Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1140

Volume 1 Chapter 1140 Wondering..

The nine members of Muse trained together on the rooftop of their school.

After Nico had joined Muse, they received a room for their activity. It was a very small room, but it was enough for them.

When they were at school, they used that room to discuss the matter of idol activity and when they trained, they used the free space on the rooftop.

Eli clapped her hands, training all of the members of Muse for a dance. The dance which she had taught everyone would be used on their new MV (Music Video) for their new song.

Haru had told them to make a song before he went on their trip and when he returned, he would help them to create a music video for their idol group.

They had only one song on the website and the only one who sang that song in the video was only Honoka, Kotori, and Umi. They needed to have another song and also made it into a MV so they could introduce all of the members of Muse.

"1, 2. 1, 2. 1, 2."

Unlike in the past, their dance training was harder.

Eli learned ballet during her childhood, and she knew that all of the members of Muse beside her were an ameteur so they needed an extra effort to become better. Though, when she saw their progress, she had to admit that their growth was very huge.

Eight girls danced together with bright smiles that could bring everyone in cheerful moods.

Unfortunately, Haru couldn't see this scene with his own eyes.

"Alright, let's rest," Eli said.

"Ah... I'm tired..."

Honoka plopped on the ground and her legs were soft from all of the training. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #%!d(string=13659672406768405)/wondering...._%!d(string=47846491171113543) for visiting.

"I, I'm hungry... I, I need rice..." Hanayo also plopped on the ground and her legs were like jelly after that training.

"Eli-chan is too strict, nyaa." Rin wiped the sweat off her face and complained. She was the most athletic among everyone. Though, she had to admit that this training was quite hard.

"You've decided to save the school, right? We need to work hard!" Eli said with a serious expression.


Honoka and Hanayo grimaced then looked at Nozomi, hoping she could do something.

Nozomi sighed softly and said, "B, but let's take a rest first, Eli-chan..."

"Eli-chan...." 2x

Honoka and Hanayo looked at Eli with their puppy expressions.


"Let's rest for a while, Eli," Nozomi said.

"Well...." Eli nodded with a sigh.

"Yay~" 2x

Honoka and Hanayo were very happy at that moment.

Usually at this moment, Umi would reprimand Honoka for being lazy, but she was quite busy writing new lyrics for their new song.

Even though Haru had decided to become producer, it didn't mean that he would become their nanny. He also wanted to train Umi since he had to admit that this girl was a very talented lyricist, especially when she was the one who wrote the lyrics of "Start;Dash".

Umi had been told to make a song lyric with a theme about a dream and hope since a love song was very mainstream and they needed an eye catching song. However, it was harder than she had thought since she needed some inspiration.

Maki was quite absentminded during training. She sighed and wondered what she would do at that moment.

"Maki-chan, what's wrong?" Nozomi asked.

"N, nothing!"

"Really...?" Nozomi moved very close to Maki and the distance between them was only a few centimeters. She also moved her hands weirdly as if trying to knead the bud on Maki's chest.

"W, what are you doing?!"

Maki hurriedly protected her chest from this perverted girl.

"So you're alright?" Nozomi asked once again.

"I'm alright. You don't need to worry." Maki hummed and looked away.


"I'm not tsundere"!

Nico ignored the conversation between Maki and Nozomi. She sat on the ground and couldn't help but complain. "Where is the producer? What is he doing now?!" Even though she had to admit that it was reassuring to have Haru as their producer. However, after that meeting, she never saw him again.

"He's our producer, not our manager. However, he has said that he's on a business trip for a week," Eli said.

"How did you know?" Nico asked and looked at Eli curiously.

Some of the members also looked at Eli with a curious expression at the same time.

Eli instantly blushed and she panicked.

"He has also told me before," Umi said.

"Oh, me too," Nozomi said with a smile.


Maki stared at Eli, Umi, and Nozomi. She sighed at how sleazy Haru was, but she didn't say anything.

"Business trip, huh?" Nico blinked her eyes and sighed. Looking at her loli body, she looked at Eli's bombastic body, Nozomi's huggable body, then the other member's body that made her couldn't help but think that they were really attractive. However, compared to her "Nico Nico Smile", they still needed a long way before they could become a true idol.

"Nico-chan, you don't need to worry. We're going to see him on Sunday since he has promised to make us our personal website," Kotori said.

"Well, that's true." Nico nodded.


Maki only remembered that they were going to take a photo on Sunday for their personal website. She became worried and wondered whether Haru could come out from the hospital at that time.

"Maki-chan, what's wrong?" Hanayo asked.

"N, nothing!"

"Ah, are you hungry? If you're that hungry, how about I share with you a rice ball that I've hidden on my clothes earlier?" Hanayo showed the rice ball which she had hidden on her clothes.


Maki could only sigh at the moment.


When Sora, Megumi, Yuri, Shiina, Utaha, Iwasawa, and Yumeko went to the hospital.

However, Yumeko's expression changed slightly when she saw the hospital. She suddenly stopped and said, "Ah, I forgot!"


Everyone was looking at Yumeko at that moment.

"I remember that I need to receive a package that will be sent today," Yumeko said.

Megumi nodded and said, "Then you're going back now, Yumeko-san?"

"Yes, I'm sorry everyone," Yumeko said.

"Don't be, it's alright," Utaha said. She was wondering whether Yumeko would become their sister too in the future.

"Be careful," Sora said.

Yumeko smiled and said, "Then, I'll go back first. Please tell Haru to get better, alright? Oh, also tell him, that I want to have a gamble with him again!" She waved her hand and left.




Haru looked at everyone and had to admit that it was quite crowded at that moment. He rubbed his chin and remembered that he promised to go on a date with Sora tomorrow and he was wondering whether he could escape the hospital tomorrow.

His thought was broken when he heard everyone started to play melodica that he had bought earlier. However, he had to admit that he was a bit surprised when he saw them were able to get along with each other, especially when there was Runa, Sayaka, Ririka, and Yuriko.

Kirari told them what she had been doing with Haru earlier which somehow made them feel a bit jealous.

"Right, his massage technique is incredible!"

Kirari had to admit that Haru's massage was very good.

"Massage technique?"

Everyone was looking at Haru curiously.

Haru was about to say something, but the door opened suddenly.

"Haru! I've brought you a bear hotpot!" Alice entered Haru's room cheerfully while holding a pot in her hand. She didn't care about the number of girls in Haru's room since she knew that the majority of them weren't his girlfriends.

"Alice! Stop for me!"

Erina also entered Haru's room and her face was looking at Haru angrily.

Alice moved to Haru's bed and suddenly slipped.



Everyone stopped talking at that moment and saw a pot which was about to fall at Haru.

Alice also lost her balance and was about to fall.


They stopped talking since Haru caught the pot on his hand skillfully with one hand and Alice on one hand.

"Let's have a bear hot pot tonight," Haru said.


"Is it the bear that you've killed before?" Runa asked.

Haru wasn't sure and looked at Alice who was in his arms.

"Yes, of course!" Alice nodded without hesitation.

"Alice, get away from him!"


Erina pulled Alice away and sat at his arm which made everyone speechless.

"Cough! Cough! Let's just eat, alright?" Haru said. He was wondering whether he could manage this much of women in the future.