Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1144

Volume 1 Chapter 1144 Photo Session?

"Maki, your movements should be more natural, don't be too rigid!"

"Um... is this all right? I, I feel like I'm on my limit..."

"No, try harder!"

"Okay, okay, then hurry up..."


At the shrine, the other Muse members had been photographed and filmed, but when it was Maki's turn, Haru encountered a problem.

Although Haru wasn't a professional photographer, he also knew how to highlight the best characteristics of each Muse member for promotional photos.

The bright and energetic smile of Honoka, the gentle and lovely Kotori, Umi with her feminine beauty, the cuteness and her shapely butts of Rin, the shy girl and soft cheek of Hanayo, the smart and cunning of Nozomi, Eli with her cool persona, Lastly, Nico with her naughtyness.



"I'm not sure, but I feel that you're thinking something rude about me." Nico stared at Haru intently.

"It is your imagination." Haru waved his hand and thought that Nico was a really funny girl. He even felt that this girl was a mascot, but he wouldn't say it out loud since he could feel that this girl was staring at him with dangerous eyes.

Anyway, those characteristics were easy to take on the photo and the rest of them also had recognized their own characteristics so it was very easy to take their pictures.

However, in the case of Maki, it didn't work.

There was no doubt the biggest characteristic of Maki was tsundere. Usually she was cold, but over time, she would show her warm side.

The gap between cold and warm was so cute and Haru wanted to capture that moment.

However, the problem was that Maki didn't want to admit that she was a tsundere, so when Haru asked her to take some actions, she was very uncooperative.

"One hand is curling the end of my hair, the other is on my waist, and there is a slight rosy hint on my face... isn't this action difficult?!"

Maki folded her arms with a blush on her face while "hmph" him at the same time.

"Oh, nice expression! I'll take it!"

Haru took Maki's photo right away.


"Ah..!" Maki blushed and startled. She became embarrassed and hurriedly ran toward him to cover his camera. "D, don't take my picture!"


Haru sighed and wondered why a tsundere girl was so difficult. "Maki, we've almost spent an hour taking your photo, more than this both Honoka and Hanayo are going to be dying of hunger."

"I, it's alright. I, I can still go on...." Honoka laid on the tatami floor weakly.

"Kayo-chin! Kayo-chin! Wake up!" Rin held Hanayo in her hands with a panicked expression.

"P, please let me eat rice...." It was Hanayo's last words before she closed her eyes.


Rin roared in frustration since she couldn't help her friend.


Maki was speechless, but she didn't want to admit it. "I, I'm not tsundere! W, why should I admit it!?" She turned her head and no matter what she wouldn't admit that she was a tsundere!

"Forget it, you'll bear the consequences anyway."

Even though he was patient, he also had his limit, he took his camera and was about to take a photo, unexpectedly a beautiful big head suddenly appeared in front of camera.


Haru hadn't reacted, so he subconsciously pressed the camera button so this photo was saved.

"Eli, what are you doing?" Haru felt a bit strange, and said to Eli, who suddenly appeared right in front of him. "Not only is Maki uncoorporative, but you also want to make trouble?"

"Maki is just shy."

Eli had a light smile on her face that enhanced her beauty even more. "Maki isn't unreasonable, but Haru is a boy after all. Some things are embarrassing to be shown in front of you, we might not be as good as you in taking pictures, but leave the task of taking pictures to us. I believe it will be done.... after all, Haru... you don't want Maki to have a bad picture, right?"

"OK then."

Haru wasn't hardheaded and he felt that Eli's words were reasonable. He smiled and said, "You're the most sensible Eli."

Eli was a bit surprised, but then she showed a gentle smile and obviously she enjoyed his praise.

However, at this moment, Maki who was originally tempestuous, said suddenly, "Although I still don't think that I'm a tsundere. It's not impossible to cooperate with you to make those actions! Hmph!" Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #%!d(string=13659672406768405)/photo-session_%!d(string=47881965453493236) for visiting.


Haru smiled and said, "Maki, you're too cute."

"Wh, what are you saying?!" Maki blushed again, but this time, her picture was being taken so suddenly again. "D, don't take my photo so suddenly!"

"Alright, you've promised me to take that action, right?"


Maki blushed, but she still nodded and took the actions which had been instructed by Haru.

Eli raised her eyebrow, but she didn't say much and stayed beside Haru looking at the picture which had been taken by Haru. Though, she had to admit that Maki was very cute at that moment.


No one thought too much, only Nozomi looked at Eli, and then looked at Maki. She then remembered the scene that she had seen yesterday and frowned looking at Haru.

Since Maki was willing to cooperate, the next thing was simpler.

It didn't take much time for Haru to take a set of photos. He took his laptop and checked each of their photos. However, he had to admit that the nine members of Muses were naturally beautiful and he didn't need to edit their picture.

However, for the nine girls, they had to admit that this guy was a very skillful photographer.

Haru had created a website for Muse along with social media. He uploaded some normal photos that naturally showed their beauty and he believed that they would become popular soon.

Of course, he had a lot of photos, but he wouldn't show them to the world and kept them as his treasures. However, at the same time, he also wanted to see the appearance of everyone in the shrine maiden outfit.

"Nyaa, what is this photo? Why is there a photo of Nozomi and Eli in a shrine maiden outfit, nyaa?" Rin suddenly exclaimed.


Everyone stared at Haru at this moment.

"Cough! Cough! This is for a sample. Both of them are often working on my shrine after all." Haru looked at them and asked, "Do you want to wear it too?"



It seemed that everyone had an interest in shrine maiden outfits, though, they couldn't wait to eat the BBQ so he prepared the BBQ for all of them on the terrace of the shrine.

The smoky smell of the meat tempted them and gulped their saliva.

"Haru, Haru, when it is ready?" Honoka was already impatient.

"Honoka! You need to watch your figure! You can't eat too much!" Umi needed to reprimand this girl or else this girl would eat too much.

"Moo! Umi-chan, you're like my mother!" Honoka complained.

"I'm not your mother! If you're more responsible then I won't need to remind you every time!" Umi roared.

"Umi-chan, Honoka-chan, don't fight..." Kotori tried to stop both of them from fighting.

"Don't worry, Umi. Honoka can work out the next day," Haru said.

"Yes, you hear that, Umi?" Honoka was happy.

"But...." Umi looked at Haru unwillingly.

"Well, tomorrow you can double or triple her training," Haru said.

"Oh, that's a good idea!" Umi smiled.

"..D, demon...." Honoka didn't expect that Haru and Umi would work together to force her to slim down.

Then Haru noticed a somber expression of Hanayo. "What's wrong, Hanayo?"



"There's no rice!" Hanayo felt depressed when she found out that there wasn't any rice.

"Of course, there's rice. Nico is cooking it." Haru noticed Nico coming out of the kitchen. "See? She brings a rice cooker with her."


"Hmph! Why am I the one who cooks the rice?!" Nico complained, but she still did it anyway.

"Is it really alright to eat this much? In a week, we have a concert, right?" Eli was worried.

"It's alright. Just think of it as a cheat day," Haru said.

"Cheat day?"

Everyone was looking at Haru curiously then Haru could feel that Nozomi's eyes turned sharper staring at him. He knew that Nozomi hadn't talked to anyone about the matter yesterday and he was grateful for it, but at the same time, he needed to tell them about cheat day first.