Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1147

Sis-Con With Dimensional Chat Group Volume 1 Chapter 1147 - Bad Guy

Nozomi took a deep breath and tried to take a rest. She felt a bit sleepy, but she didn't want to sleep that early. She caressed Haru's chest which was covered in a bandage.

"Now that you mention it, what's this bandage for? It's not fashion, right?

Nozomi raised her head and looked at the man who had stolen her v.i.r.g.i.nity, turning her into a woman.

"I don't have a chuunibyou and of course, it isn't a fashion." Haru sighed and said, "I was wounded before."

"Eh? Wounded?!"

Nozomi raised her body subconsciously, but her place was quite sore. "Ow, ow, ow...."

"Calm down. Just sleep, alright?"

"You ask me to sleep when I've heard that you're wounded? Don't ask for the impossible!"

Haru had to admit that Nozomi's body was quite addictive since it was very soft, especially when he remembered she rode on the top of him which made her entire body shake.

Nozomi felt something hard touching her and sighed. "You... really..." She understood why this guy needed a lot of women since this guy was simply an insatiable beast. "Tell me your story so I can sleep."


Haru nodded and told Nozomi how he was wounded by a bear.

Nozomi didn't expect to hear such a story and rather than sleeping, she listened carefully. However, it seemed that her body was more tired than it seemed and she slept right on Haru's arm.

Haru patted Nozomi's head and kissed her forehead, thinking that it was simply impossible for him to control his lower body since once again he had done it again. He sighed softly and decided not to think too much. He was wondering whether his life would be similar to a King Solomon who had 700 wives and 300 concubines.

Haru had become the richest man in this world, but well... it seemed that nothing had changed and he always used his lower body to think.


Haru had told Sora, Megumi, Kirari, Utaha, and Erina that he wouldn't go back and stay for a night at the shrine since he had taken Nozomi's first time. If he left this girl alone then he would be irresponsible.

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In the early morning, Haru and Nozomi had woken up. He let the cleaning robot clean up the shrine and he brought Nozomi to take a bath inside the shrine since there was a large bath inside the shrine.

Haru loved to take a bath and of course, he loved to take it with a beautiful girl.

Nozomi had to admit that it was good to stay in a large bathup, especially when she could rest herself on Haru's chest.

"I'm not heavy, right?"

"Of course not."

Haru knew that no girl loved being told fat. Though, he had to admit that she was slightly chubbier than the girls that he had slept with before.

"Take a rest for today. You need to take a rest after all." Haru patted Nozomi's head.

"Hmm...." Nozomi smiled and said, "How to say... it feels like I'm doing a pillow business."


Of course, he knew about pillow business and this practice was often being done in the entertainment industry.

"In exchange for my body, please don't touch any girls at Muse!" Nozomi looked at Haru with teary eyes then smiled mischievously. "How is it? Do you like it?"

"Don't make me look like a bad person!"

"You're a bad person!"


Haru couldn't deny it since he wasn't a good guy, really....

"And you should act like a bad guy now. Try to do it again.... Cough! Cough!" Nozomi coughed then stared at him with teary eyes and an unwilling expression. "Y, you have my body now! D, don't put your hands on all the girls!"

Haru sighed, but in the end, he decided to act. He raised his eyebrow and lifted Nozomi's chin.

"Let me see your performance then... if you can satisfy me then I won't touch my hands on them, but if you can't....."


"Haru... you're really like a bad guy now...." Nozomi was joking, but she didn't expect that this guy could become a bad guy.

"It's too late to run now." Haru hugged Nozomi's waist and kissed her lips, even inserting his tongue inside.

It had only been a day since she lost her first time and she gasped since it felt very good.

"Ha... Ha... Ha..."

After separating their lips, Nozomi stared at Haru with a blush. She knew that this guy was very bad, but she couldn't get away and it felt good being with him.

"I'll send you back to your apartment later."

Nozomi pouted and said, "You're going to throw me away after you've stolen my body?"

"Stupid. I'm not going to throw you. I've just got your body and I'm going to do a lot of things with it... don't regret it."

Looking at Haru's predatory eyes, Nozomi blushed and shyly nodded. She had to admit that this guy was really bad so bad that she really wanted to be with him all the time.

"I'll take you home later, alright? Just tell the school that you've caught the flu or something."



"Don't worry, I'll help you get both Eli and Maki." Nozomi gave him a thumbs up.



Haru sent Nozomi back since he knew that she couldn't walk very well after he had taken her for the first time. He didn't go back first and he was also late for school so he decided to skip. It wasn't his first time skipping school anyway and he was wondering what he should do after this since he knew that all of his girls had gone to the school.

Haru was wondering whether he should go to his company to lead Uncle Ayase and his team to get more money. However, suddenly he felt that his smartphone vibrated. He took out his smartphone and saw Alice had chatted to him.

Alice: "You free?"

Haru: "Free."

Alice: "You're not at school?"

Haru: "I've just returned from my business and it is too late to go to school."

Alice: "Then go to Tootsuki!"

Haru: "Why? You're not at school?"

Alice: "I'm not at school, but I'm quite free since the training camp has just ended and after the training camp there we receive a week's worth of holiday."

Haru was quite surprised.

Haru: "That's amazing...."

Alice: "It's good, right? I thought I'd bring you in to open Kiviak! Have you forgotten about it?"

Haru only remembered his kiviak.

Haru: "Wait for me at the location, I'll go there shortly."

Alice: "Good, I'll wait for you."

Haru didn't go immediately, but chatted to his girlfriend.

Haru: "Are you free?"


Haru saw that his chat was being read, but he didn't receive a reply. He knew that this girl was a bit annoyed since he didn't go back yesterday.

Haru: "Let's have a date. I've heard that your school is on holiday right now."

Erina: "I'm very busy with my tasting work."

Haru smiled and replied, "Just skip it for a day."

Erina: "I've got a reputation that I need to maintain."

Haru: "Just say that your body isn't comfortable."

Haru: "Erina...."

Haru: "Let's have a date."



Erina, who had returned to her house, blushed and replied to him.

"T, then I'll wait for you at my house."

"I'll go there."

Erina put down her smartphone and started to prepare wondering where he would take her. She suddenly remembered the talk which she had with Sora, Megumi, Utaha, and Kirari before and looked at the thing which she kept in her wallet. She blushed and shook her head before she started to take a bath to prepare for their date.