Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1138

Volume 1 Chapter 1138 Fun Chat

As Haru returned to the room together with Kirari, he could see that her mood was very good and she had been holding the melodica which he had bought before. It seemed that she wanted to practice it again since it was fun.

Kirari held Haru's hand and asked him to teach him again.

"Can you teach me again?"

"Why not?"

Both of them spent their time playing melodica until Maki's mother entered the room.

"How is your body, Haru?"

"I'm fine, Aunty. It should be alright for me to go home, right?" Haru asked.

"Why do you want to go home so badly?" Maki's mother asked, but she could tell that Haru was alright since she had seen him playing with a group of children.

"It can't be helped." Haru sighed and said, "The cost of hospital is too expensive for me." His expression told them as if he didn't have money to pay his hospital bill.


Maki's mother and Kirari were speechless.

If someone else said those words to them with Haru's expression then they would believe them without hesitation, but the one who had said those words was the richest guy in this country which made them not sure whether they should laugh or cry.

"Let me check your body and if there's nothing wrong, then you can go back on the Sunday," Maki's mother said.


Haru nodded since he only needed to stay at least two days in the hospital. Even though it was fun playing with a group of children earlier, it didn't mean that he was alright to stay all the time in this place.

Maki's mother didn't force him to stay since she could tell that Haru seemed to be alright, but she needed to be sure that he was really alright since his identity was special. She didn't care much about his identity as a billionaire, but she was sure that he might become her son-in-law in the future. For Kirari who was staying beside him, she closed her eyes and felt that it was alright since what she wanted was her daughter's happiness.

If her daughter wanted to be with this naughty boy then she didn't mind and she knew that he had an ability to take care of her daughter. Though, she wouldn't be merciful to him if he hurt her daughter.

"Aunty! Aunty! It hurts! You put the needle in the wrong spot!"

"Oh!" Maki's mother blushed and hurriedly took out the needle from his arm. She snorted and slapped his arm. "What are you afraid of? You're a man, right? Don't cry for something small!"


Haru was speechless, but he then pouted. If this woman wasn't Maki's mother then he might push her to bed then.....

"Alright, it's done."

Maki's mother knew that she was at fault and felt slightly embarrassed. "Then I'll go back first. Don't do something perverted, alright?"

"We won't," Haru said with a serious expression.


Kirari only looked at Haru's shameless expression with a slight smile.

Maki's mother said goodbye and left them.

"So we're not doing anything perverted?" Kirari asked.

"Do you want to try my massage technique?" Haru asked.

"Massage technique? Can you give me a massage?" Kirari asked. Even though she was skeptical, she felt that her husband-to-be should be able to do a massage since she felt that this guy was a human stallion.

"Of course, leave it to me."

Haru had gotten a Cookie from his previous reward and of course, he received a knowledge about massage from Cookie.

"Then let me try it."

Kirari laid her stomach right on his bed. She would be lying if she didn't need a massage. Even though her b.r.e.a.s.ts weren't that big and it didn't put pressure on her back, sometimes she felt that her back was like jelly, especially after she had done an a.d.u.l.t play with her husband-to-be.



Suddenly Kirari became nervous and thought that Haru's massage technique wasn't good, but it seemed that she was thinking too much or rather his massage technique was just sublime. She tightened her leg muscles and moved her toes.


Kirari took a deep breath and didn't expect that it would feel very good.

"How is it, madam? Is my technique really good?"

"Yes." Kirari smiled and said, "If you do well, then I'll add a bonus to your payment later."

"Oh, thank you, madam. Then I'll do my best."

Kirari chuckled and closed her eyes enjoying this massage since it was so good.


Haru sat on his bed while looking at Kirari who had gone to sleep. He knew that this girl was very tired since there were a lot of things which she needed to do. He caressed her forehead which made her hug his hand as a bolster.


Haru didn't move and when he was bored, he decided to check his smartphone. He saw that he received a chat from the Group Chat and also a chat from Sakura. He wanted to open the chat from the Group Chat, but stopped when he saw a chat from Sakura.

Sakura: "I can see that you're in the hospital."


Haru was a bit surprised and wondering whether Sakura was staying in the same hospital, but when he thought for a while, he felt that it was quite normal since this hospital was the place where he met her for the first time.

Haru: "Oh? Did you gain a superpower?"

Sakura: "You're late!"

Haru knew that Sakura was a bit angry since he had only answered her chat after an hour or so.

Sakura: "But for your information, I have gained clairvoyance power. It is also the reason why I can tell that you're in the hospital."

Haru: "You're at the hospital right now?"


Sakura: "You're not fun!"

Haru smiled when he read her reply.

Haru: "Do you want to go out after you've left the hospital?"

Sakura: "Oh? You're going to take me somewhere?"

Haru: "Do you want to go somewhere?"

Sakura: "Yes! Let's go out next week!"

Haru: "Where?"

Sakura: "It's a secret! You should be prepared, alright?"


Haru was a bit speechless and asked, "We're going to stay for a night?"

Sakura: "Yeah! You can't? Is it your girlfriend?" Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #%!d(string=13659672406768405)/fun-chat_%!d(string=47821876965204821) for visiting.

Haru: "What about your boyfriend?"

Sakura: "It should be alright since it is only an outing between friends."

Haru: "Then it should be alright for me too."

Sakura: "Then it is a promise!"

Sakura: "If you break your promise then you need to swallow a thousand needles!"

Haru: "What's with that dangerous punishment?"

Haru: "But let's go out at that time."

Sakura: "At this time, I should end the chat, but I'm a bit bored in my room."

Sakura: "What are you doing now? Are you doing something perverted with your girlfriend?"


Haru was speechless and asked, "It seems that you really have clairvoyance power."



Sakura, who was in the hospital room, blushed and snorted.

"This perverted guy!"

Sakura thought that this guy was teasing her. She smiled then started to reply to his chat since it was very fun.


Haru continued to chat with Sakura then he also opened the chat on the group chat.

All Might: "I've watched your story."


Haru was speechless at that moment.