru again tomorrow, alright?"


Looking at Hatsune's smile, Yuzuru knew that he needed to work hard since they could only depend on each other since they were orphans. He might be tired, but he felt that everything was worth it.