Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1143

Volume 1 Chapter 1143 Good Day?

When Sora and Haru returned to the hospital, Maki's mother had found out that he had escaped from the hospital.

Maki's mother knew that Haru was alright and in the end, she didn't force him to stay in the hospital. Though, at the same time, she told him that she would visit him to check his condition.

Haru didn't mind and decided to return right away since he missed his home somehow. However, it seemed that Kirari, Utaha, and Megumi had been staring at him for a while, and from Erina's expression, he could tell what they were talking about and he was sure that they were talking about what he and Erina had been doing on the training camp.

Utaha, Kirari, and Megumi knew that Haru was a bastard and a very bad guy, but they didn't expect him to let the owner of "God Tongue" taste his white liquid. If the world knew what this guy had done then they would curse him without hesitation.

"God Tongue" was known as a sacred treasure in the culinary world, but this guy had used that tongue to lick his anaconda and taste his white liquid.

However, from Erina's expression, the three girls knew that it seemed this girl didn't hate it, or rather she seemed to like it. Though at the same time, they knew Haru's white liquid was quite special and they also loved to swallow it.

"Well, let's go back?"

They nodded without hesitation.


It was the first time Kirari and Erina entered Haru's house. They might have seen the outside, but they had never entered it. However, the moment they entered they didn't expect to see a large robot inside his house.


Even though Kirari and Erina had seen a lot of things in their lives, it still surprised them when they saw the Gundam inside his house.

Utaha, Sora, and Megumi nodded and could understand the reaction of Kirari and Erina.

"Can you drive it?" Kirari asked.

"It's possible."


"But let's eat something first, I'm starving," Haru said.

Erina's eyes brightened and asked, "Are you the one who is going to cook?"

"Of course."

It was the first time Erina and Kirari entered his house so he was going to show his craft.


Kirari and Erina had to admit that Haru's cooking ability was very good.

"You're going to sleep here?" Utaha asked.

"Is that alright?" Kirari asked.

"Why not? There are a lot of rooms here!"

"Well...." Erina thought that it was interesting, but she was a bit nervous.

"Then why don't we have a girls' party," Sora said.

"Girls' party?" 4x

"Yes, it is rare for all of his girls to stay with him so let's have a party together in my room," Sora said.


"Great idea."

"I, I don't mind."

"Let's do it."

Haru was looking at their interaction and asked, "In that girls' party... am I being invited?"



It seemed that he wasn't being invited, but he didn't really mind. It had been a while since he slept alone and decided to sleep early since he had an appointment tomorrow with Muse at his shrine.

Haru was sleeping for a few hours, but he opened his eyes slightly when the door of his room was opened.

"Haru, let's do it."

Kirari, Utaha, Sora, and Megumi appeared at the same time after leaving Erina who had slept earlier.


It seemed that it was impossible for him to sleep alone after all.


The next morning, Erina opened her eyes and saw that she had woken up quite late. She looked around and saw that she was in an unfamiliar room, but that wasn't the problem.

The problem was that she didn't see anyone and wondered whether they had woken up.

Erina didn't get up immediately but laid on the bed thinking about yesterday. The corner of her mouth rose unconsciously and thought that it was pretty fun since she didn't need to think about food, culinary, family business, or something related to it.

At this moment, Erina thought that it must be the feeling of a normal high school girl and she had been longing before.

*Knock!* *Knock!*

"Erina, have you woken up?"

Erina was startled, but she nodded when she saw Megumi open the door. "Y, yes, Megumi."

"Are you hungry? Haru has prepared breakfast," Megumi said.

Hearing Megumi's words, Erina's mood became good and she stood up immediately. If the one who prepared the food was someone else, then she would frown and wouldn't be in such a good mood, but the one who prepared it was her husband-to-be and of course, it was delicious. She came out of Sora's room as fast as possible, but she didn't see the figure that she wanted to see.

"Megumi, where's Haru?"

"Oh, he has an appointment today," Megumi said. Her expression was expressionless, but strangely enough, it made the people who saw her relaxed for some reason.

"When will he come back?" Erina asked.

"I'm not sure, but he might be late," Megumi said.

"I see...."

Hearing that answer, Erina became quite sad. Her figure was similar to a dog who was sad, watching her owner go out.

Megumi smiled softly and said, "Don't worry, how about we spend our day playing a game today?"


Erina was a bit interested.

"There's also a lot of manga...." Megumi tapped her chin and said, "Well, let's just tour around this house. There are a lot of interesting things here."

Erina became spirited and nodded, but then she realized something. "I didn't see Kirari, Sora, and Utaha, where are they?"

"They should be in the bathroom. They should come out soon," Megumi said. Though, at the same time, she sighed inwardly since they were a bit cruel since they didn't invite Erina to do that kind of thing with them. However, she knew that Erina was a v.i.r.g.i.n and Erina hadn't tasted that forbidden pleasure.

It was Erina's first time, and of course, Megumi knew that it needed to be special since her first time was also special.

Erina didn't think too much and nodded. She tried breakfast that had been cooked by Haru and her eyes brightened up.


Erina didn't realize, but she started to forget about the nightmare-like childhood and it started being changed into a more cheerful future.


Erina smiled and really wanted to meet him at that moment.

So what was Haru doing?


"Haru, give us souvenirs!" Honoka moved closer to Haru and pulled his samue (work clothing of Japanese Zen Buddhist monks).

Hanayo wasn't as brave as Honoka, but she kept looking at Haru with expectation.

Haru sighed and said, "Are you alright with bear meat?"

"Bear meat?!"

They were surprised when they heard it.

"We can have a BBQ here," Haru said.

"Yay, BBQ!"

Honoka, Nico, and Rin, the three idiot trios, seemed to be very happy.

Hanayo who loved to eat also started to drool.

"You can't eat first! We need to do our training first!" Umi reprimanded all of them.


"Umi is right. You can't have a bloated stomach for our photo session," Haru said.

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Haru nodded and said, "I've told you that I'll help you to make a website and social media, right?"

They nodded at the same time.

"However, I need to have some of your pictures. Don't worry, it is only a normal photo and not a weird one," Haru said. Even if he took a perverted photo, he wouldn't share it with anyone and kept it as his treasure.

"It's good!"

They nodded and didn't think too much.

"Then can you change to your school uniform?" Haru asked.


Haru saw them suddenly turn silent then looked at him with a weird expression. He raised his eyebrow and asked, "Why are you all silent?"

"Haru, do you have a uniform fetish?" Honoka asked.