Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1150

Sis-Con With Dimensional Chat Group Volume 1 Chapter 1150 - Two Sisters

As they arrived at Erina's house, Erina pulled Haru to her room, but of course, Alice followed them.

When they arrived at her room, Erina said, "I'll take a bath first. Wait for me here." She wanted to take a bath with him, but it was impossible to do it when Alice was around. The reason why she decided to take a bath was obvious even though the one she had before and it was because the smell of kiviak was so horrible.

"Wait! Let's take a bath together, Erina!" Alice said with a smile and thought that she would be rejected however....


Erina didn't say anything afterwards and left Alice behind since her smell wasn't good.

Alice was surprised but then she smiled since it had been a while since she took a bath together with Erina. She turned toward Haru and smiled. "Haru, don't peek, alright?"

"I'm not."

Haru could take a bath together with Erina anytime and he didn't need to take a peek. He went to the veranda of Erina's room since he also smelled quite bad after eating kiviak. He was wondering whether he could use Erina's bathroom after this.

Alice snorted when she saw that Haru didn't seem to have an interest in seeing her n.a.k.e.d body.

"Don't regret it, alright! In the future, you won't be able to see two beautiful sisters n.a.k.e.d together!"

Haru was speechless, but before he said anything.


Erina came out while pulling Alice to the bathroom.

"Ah! Don't be too hard! Erina! Erina!"

Haru shook his head and took his smartphone since it was vibrating. He raised his eyebrow and didn't expect that there would be a quest. However....

Haru: "I'm not going."


Alice and Erina took a bath together.

Alice was very happy, but Erina sighed and felt tired. Both of them brushed their teeth and washed their mouths with mouthwash several times before the smell on their mouths had vanished.

Erina sighed once again and felt tired before she sat in the bathup trying to relax. She wanted to have a date with him, but didn't expect that she would have to eat a kiviak. Even though she felt that it wasn't bad, she didn't think that she would eat it again since its appearance was quite disgusting and it smelled really bad.

However, Alice was very happy and also entered the bathup together with Erina since it had been a while for both of them to take a bath together, but suddenly she remembered something and her face flushed.

Erina saw this and became worried. "Alice, are you alright? Your face is red."

Waving her hand, Alice said, "I'm alright. I'm alright. You don't need to worry."

"Is that so?"

Erina nodded and seemed that she might be thinking too much, but she could feel that Alice had been staring at her.

"If you have something to ask then ask."

"Then I'll ask..." Alice nodded. Her face blushed and she asked the question that she wanted to ask in the past.

"Erina... have you done that with Haru?"

Erina was startled and her face blushed. "W, what are you saying?!"

Looking at Erina's reaction, Alice became slightly uncomfortable and asked, "Y, you have done that? Y, you're a woman now?"

"Of course not! We haven't done that!" Erina denied it without hesitation.

"Then why are you blushing?! What was that reaction? Tell me the truth!" Alice was uncomfortable, but she was also curious.


Erina stared at her cousin for a bit and said in low voice, "You're not going to tell anyone?" Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="#%!d(string=13659672406768405)/two-sisters_%!d(string=48026419430751951)">#%!d(string=13659672406768405)/two-sisters_%!d(string=48026419430751951)</a> for visiting.

"I'm not! I swear that I won't tell anyone!"

Of course, Alice wouldn't tell this matter to anyone since she cared about Erina and Haru. She looked around as if she was afraid that their conversation would be heard by someone, even though there were only two of them inside this bathroom.

"So at what stage are both of you at?"

Erina blushed and told Alice what had happened at the training camp. Even though she was comfortable with Kirari, Utaha, Megumi, and Sora, the time that they knew each other was too short. She also felt quite jealous since the four of them had lost their first time on Haru yet she....

Erina knew that she couldn't tell this matter to grandfather, but it should be alright to tell this matter to Alice since both of them were very close to each other. Even though she didn't want to admit it.


Alice's expression was very expressive and she exclaimed several times which made Erina become very annoyed, but she quickly apologized telling her to continue her story. She sighed in relief when she heard that Haru and Erina hadn't done that stage yet, but she was quite surprised when she heard that Erina had licked Haru's anaconda.

"Y, you have licked it?!"

If the people who worked in the culinary industry knew what Haru had done at Erina, Alice was sure that they would be furious.

"Umm...." Erina blushed and nodded.


Alice wanted to strangle Haru at this moment since this guy was a very bad boy!

Erina's tongue was very important in the culinary industry and it wouldn't be exaggerated to say that Erina was the savior of the culinary industry, but Haru had made her lick his anaconda and even drank his white liquid!

Alice felt very strange and asked, "How was it? Did it taste good?" Even though she felt that Haru's act was blasphemy against the culinary industry, she had to admit that this guy was wild enough to make the proud princess do that kind of thing. However, at the same time, she was also curious and had to give him a thumbs up since what he had done was something very amazing.


Erina's face was hot, but she nodded.


Alice sucked a deep breath and asked, "Really?!"

"Yes! If it wasn't you suddenly invite him to open the kiviak then we...." Erina was annoyed, but she quickly shut her mouth.


Alice was speechless and asked, "C, can you tell me how big his thing is?" She had seen Haru's photo in the swimwear, but she was curious after all.


"Why do you want to know?" Erina asked with a confused expression.

"I'm just curious," Alice said.

"Well...." Erina didn't see any harm and tried to show how big Haru's anaconda was with her hands.


Alice was speechless once again and asked, "..... H, how does it fit into your mouth!?"

"Well, it fits."

Erina wasn't sure how it fit into her mouth, but she could goble it before and she didn't think too much. Though, her jaw was very tired at that time.


Alice sighed and at the same time, she was wondering why she felt jealous. She didn't like this feeling and wanted to do something but...

Looking at Alice who was quiet, Erina suddenly asked, "Alice, can I ask you something?"

"Hmm? What is it? What do you want to ask? I can answer it," Alice said with a bright smile. Inwardly, she knew that she needed to be cheerful and couldn't show sadness on her face.

"Alice... do you like Haru?" Erina asked.

"Erina, I....."


Outside of the bathroom, Haru was looking at the courtyard of the mansion from Erina's mansion. Though, his eyes had been focused on his smartphone since he was curious who would go on this quest since he had decided to take a break for a while.