Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1142

Volume 1 Chapter 1142 Harem's Life?

Haru and Sora had arrived at the aquarium, but they didn't leave their car after 30 minutes since they were in the middle of something.

It was also the reason why Haru didn't want to hire a bodyguard and used a GT robot to protect himself since he felt more reassured by GT Robot.

Humans might create an error, but robots won't

Even in the future, he would hire a bodyguard, he would hire the woman one.

Sora took a deep breath and rested for a few minutes. She moved her fingers and traced Haru's body. She had to admit that no matter how many times that she had seen it, she had never gotten tired of it.

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Sora was a bit worried since Haru had been moving for a while. She was afraid that his wounds would be opened by excessive activity.

"It's alright. My wounds are going to close soon." Haru patted Sora's head and said, "Do you want to rest more?"

"Well, let me rest for 10 minutes."

Sora closed her eyes and tried to calm herself since what they did in the car was so exciting and she didn't want anyone to know that they had just done that kind of thing before.

"I've learned a new massage technique, do you want to try it?"


Sora stared at Haru for a while and nodded since she had heard from Kirari that it was very amazing.


Haru and Sora entered the aquarium and as expected, there were a lot of people who came to this place.

However, they didn't really mind since each of them minded their own business.

They wore a cap so they didn't cause that much attention on people. Even if they were in disguise, they were both handsome and beautiful.

Being handsome and beautiful is a good thing, however, it is also troublesome since it easily attracts the attention of people.

However, when there was a trouble the GT Robot which they had brought would solve all of the people who wanted to cause trouble since they wanted to focus on their date rather than being troubled by small fries.

"Haru, is building an aquarium expensive?" Sora asked curiously. Her stamina had recovered and she had to admit that Haru's massage technique was godly. She was wondering whether he had learned it since it felt very good. Her complexion had become better and she was very energized.

Haru shook his head and said, "No, it is fairly cheap. Do you want me to build an aquarium?"

Sora shook her head and said, "No, it is a bit too troublesome." She was quite lazy after all and she wasn't sure whether she could take care of a lot of fish in the aquarium tank later.

"Great decision." Haru nodded and knew that this girl was quite lazy. He suddenly remembered something and asked, "So why do you want to visit an aquarium?" Even though aquarium was one of the common dating spots, it was quite crowded during Saturday and he felt that it was too troublesome.

"I just want to observe some fish and an elephant seal," Sora said.

Haru blinked his eyes and asked, "I understand about some fishes, but why elephant seal?" He didn't see anything special about an elephant seal and he didn't think that it was cute.

Sora smiled and said, "I'll tell you the reason later."

"...What's with that smile? What do you want to tell me?"

"Let's talk about that later." Sora pulled Haru's hands and showed a beautiful smile on her face. "First, we need to enjoy this place."

Looking at Sora's beautiful smile, Haru was mesmerized. He nodded and said, "...Alright."


Haru and Sora were moving around various places within the aquarium and saw a number of marine organisms such as octopus, jelly fishes, beautiful coral, etc.

Haru had to admit that it was a very good dating spot, however, he was curious why the fish in front of him was named Catshark.

"I can't see any cat's features from it," Haru said and touched the cat shark, but he didn't find any answer why this fish was being called a "catshark". He might be very knowledgeable about technology and the human body, but the animal's body? He was hopeless. He didn't have any interest in animals besides cat girls or rabbit girls.

"It's the eyes."


"The eyes of the cat shark have an elongated shape like a cat and its retina also has a layer of reflective cells behind their retina called the tapetum lucidum. You know the one which makes cat's eyes shine at night." Sora explained skillfully, but then stopped when she noticed that he had been staring at her.


"Do you want to become a marine biologist?" Haru asked. It was his first time to know that Sora was knowledgeable about fish. Though, at the same time, his fingers also caressed the cat shark's chin which made it purred. He was half-atlantean and of course, it was very easy for him to control marine life and they would be also attracted to him. He knew that if he didn't give a telephath to all the fishes in this aquarium then they might come out from their tank to greet him.

If that really happened, then this date would be destroyed and he wouldn't let that happen.

"No, it is just a moment of interest. I've learned it by chance and rather than learning marine biology, it is better to learn about human biology and become a doctor," Sora said.

"Do you want to become a doctor?" Haru asked.

"Yes, I want to become an obstetrician. Is that alright?" Sora asked.

"Why not? But you should know that being a doctor is hard," Haru said.

"It's alright. I've prepared myself." Sora looked at him with a determined expression while clenching her small fists.

Haru smiled and patted her head, however, he was curious about one thing.

"But why obstetricians? And what about the galge that you wanted to create before?" Haru asked.

"For the galge, I just want to know how it feels to make a game, but the progress is smoother than I've thought and for the reason why I want to become an obstetrician, it is because of you," Sora said while looking at Haru.


Haru was surprised.

Sora nodded and pulled his hand to the location of the elephant seal. "Do you know what an elephant seal is?"

"I just know the name and its features, but no more than that." Haru was wondering why the conversion suddenly turned into an elephant seal.

"Do you know that there is a harem on elephant seals?" Sora asked.

"....That's the first time that I know about it." Haru blinked his eyes.

"Not only an elephant seal, but an animal such as gorilla, lion, peasant, etc also own a harem too, isn't that surprising?"


"Of course, a human also has a harem." Sora stared at the elephant seal and continued. "The more powerful the man is the more attractive he is, but at the same time, sometimes they also lose themselves in their power and I hope that you won't lose in that power."

"I won't." Haru shook his head and said, "You should know my reason why I've decided to become a mogul."

"...To marry me?"

"Yes." Haru hugged Sora's waist and said, "In the past, I didn't know that we're not blood-related siblings and I'm sure.... if we decide to marry each other, our relationship is going to be frowned upon and I don't want that. I want to live freely with you without worrying about anything...."

"Haru...." Sora really wanted to kiss him at that moment, but she knew that they were in public. She needed to hold herself and decided to kiss him later in the car when they returned. However, she suddenly remembered something and said, "But there's something that I want to remind you of!"

"What's wrong?"

"I know that it is hard to control yourself, but I want you to remember to not play with too many women. You should limit the number of girls." Sora took a deep breath and said, "You should respect women. Don't be like a King or the Emperor in history who keep a harem as if it were a thing!" She knew that Haru was going to open a harem marriage, but she didn't want him to treat his harem the way those Kings and Emperors did in history.


Haru didn't expect Sora to say something like this to him, but at the same time, he also thought that he needed to control his lower body better. He knew that in history there were a lot of Kings and Emperors who had more than 1000 or even 10,000 women in their chamber which made him sigh.

Haru might not control his lower body, but he wasn't that greedy. He had a lower bottom and he wouldn't cross it no matter what. He kissed Sora's forehead and said, "Thank you for reminding me, but you don't need to worry since I won't treat you like that. You're special. Not only you, but Megumi, Utaha, Kirari, and Erina are special to me. And I won't treat them like a thing."

Sora hugged him and smiled. "I know."

"....You know?'

"Of course, we have been together for a long time and I know your personality very well. Even if your temperament has changed and even if you've got a lot of girls... I know that deep down, you're a sis-con."


Haru wasn't sure whether he should be happy with that.

"Alright, let's go back."


"I miss your cooking. Let's stop by the market to buy something and let's eat it with everyone," Sora said.


It wasn't his imagination, but it seemed that Sora had grown.

Haru was almost in tears, but he quickly stopped it.

"Yes, what do you want to eat?"


Sora and Haru were doing groceries and flirting with each other.

Haru had erased their disguise since he didn't think that anyone would think that a billionaire would buy something on a small grocery store however...


Haru and Sora, who were holding hands, turned their heads when they heard his name being called.


Nozomi looked at Haru and Sora who were holding hands. She blinked her eyes for a while before looking at Haru staring at him.


Haru also stared at Nozomi and he also wasn't sure what to say at that moment.

"I'm sorry for bothering you, but I hope that you're not playing with our hearts."

Nozomi smiled then bowed her head before leaving them. She felt that she needed to escape now since she was afraid that she might not able to control her emotion and tears.


Haru didn't expect this reaction.

"Your secret girlfriend?" Sora asked.


Haru didn't expect that trouble would come to his door very soon.