Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1146

Volume 1 Chapter 1146 Fallen

Haru was the owner of the shrine, but this girl was the one who prepared the tea for him not the other way around.

"Here's a tea."

Nozomi put a glass of tea on the table.

"Thank you."

The one who had stopped him before was Nozomi and he knew that she had something to talk to him about what had happened yesterday. He was also wondering why this girl didn't say anything about the thing which she had seen yesterday.

"Do you know the reason why I stopped you?" Nozomi asked.

"Was it yesterday?" Haru asked.

Nozomi nodded and asked, "Can I ask who is that girl?" The one she meant was the one where he had held hands together on groceries before.

"I'm not going to hide it from you.... She's my girlfriend," Haru said.


Nozomi raised her eyebrow. She had a feeling, but when she confirmed it from his mouth, it made her uncomfortable.

"You've got a girlfriend and yet you also get close to Eli and Maki? You want to cheat on your girlfriends?" Nozomi asked.

"She knows about it," Haru said.


"She knows how close I am to several girls," Haru said.


"Is she alright with it?" Nozomi asked.

"Of course not," Haru said. He knew that all of his girlfriends wanted to own him by themselves, but they had decided to compromise with him since they knew that they couldn't handle him alone and because they loved him.

It was also the reason why he realized how lucky he was and why he needed to make all of them happy.

"Even so, you've decided to get close to Eli and Maki?" Nozomi asked.

"I know..." Haru smiled in a depreciated way and said, "I shouldn't be gentle to them nor should I show an interest in them." He wasn't a dense protagonist, and he knew that both Eli and Maki liked him, but he was hesitating since he had a lot of girlfriends.

Nozomi nodded and asked, "Do you like them?"

"I like them," Haru said without hesitation, but he wouldn't force them to become his girlfriends. He might be able to force them using various means within his head, but he felt that he would change once he did that and he didn't want to change for now. He was a harem protagonist and he wasn't a billionaire who would force a girl to become his.

"If they're alright with your relationship with other girls then will you make them your girlfriends?" Nozomi asked.

Haru was confused by this question, but nodded. "Yes."

"Then me too...?"


Haru was startled, but his lips were kissed at that moment. He had a feeling, but he was quite hesitant since he wanted to limit the number of girls beside him. Though, he knew that it was quite hard.

Nozomi parted her lips and traced her lips with her fingers. "It's better than I thought."

"What are you doing?" Haru asked.

Nozomi smiled and asked, "Do you think I'll get depressed or try to stop you from dating either Maki or Eli?"

Haru was surprised and asked, "You're not?"

"Of course not!" Nozomi patted her chest and said, "I've told you before, right? Do you remember my fortune telling in the past?"

Haru suddenly remembered when Nozomi did a fortune telling on himself and when she told him that he would have a harem. He didn't think too much, but he suddenly felt that her fortune telling ability was real. He looked at her and asked, "So...?"

Nozomi took a deep breath and looked at Haru.

"Haru, I love you."


Haru didn't expect a sudden confession from her. He might have received a lot of confessions in the past, but it was different when the one who confessed to him was Nozomi. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #%!d(string=13659672406768405)/fallen_%!d(string=47886423075908064) for visiting.

"I, I have always liked you. I know that you like Eli and because of that I've never said anything, but since you've decided to make a harem then I won't try to hide it anymore.... I, I've always been jealous when you are so close with various girls and you've never turned your eyes toward me. Unlike Eli, my body is fat and it is also the reason why I'm not that attractive in your eyes."

"No, your body is attractive. If possible, I want to hug you forever."

Haru had to admit that Nozomi was attractive, especially that huggable body. He sometimes had to hug her every time they met each other, but he held himself since he knew that he needed to use his head, not his lower body.

"Just hug me then!"

Nozomi hugged Haru tightly.


"I know that you don't love me, but that's alright. You can hug me or do something more, but let me stay by your side. I'll even help you to get both Eli and Maki, or even all of the members of Muse..."

Nozomi stared at Haru with her teary eyes, but suddenly her forehead flicked.


"Don't say something stupid. Even if I've an interest in a girl then I'll be the one who is going to start the first move and you don't need to do anything."

Nozomi rubbed her forehead.

"But... you should be more greedy..." Haru said while staring at Nozomi.


"Do you just want to stay by my side? Don't you want more?"

"No!" Nozomi hugged him and said, "I want you to hug me, I want you to kiss me, I want you to hold me, and I want you too..."

Their eyes stared at each other and after that no words came from their mouths since they started to kiss each other.

Nozomi put her hands on his hard chest and felt her entire body was very hot. She was also being hugged which made her feel that she was being suffocated, but strangely enough, it felt very good.

They kissed for a long time before they parted their lips creating saliva.

Nozomi's face was covered in blush and she stared at him with a hazy expression. She was breathing very hard and wanted to do more. "I love you Haru...."


Haru knew that it was very stupid for him to reject Nozomi's advance and he also didn't think that he would meet such a girl in the future. However, it was his first time to have a girl to be so aggressive since he was usually the one who was aggressive and he wasn't used to being on the passive one.

The only problem was that he couldn't say that he loved her this easily since it felt that he loved her because of her body and his love also wasn't that cheap.

However, the biggest trouble was because he always treated her as a friend and for their relationship to change so suddenly....

"You don't need to think too much..."

Nozomi caressed Haru's cheek and said, "Just hold me, alright?"

Haru stopped thinking at that moment since he was a man and what kind of man would let a girl who would reject such a wonderful girl.

For the future?

He could think about it later since it was still far away, however, he wouldn't treat this girl badly.

Haru kissed her lips and inserted his tongue which made her gasp and m.o.a.n.

When their lips parted once again, Nozomi knew that she had fallen at the hand of devil, but she didn't hate it and wanted to feel deeper into the abyss of pleasure.