Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 116

Volume 1 Chapter 116 Appetite Demon

The next day, they continued their journey and walked together this time toward the mountain.

His light magic made the journey more comfortable since they didn't need to feel cold and felt warm in this cold temperature.

Even though the cold temperature didn't bother them anymore, they still needed to destroy an ice shard that was moving toward them.

"Damn, this ice shard," Tsunade said while punching it. She was very annoyed by it and only wanted to get into the mountain as soon as possible.

Luffy was thinking that it was a good chance for him to train his observation haki. He tried to close his eyes while dodging and destroying the ice shard with his punch. However, some of the ice shards were making his body full of blood and wounded.

"Luffy, what are you doing?" Takimaru was shocked when he saw him closing his eyes.

"I practice, ouch!" an ice shard stabbed his shoulder and he hurriedly destroyed it before it caused bigger wounds.

"Is he insane?" Match asked with disbelief.

Toriko looked at him with interest since he had never seen someone practice in this manner before.

Tsunade had some idea what Luffy is practicing right now since she had read about haki in the group chat. She didn't really think too much about it since she was too lazy to learn it.

Haru also did the same and closed his eyes while moving his wooden sword to destroy the ice shard. He knew that it would take quite a long time before he could use an observation haki. Even though his body was full of blood, he didn't have wounds on his body since he had healed it with his magic. He had always wondered why he could use a lot of different techniques from a different world. He was wondering whether it was harmful to his body but he had asked Tsunade before and his body was very healthy.

Haru was pretty much confused and wondered whether he could find the answer for this mystery. He tried to remember that his body was pretty much normal before he learned magic from the Fairy Tail World. Though, his body was probably healthier than normal people since he was exercising regularly. He wanted to know the answer but he wasn't sure who could answer him.


His arm was bleeding but he healed it with his light magic. He was glad that he had become the reincarnation of the Asura Ōtsutsuki. Even though his power didn't increase that much, his stamina was just ridiculous. He was confident that he could walk three days without break right now.

Komatsu was also walking but he was very tired. He didn't have a ridiculous stamina similar to everyone who was walking with him.

"Komatsu, are you okay?" Toriko asked.

"Y - Yeah, I'm fine, Toriko-san," Komatsu said.

"Good," Toriko nodded but he was still worried about him.

Haru was looking at their interaction and felt really weird inside.

"Are they really not a homo?" Tsunade whispered.

"No...." Haru answered.

"Alright," Tsunade only nodded.

They were walking for a while until they saw a group of bison in front of them.

"This is Freezer Bison," Toriko said.

Freezer Bison is a large, tundra-dwelling buffaloe native to cold regions such as Ice Hell. It is a large blue-furred buffalo whose bodies are mostly covered in snow and ice due to the extremely cold temperature of Ice Hell, making them appear as though they are frozen. Even their horns look like they are made of ice. Their eyes are pitch black and have bright red pupils which give them an intimidating appearance.

"Let's fight it," Luffy said.

"I'm ready," Match placed his hand on the handle of his sword.

"Good," Takimaru was doing his 'Pre-Shot Routine' before he started to fight.

"It's good to have something to eat later," Haru said.

Luffy stretched his hand, "Gomu Gomu no Shotgun!" He smashed the bison on its head and defeated it.

Takimaru was done with his 'Pre-Shot Routine' and attacked the monster, "Bottle Opener Shot!" grabbed and twisted the monster's body. He dislocated its spine and made it fall to the ground.

Match closed his eyes and gathered a lot of energy on his body. He opened his eyes instantly and moved past the monster, "Stomach Cut!" He slashed at the monster's stomach and caused it to death.

Baroo! Baroo! Baroo!

They saw that there was still a lot of Freezer Bison who wanted to attack them.

"Good, let's kill it," Tsunade also wanted to fight but she was stopped.

"Three is enough, don't kill more than we need," Toriko started to release his Appetite Demon.

Freezer Bison ran away as soon as they felt this presence.

Everyone could feel something dangerous came out of his body.

Haru also shuddered and turned toward him.

It was only a moment but they could feel a terrible existence from him.

"What the hell is that!" Tsunade looked at him warily.

Luffy was also looking at him but calmed himself when he saw his expression.

"Haha, don't worry too much," Toriko laughed.

Tsunade was still looking at him wary since she had never felt that kind of existence before. She felt that she was powerless even though it was only for a moment. She didn't like that kind of feeling.


Tsunade turned her head, "Haru?"

"Like what he said, don't worry too much, he only did it because he wanted to drive the monster away from this place," Haru explained.

"But...." Tsunade still didn't feel comfortable.

Haru held her hand, "It's alright, don't forget that he has been staying with us for the past few days, he is only a harmless glutton."

Tsunade opened and closed her mouth several times. She looked at him and snorted him. She decided to believe in him and didn't think much anymore.

Haru knew that this world was really dangerous and there were a lot of strong people that could destroy the world with only their punch. He felt terrible since he could feel how insignificant his power was in front of that monster.

They continued their journey toward the Mountain Ice in the center of the Ice Hell.