Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1139

Volume 1 Chapter 1139 Chat With All Might

Toshinori would have never thought that Haru would be coming from a harem story work and at the same time, it made him speechless. He had thought that Haru was a hero from a war-torn place, a fierce mercenary, or even a skilled hitman, but he would have never thought that Haru was a harem protagonist. He sighed and rubbed his face when he watched how Haru had f.u.c.k.i.e.d numerous different girls. He was stunned and wasn't sure what to say for a moment.

Though, in the end, he decided to ask Haru about what would happen in his world since from all of the members of the Group Chat, his relationship with Haru was the closest.

After joining the Group Chat, Toshinori knew all the members of the Group Chat, both male and female. For the female, he was amazed that there was a fierce woman such as Esdeath, but he was even more speechless when he learned that Esdeath was Haru's wife.

He had to admit that the power of the harem protagonist was so scary.

However, he had made a lot of connections with a number of male members from Gintoki, Korosensei, Luffy, Teppei, Kouha, and Yajima.

For the female members, he knew Kuroneko, Kuzuha, Shinobu, Charlotte, Sumire, Tabane and Tsunade.

He had to admit that it was a very fun group, but he was very cornered about what had happened to his world and decided to discuss this matter with Haru. Though, in the end, he also couldn't help but mention "Yosuga no Sora" which he had watched on the Group Chat.

Haru: "....."

Haru: "What do you want to say?"

Toshinori was a bit embarrassed and knew that he wasn't in place to judge someone and he felt that Haru really might have the ability to have a lot of people.

All Might: "No, I just want to tell you that I believe in the existence of another world."

The fact was right in front of his eyes, Toshinori wasn't a hardheaded person and he knew that he could go on the quest or go to another world to confirm the existence of another world later.

Haru: "That's good."

Haru: "Do you know where your world is coming from? Movie, manga, or novel?"

Toshinori didn't seem that surprised when Haru asked this question since most of the members of the Group Chat were coming from an anime.

All Might: "I'm not sure."

All Might: "I also want to ask you, what do you think is going to happen to my world?"


"What is going to happen in that world, huh?"

Haru rubbed his chin and thought about the possibility of what would happen in Toshinori's world. He was a writer and he could write several scenarios which would happen in Toshinori's world. He pondered for a while before he answered Toshinori's question.


Haru: "I've made several scenarios, do you want to listen to it?"

Toshinori's eyes were lit up and agreed without hesitation.

All Might: "Let me hear it."

Haru: "You know that I've defeated All-For-One, but I guess, it isn't over yet."

Toshinori frowned and asked, "What do you mean?" He felt that the strongest villain in his world would be All-For-One since All-For-One had been a nemesis of owner of One-For-All. He knew that Haru had defeated All-For-One, and he thought that the world would be peaceful once again, but it seemed that wasn't the case.

Haru: "All-For-One is just one of the strongest villains in your world. Even without him, there are several villains, robbers, kidnappers, etc in your world. Even if I've caught All-For-One before, your world won't be peaceful and it might be just a prelude to something."

Toshinori understood Haru's words. In the past, he had also defeated All-For-One's organization and made All-For-One needed to live in hiding. However, it didn't mean that he had erased all the villains in this world or rather it was impossible to erase the evil in this world.

If there was a righteous in this world then evil also existed.

Both of them interconnected together such as shadow and light.

Haru: "However, those villains don't matter since they're only small fries."


Toshinori was speechless.

Haru: "Then the question is what you should worry about, right?"

Toshinoru: "Do you know anything?" He felt that Haru was very smart and understood how this guy could make a harem.

Haru: "There are several hypotheses that I've conjectured in my head."

All Might: "What is it?"

Haru: "First, the hero organization is evil and they're planning to dominate the world."


All Might was scared and asked, "I, is that true?"

Haru: "I'm just kidding. Don't take it seriously."


Toshinori sucked a deep breath and berated, "Haru, don't be kidding! Answer me seriously!" What he had asked was connected to the future of his world. He knew that there might be a chance for his world to be destroyed and he wanted to ask Haru's opinion regarding this matter since Haru knew about his world. However, he didn't expect Haru to make a joke.

Haru: "It isn't that difficult."

Haru: "If your world is a novel, then there should be a stronger opponent waiting for you or your disciple."



Toshinori was stunned.

Haru: "If I might not appear then your wounds might not be healed and you might need to fight against All-For-One then in the end, you will retire since you can't continue with your hero activity."


Toshinori was silent when he read Haru's conjecture. He felt that it was reasonable since if he didn't meet Haru then what Haru had told him would turn into the truth.

If Haru didn't fight against All-For-One then he would be the one who fought All-For-One.

If he didn't meet Haru and Tsunade, then his wounds wouldn't be healed either which made him suck a deep breath wondering what would happen if that really happened.

Haru: "Then all of the responsibility would be given to Midoriya who is your successor."

Toshinori nodded and asked, "And then?"

Haru: "Then the answer is simple, who is most likely going to be Midoriya's enemy?"

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Toshinori thought this question on his head, but he wasn't sure who could become Midoriya's enemy.

Haru: "It's Shiragaki Tomura. I'm sure that All-For-One has given all of his power to his successor so....."

Toshinori wasn't stupid and he knew what would happen next .

Haru: "Also, you also need to be careful with various organizations in your country. I know that there are yakuza, robber groups, and the Meta Liberation Army."

Haru: "You might also need to face all of them at the same time."


Toshinori's expression turned into determination.

All Might: "Thank you, Haru."

Toshinori was glad to ask Haru since he knew after he had asked this question then he could start to prepare.

Haru: "Oh, don't put all of your trust into hero association or some heroes in your country since it is possible that they're a spy."

All Might: "I know. I won't let them do what they want."

Haru: "Tell me when you need help."

All Might: "Yes, thank you again."

All Might: "Oh, right! Congratulations to your first son!"


Haru twitched his lips and asked, "W, what do you mean?"

All Might: "Huh? I heard from your sidekick that Tsunade is pregnant so I want to congratulate you."


Haru took a deep breath and said, "Don't even share that news with the Group Chat, alright?" He was sure that if Esdeath and Tabane knew about that matter then they would fly to his world and ask him to i.m.p.r.e.g.n.a.t.e them.

All Might: "I know. Oh, can I ask you a question?"

Haru: "What's wrong?"

All Might: "Did you really do that to your sister?"