Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1149

Sis-Con With Dimensional Chat Group Volume 1 Chapter 1149 - So bad that I want to try it again

They had heard that kiviak was stunk, but they didn't expect it to stink.

The smell from the kiviak quickly spread and permeated the surrounding area.


Everyone closed their noses since they couldn't handle this smell.

Even Souma, who had a bizarre taste among everyone, was also taken aback when he smelled this smell. It was so bad that he wanted to get away, however, his desire to taste this dish also increased since he was curious about the taste of the dish which was capable of producing such a strong smell.

However, Erina and Alice were alright since they were wearing gas masks.

Haru frowned and didn't expect the smell to be this strong. He quickly activated the device which he had brought before and it quickly sucked the disgusting smell in this place.

The stinky smell started to disappear slowly and everyone was also able to breathe normally. However, their faces frowned and their expressions were ugly since the smell of this dish was very disgusting.

Then Haru quickly took out the kiviak from the ground and really wondered whether he could eat this dish. He knew that he was curious, but this thing was quite disgusting for him.

"Haru, how do we eat this?" Souma asked.

"I'll open up the seal's stomach then take one of the birds inside. When you've taken the bird then you suck the inside of the bird from its anus," Haru said.


Everyone, who heard Haru's words were speechless since they didn't expect this dish would be this disgusting.

"What are we waiting for? Let's eat it." Souma was eager to try this dish and wondered whether he could use it for a new dish or something.

"Wait for a moment. Let me see whether it is safe or not." Haru stopped Souma and said, "Alice, can you get me a microscope?"

"Okey dokey!"

Alice took a microscope from her car and gave it to Haru.

Haru took a sample of the auk bird which he had put inside the seal and checked whether it was alright for him to eat it. He knew that he had heard a case that someone had died from eating a kiviak during his previous world. He had read the past article and remembered that they made the kiviak from eider bird rather than the auk bird which gave them botulism.

Haru checked it for 30 minutes, but during that time no one seemed to talk since they knew that it was very important to see whether this dish was safe or not.

After 30 minutes, he massaged his shoulders since he felt quite tired.

"You're alright?" Erina asked.

"I'm alright."

"So how is it? Is it safe to eat?" Alice asked.

"Yes, it is alright. I don't see any bad bacteria from it," Haru said.

"You're too cautious! You've done it based on the right procedure. You don't need to worry," Alice said.

"Even so, it isn't bad to be careful, alright?" Haru said.

"It's safe, right? Haru, let me eat it!" Souma was very eager to taste this kiviak.

"Sure." Haru took one of the auk birds from the seal and gave it to Souma. "Don't forget to pluck the feather's tail and suck it from the anus."


Souma felt slightly nervous when he touched the kiviak on his hands. He took a deep breath and sucked the auk bird from the anus.



Souma's mouth was quite messy, but it seemed that he didn't stop slurping the kiviak on his hands.

Haru also took one of the kiviaks and also tasted it.


Haru closed his eyes and realized how bombastic the taste of kiviak was. It was as if he was suddenly being thrown into a tsunami ocean of natto which made him overwhelmed.


Isshiki and Kurokiba also took one of the kiviaks and also did the same.


The guys seemed to be curious, but the girls seemed to be pretty disgusted by the kiviak. Though, Sasaki, Tadakoro, and Alice seemed to be very interested in it.

Then Haru and Souma sighed at the same time.

"How?" Marui asked while pushing the frame of his glasses.

"It has a peculiar flavor." 2x

It was the only thing that they could say to everyone after they tasted this dish. The taste of kiviak was pretty unique and it tasted similar to all of the fermented foods being combined into one. It was so bombastic that they wouldn't forget it for their entire life.

"K, Kasugano-kun, is it alright for me to taste it too?" Sakaki asked.

"Sure." Haru went to his car and got a mouth wash since he knew that his mouth smelled really bad after he had eaten kiviak. He could even see that Erina was trying to escape from him, which made him want to laugh. "Erina, come here."


Erina escaped since she didn't want to taste a kiviak. She entered his car and holed up inside.

Shaking his head, Haru didn't force her and returned to the location of the kiviak since he could see that everyone started to taste it slowly.

"I guess, it will be good to combine it with rice."

"Yeah, we can use it to marinate meat too."

"Smoking is also a good choice."

"Cough! Cough!" Isshika coughed and made everyone turn their attention to him. "Everyone, the owner of this kiviak in him, you can't steal it alright?"

They only remembered it now since they were too busy to taste the kiviak.

"I have had enough. I'll take some and you can have the rest. There's no one at home who is going to taste it anyway."

Haru didn't think that the girls at his home would love to taste a kiviak since it was quite disgusting. Unless that girl had an aspiration to become a chef then he didn't think that they dared to eat a kiviak. Then he noticed that Alice brought a kiviak and tried to force it on Erina's mouth.

"Erina, eat this!" Alice's mouth was in a mess because of the kiviak, but she didn't care and tried Erina to eat this kiviak too.

"NO!!!! Haru, help me!!!" Erina cried out and tried to push Alice away, but it seemed that she was slipped and in the end, she ate the kiviak.


Erina's screams reverberated throughout the area.

Haru shook his head and wondered how long they were going to fight each other. He looked at everyone and said, "Souma, Isshiki, and Tadokoro, I'll play in your dorm sometimes. At that time, give me your most delicious food." Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="#%!d(string=13659672406768405)/so-bad-that-i-want-to-try-it-again_%!d(string=47914534442163698)">#%!d(string=13659672406768405)/so-bad-that-i-want-to-try-it-again_%!d(string=47914534442163698)</a> for visiting.

"Yes, I'll be waiting for your arrival," Isshika said with a smile.

"Y, yes..!" Tadokoro answered with a nervous expression.

"Oh! Don't forget to bring your new creation too!" Souma said. It had been a while since he went to Haru's cafe and wondered whether there was a new creation.

"Alright, I'll bring some in the future." Haru looked at the rest of the members of Polar Star Dormitory and said, "Then, I'll go back first. Thank you for your help."

"Haru, help me!"

Haru sighed and returned back to his car since he needed to stop Erina and Alice.


When Haru returned together with Alice and Erina, Sato couldn't help but ask.

"So who is he?"

Marui pushed the frame of his glasses and said, "Genius, billionaire, tycoon, mogul, hottest man in the country, etc.... he has a lot of nicknames, but for further information, you should check the internet so you won't be so rude with him in the future." He gave them his smartphone to tell them about Haru's identity.


Sato and Aoki's faces became very pale when they heard it and wondered whether they were too rude. If this guy tried to get revenge.....

"You don't need to worry. Haru isn't that narrow-minded of a guy. He also has a "God Tongue" too, which is great," Souma said.



"But still, don't act so rudely in front of him since with just one word from him, your career as a chef will be over," Isshiki said with a smile.